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Reporter Asks Question on Minds of Many: Will Trump's Physical Exam Also Test His Mental Acuity?


Reporter Asks Question on Minds of Many: Will Trump's Physical Exam Also Test His Mental Acuity?

Jake Johnson, staff writer

The question came just hours after it was revealed that more than a dozen lawmakers were briefed on Trump's mental health by a psychiatrist


Trump? He’s coo-coo, he’s crazy, and he’s damn sure lazy…


That’s easy… Huck just looks at her paycheck!


It has taken a year to realise that the lunatic is stark, staring mad?

We always knew that the yanks were slow!


Diplomacy was discarded so long ago by the United States that there is almost no
basis now for saying, “This guy is crazy – mad.”

The US has been war-mongering for so long that it has become normal for the US
rather than abnormal.

This is where we are now, folks!


What mental acuity? I have a dog that can out think and out perform this guy. I’m with Tillerson, Trump’s a fucking moron.


Given all the golf he plays how could he be that stressed? He practically lives in his Florida resort. He is a part time president (well at least a fake president). He is clearly addicted to Twitter which isn’t surprising since Twitter is designed to addict users. I would say they should bring someone from Twitter to explain how they addict people. That seems to be where to start in explaining his tweeting behavior.


Geoengineering with a global nuclear war would put an end to climate warming. It takes just one crazy stupid fat cat to make it happen.


Well, you certainly don’t seem to grasp the complexities at hand here. Who supported Trump, who opposed him, and how he ultimately rose to power.

But hey, don’t want to ruin your one liner.


Not really a sound argument. While it is absolutely true that social media can be addictive, and can have all kinds of potential negative psychological consequences for those who use it frequently, Trump has been a fucking dickhead long before the advent of Twitter i.e., Twitter didn’t tweet Trump.


“We urge that those around him, and our elected representatives in general, take urgent steps to restrain his behavior and head off the potential nuclear catastrophe that endangers not only Korea and the United States but all of humankind,” the statement concluded. Right on!

For a change, consider the positive in this situation. We have millions of citizens working to prevent Trump from deliberately or inadvertently causing the catastrophe that the mental health professionals warn against. In many other countries, vigorous and intelligent opposition to those in power is mercilessly suppressed. Look at Russia. Trump’s hero Putin is going to win the upcoming “election” because Putin’s opponents can’t stop the dictatorship. The people in Saudi Arabia don’t even have “elections,” not to mention real democracy. And what about China, the most populous nation in the world?

I’m betting that Trump will be prevented from leading us into disaster before his time is up. So don’t get too discouraged – we in the the U.S. still have a lot to be thankful for. That belief ought to motivate is to work even harder to make things right.


Thanks! But never forget that Australia, where I live, eleven hundred years Australians voted in a hypocrite named Howard — some say it was ‘only’ eleven years, but nobody could cause that much pain in eleven years.

He didn’t tweet, but only because he wasn’t capable.

Bush’s mongrel pup


Do we actually really know who was behind Trump and his being catapulted into the White House?

It took a lot of money to do it.

Koch Bros. own both national parties – they are probably now worth more than $100 BILLION
and are also known as the John Birch Society Family who have been trying to overturn democracy in the US for more than 100 years now.

They and other large corporations recruited Bill Clinton and founded the DLC – the corporate/establishment
wing of the Dem Party which co-opted the party and took it over.
Their representatives were placed on the Executive Board of the DLC.

Fascists now own and control our government – who would be backing and funding them?


Didn’t you answer your own question?

Trump is the ultimate consequence of the 40 year long corporate coup, a fucking billionaire CEO.

My response to peter was taking everything you recount into consideration i.e., it isn’t as simple as he put it.


Who would be backing and funding the fascists? That is easy to answer. His name is Robert Mercer. He is a billionaire hedge fund manager who lives on Long Island. He is not only played a prominent role in funding Trump’s general election campaign but he supplied the money for Breitbart News. It was his money that enabled Breitbart to become the platform for the alt-right. But it took more than money for the white nationalist fascists to become mainstream. To understand how it actually happened I would recommend reading Alt-America. The Rise of the Radical Right in the Age of Trump by David Neiwert. The author describes how this all happened in detail.


I don’t even think she’s dump’s whore for that paycheck. She’s a snarky bitchy crazy-making chip off the old block. I think she believes in everything she’s doing, right down to her core…which is empty, of course.


How is Trump any different than the other wack jobs that populate his cabinet. The republicans have a whole cupboard full of these nitwits. The only reason we are talking about Trump’s fitness for office is because he has outlived his usefulness to the corporate elite that run this feudal state.


Eleven years to get rid of Howard?

We always knew that the ozzies were slow!


I’m not sure what it is about her, but whenever she appears all I see is that turd emoji…


That, or just bloody stupid!