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Reporters Call Foul on NRA Claim That Media "Loves" Mass Shootings


Reporters Call Foul on NRA Claim That Media "Loves" Mass Shootings

Julia Conley, staff writer

Journalists on social media pushed back on Friday against NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch's claim that the news media "loves" mass shootings because they deliver ratings boosts.

This rhetoric is dangerous, and continues the assault on journalists in an effort to paint them as subhuman. Of the thousands of people I know, including hundreds of journalists, I know zero (ZERO) people subhuman enough to "love mass shootings" https://t.co/wBo8y5DPYz


There is some truth to what Dana Loesch is saying.
When trump was running for president, the media went crazy for him, they couldn’t get enough of him while ignoring Sanders. The crazier trump got, the more they covered him 24/7, and the more they covered him, the more their ratings went up.


Dana Loesch and all other NRA Vampires, are the one’s that see mass shootings as “free advertising.”

Sales of guns soar when people die in numbers.


Dana Loesch joins Ann Coulter on the Hate Crime in High Heels Hall of Infamy podium.
Loesch’s sh!tty dog whistles (along with that Douche Supreme, Wayne, captain of the nra) can be heard on phucking Mars for pete’s sake…


That’s a little different than saying they like to see kids killed for ratings. I’m not fond of the MSM, but that’s over the top.


Once again, I see another example of psychological projection. It’s the NRA, its followers, some conservatives and of course, their purchased legislators who “…love mass shootings.” Mass shootings are what allows them to justify the proliferation of guns through unfettered sales to “supposedly” law-abiding citizens. It fulfills their fantasies of Old West style shootouts with bad “hombres” (as our illustrious president called them). It makes their arguments the world is full of armed, dangerous people seem plausible. Don’t be fooled folks; these people know what they’re doing and it isn’t good.


Well the media could shun Dana Loesch and her comrade, the vicious La Pierre. But I bet they will continue to give them a free platform to spew their poison. Money talks.


Correct. After every mass shooting the NRA is out there proclaiming that Freedom and Liberty under threat and the only solution to bad guys with a gun is a good guy with a gun.

The sale of guns goes UP. The NRA advertises for the Gun industry.

This article details how the Gun Industry promotes their industry after mass shootings and see these incidents as opportunities to increase sales,


I doubt that many honest journalists are thinking about ratings when they write their stories. But a certain CEO from the MSM said as much in the runup to the 2016 election. Surely he did not expect that president T-Rump would favor the progressive agenda over that of the most regressive and violent elements in a regressive and violent society compared to those of other large industrialized nations.


Cockroaches eating each other.
What’s not to like?


I don’t think I have ever heard anything as sleazy as what that N.R.A who’re Loesch voiced, no one with the slightest hint of humanity would love a mass shooting, what a disgusting excuse for a human. Its amazing how much some people can ignore decency in pursuit of the almighty dollar. I hope for her sake that her kids are never faced with such a horror show. I would like to hear her opinion then.


Man, every time I see that Loesch she-monster, I realize that people CAN rise up from the dead. Maybe the Botox got to her brain, or maybe she’s been embalmed already, or she’s a robot all purtied up to attract god-knows-what besides botflies and people’s whose brains dripped out a long time ago.

She is one vicious wench, right up there with Huckabee Sanders, Conway, DeVos, and K. Nielsen …maybe even ahead of them. I hope I live to see her taken down, too.


For some reason this topic makes me think of the 1970’s film, “Network”. …anybody remember that?


CNN Is giving more and better information, with a warning that official reports are not in yet.
I’m ok with all of the discussion. I’m numbed up and used to the media going hogwild about any and every unimportant little thing. This issue, at least, is important
What I’m not ok with is the amount of incorrect,incomplete and therefore misleading information that comes out of these events. As I said in a previous post, can’t the media get its story straight??? Not that the gunners and the antigunners would have any more likelihood of agreeing.
But, CNN reports, day old actually that three deputies plus the armed guard previously reported stayed outside. Sheriff Israel https://edition.cnn.com/2018/02/23/politics/parkland-school-shooting-broward-deputies/index.html seemed unaware. Who then was running the show, I wonder? The news of this comes from a second department which arrived from a neighboring town.
This incomplete report about four armed men called to help standing outside during the shooting was reported as is what the could be referred to as the media circus. The issue was brought to the sheriff’ attention on Feb. 15.


Not even in the same ballpark


I’m mad as Hell, and I’m not going to take it any longer!


Since Mr Trump is apparently so in favour of everyone having guns to make themselves safer perhaps he could trial and test that law for everyone by insisting that everyone visiting his Mar-a-Lago resort be mandated to carry an AR15 assault rifle at all times, including those when Trump is visiting.

