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Report Warns Trump Giving Wall Street 'Green Light to Ramp Up Risk' as Penalties Against Big Banks Plummet


Report Warns Trump Giving Wall Street 'Green Light to Ramp Up Risk' as Penalties Against Big Banks Plummet

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In a warning sign that another devastating economic crash could be just around the corner, Public Citizen found in a report published Monday that penalties against some of the same Wall Street giants that sparked the 2008 financial crisis have plummeted under President Donald Trump.

"Instead of holding the industry that ransacked our economy accountable, our system of justice is being further rigged in its favor."
—Public Citizen



It’s really up to citizens in large part to reign in Banks and corporations –

Where you can STOP using credit cards – it’s always frustrating to see that Dem
candidates raising money will use Pay Pal and other credit cards.
WHY? This only lessens the benefit of the donation for them and our contribution for us.

Call regularly to protest the price of cable/internet service –
and if Net Neutrality ends we can always pull the plug.
YOU are the judge of whether or not you are getting value for any corporate service.

Animal domestication is a primary cause of Global Warming –
and a major cause of harm to the health of human beings –
Many of the animals brought to slaughter are ill and stressed from the lives they are
forced to live in crates and other cruel situations.

“Christianity” has long taught intolerance and hatred for Jews, Women, Homosexuals from
its pulpits which encourages violence against those being demonized.
These are male-supremacist religions which underpin Patriarchy - Elitism.

Rethink what Our Founders actually did for us that was so worthy and noble –
They did not actually create a democracy here; they created an Elite-Patriarchy, endowed
them with land grants, gave them immense influence and control over our “people’s”
government, the nation’s wealth and natural resources.
This was an immediate PRIVATIZING of the Commonwealth for the benefit of Elites.

Our Founders saved and support the system of Slavery which GUARNATEED the Civil
War which further benefitted Elites by splitting the nation into two camps of hatred which
continue to echo today.

We have a nation taken from native people by Papal Edicts to “Enslave or Kill” them,
founded on slave labor - built on slave labor.



Trump is unknowingly destroying capitalism, the system he loves so much. He’s not smart enough to grasp what he has done in this piece or the one Chris Hedges posted today about the fall of the dollar.



Americans couldn’t reign in a shetland pony, much less the million headed hydra that is the federal government ie.: the largest organized crime syndicate and terrorist network in world history).



" The most effective way to destroy a people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history."
George Orwell.

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The idea that the government should fine corporations instead of proceeding with criminal prosecution of executives makes the government simply the bagman for the corporations.
The corporations rob $100 from the people. The government fines them $20 and tells them never to do this again. This simply encourages bad behavior.
Put some people in jail. Revoke the corporations charter and seize their properties.
Let’s not give Obama credit for being a bagman for corporations. Please. Obama left office and was lavished with money from the banks for not prosecuting them.



Not a Trump supporter, even before the Obama’s could get their furniture out of the White House, Democrats helped Republicans to kill portions of the Dodd Frank law, that were designed to keep banks from destroying the country ‘s economic again!

Big banks control Washington!



Good ideas.



I move that we rename Washington DC, "Zombieland."



Adam –

Government is only the equivalent of a typewriter –
it depends on who does the writing.

If you actually have a government of the people representing us against
Elites/Patriarchy/Wealthy than we thrive in enlightenment –

If you have a government corrupted and filled with criminals then we move
backwards into barbarism.

Unfortunately, we have the latter now – face to face with fascism.



just –

Love this observation …

and, evidently corporations aren’t “people” the courts can find when it comes to
actually putting someone in jail for corruptions and criminal behavior.