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Reporting Exposes Deadly End for Asylum Seekers Deported by US


Reporting Exposes Deadly End for Asylum Seekers Deported by US

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

The U.S. government's harsh immigration policies can have deadly consequences for refugees and asylum seekers who are forcibly deported back to violent conditions in their countries of origin, a chilling investigation published Monday by the Guardian reveals.

For their exposé, journalists Sibylla Brodzinsky and Ed Pilkington confirmed three cases in which men were murdered soon after being deported by the U.S. government to their hometowns in Honduras.


From the article: "Most of the individuals reported to have been murdered lived in some of
the most violent towns in some of the most violent countries in the world...." The fact is that the violence and instability in these countries is the direct result of US support for, and training of, the despots and military criminals in these countries in the '80s, and, in the case of Honduras, 2009 (on Obama's watch). These countries were completely destabilized and have never been able to fully recover. So, with its deportation policies, the US is just continuing its proud tradition of overseeing the murder of citizens of these countries. Murder, Inc.--it's what the US does best.
A really sad part of this is that USans are, for the most part, completely ignorant of this history, and look at the people trying to enter the US as indigents who just want to freeload in the US, people who had a perfectly good life in their own countries, but who wanted to come to the US to chase the "American" dream, take US jobs, etc, etc.