I mean what can go wrong with that? You can’t be too safe Donald - the man who personally dodged the draft 5 times because he didn’t want to be shot at…


In our either you are right about everything or you are wrong about everything system of Capitalist Governance if we but listen we can detect a small germ of agreement in those with whom we might otherwise disagree. If the media does not take advantage of all human tragedies and especially the mass murder of our children, when another child is the mass murder, then why are the blabbering heads on TV 24/7 brain vomiting whatever titillating new “scrap of conjecture” fed to them through earphones or other disingenuous, muttering heads via satellite? To not believe that these mass murders are not used us to keep us in check through the slaughter of innocent victims is to either suffer from The Ostrich Effect or be a member of either one of the two Corporate Parties. I am a gun owner who grew up in a family of hunters and fishermen. When I was a Boy Scout during the 1950s and 60s the NRA was a totally different organization dedicated primarily to teaching and promoting gun safety. No politics. We were generally taught gun safety by the fathers of scouts within our community who were NRA members. Of course that would all change as the Partisistic Capitalists found a better use for the NRA as a purveyor of divisive and destructive Capitalist Propaganda. Once again illustrating that eventually the vast majority of all human institutions in the paradigm of Parasitic Capitalist Governance ends in corruption and the very destruction of those institutions. In our scheme of mass misdirection the NRA is nothing more than a package of “Instant Anti-Jesus” to hang upon Media Crosses each time these horrors occur. Why don’t we really kick the American People between the legs and talk about the biggest culprit that keeps Parasitic Capitalist at here home in power - mass religion, especially moderate and far right Christians as a reliable voting bloc across the US. That will not be done because religion is historically the glue that holds Empires in place. And it is no different in our American Empire of which we are all involuntary citizens. Yes Dana there is no Santa Claus and the NRA is possessed by a demonic soul dispatched straight from the Gates Of Parisistic Capitalism. And yes, Dana, the media is mostly occupied by mere sociopaths as own air personalities who may not “love mass shootings” but they clearly understand that mass murder and other forms of domestic terrorism offer them more non stop facetime than anything else, including the death of a major political figure, to talk a very long time in service to their corporate masters. And the entire time these vomiting heads are talking about the mass murder they are simply placing them in a spotlight of infamy and delivering a key element, instant fame, to the mass murders. If we could figure out how to avoid the human element from program a desktop computer then a drone voice would do just as well on any cable network no matter what “political ideology” they claim to profess. Dana, it is way past time for the NRA to step up and be a part of the solution. I think NRA should have volunteers across America. Whenever or wherever mass murders are occurring these NRA members should storm the school and “take out the bad guys”. Never mind the students are already in too much danger. We just can’t allow anymore “gun nuts” to invade our schools. Dana, the next time you accidently impart a grain of truth make sure you are on RT. Yes that network where mostly Leftist commentators who were fired by the Market $tream Media (M$M) have found a home. They will not interrupt you and will actually listen to you. You may or may not have tried to talk to us but in the end you were defeated by the silver bullet. No not the ones used to kill werewolves but the one use by M$M is contain and destroy even a glimmer of dissent from the corporate narrative.


Yes, sales of guns do increase after these mass murders. The question is whether or not the increase in sales is a cause or an after affect of gun violence? The vast majority of these gun purchases are being made by the small number of people owning the largest number of guns. The real problem with these sporadic buying sprees is what happens to the guns down the road. Collectors of almost anything constantly expand and/or contract their collections holding on to items they value the most. The real problem with these increased sales is how they are circulated. Through gun shows, private exchanges and/or sales or eventually by street sellers - all sales/trades where no reporting on the transactions is required and accounting of such weapons are seldom had. The Feral Government we live under already possesses enough “power/probable cause” to confiscate every gun in America. Gun control, short of confiscation, will never solve the problem here but confiscation will diminish it greatly. See Australia where semi-automatic military style weapons were outlawed and “confiscated” primary through purchase. The real problem behind this violence is the mass murders. I think that they are the symptom of our multigenerational slide into despair and violence. We, The Rabble have very little opportunity to receive mental health care and given both the intensity and isolation of “living” in American Society, young people can quickly become lost on a path to violence long before they commit the next mass murder. We need a crash program of getting psychologist and trained counselors into society as quickly as we can. If the Feral Government can take an average young man or woman and turn them into efficient killers in less than 2 months then we can most certainly change our societal attitudes then we can surely root out the next mass murders among our children and change the fate of thousands of kids that would have been killed in the future. If we cannot live together then we will all die randomingly and alone!


All you have to do is watch Loesch in action on video to get the vibe. She may be paid to do what she does, but my impression is this is a female who could stand equal to the some of the men I’ve seen in my lifetime whose internal being/soul is totally wound up into such constants thoughts of fear, violence and anger that her personality is consumed with horrid ugliness. I have some German ancestry on my Russian side-I continue to notice this pattern in the United States of German Americans who are really obsessed with gun culture, which is more often that not a mask for an utterly fearful and irrational self. Pick up some Geothe and maybe put down the assault rifle. Unlikely, but one can always hope.