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Reporters Focused on Local Needs and Woes Nab Most Notable Pulitzers


Reporters Focused on Local Needs and Woes Nab Most Notable Pulitzers

Jon Queally, staff writer

A pair of relatively small newspapers, covering stories of compelling disharmony within their local communities, have emerged as this year's most notable recipients of the 2015 Pulitzer Prizes, announced on Monday.

A team of journalists at The Post and Courier newspaper in Charleston, South Carolina were given the top place in the coveted Public Service category on Monday for a multi-part series exploring the reasons why their state had become the most dangerous in the nation when it came to violence against women and domestic abuse.


That first photo is heartbreaking.

There was a celebrity (of sorts) arrested recently in south Georgia for trying to take a US flag away from protesters who had put it the ground and walked on it. The local authorities made a public statement that the protesters had the right to show disrespect for the flag as an exercise in free speech.

I wonder if that creep trying to take the flag away from the protester has faced any charges.



The flag IS upside-down.


I’ve seen several reports that show this picture preceding the one at top.

I think I’ll reserve judgment until I see a video of the altercation.



Do we know the order in which the pictures were snapped (I guess that’s why you want to see the video)?



I’ve only seen the photo with the guy getting whacked listed first, but that doesn’t establish that it was the photo taken first. I’ve seen four photos from this sequence, and in the one where black jacket guy is getting whacked, video camera guy appears to have his camera in a ready position, and in the three photos of black jacket guy dragging pink hoodie girl, video camera guy is chasing and recording. So that would suggest that he either wasn’t recording when the altercation first broke out, or he stopped recording when the girl overpowered the larger man, regained the flag, and then whacked him with it. Even so, I’d like to see what video camera guy recorded.

There is also another video where black jacket guy and pink hoodie girl are standing and talking, and a large black shirt woman (who I suspect is pink hoodie girl’s mother) runs up and pops him in the side of the head and then walks away with another woman who is dragging the flag, but in a number of other stills of the protest, it is large black shirt woman who is carrying the flag.


It’ll be interesting to see how many of these winners also score “awards” here