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Reporting Hate Crimes: The Arab American Experience


Reporting Hate Crimes: The Arab American Experience

James Zogby

Next week, the Arab American Institute Foundation will release a comprehensive study on anti-Arab hate crimes in the US. The result of eight months of work, “Underreported, Under Threat: Hate Crime in the United States and the Targeting of Arab Americans,” fills a gap in available research on hate-based crime.


A hate crime to any of us is a hate crime to all of us. These haters are some seriously violent and intentionally cruel individuals. Even worse, this behavior is systemic in the American experience. How to deal? Confrontation? Not possible - without becoming like “them”. Isolation. Not unlike the BDS Movement against certain Israelis that are currently in power. Both groups need to get that it is not okay to hurt others. Until “they” get the point, no friendly interactions are possible.


And even more sad, after 9/11 the NYPD was following Muslim and Arab people around in OTHER states-- as if they were all guilty of 9/11. Who knew that the NYPD was created to work nation wide . NOT!
However, GW and the news made IRAQ the guilty 9/11 one. Although the Bin Laden family did get a plane out of the nation when all other planes were grounded. Oh , silly me, Saudi Arabia has all that oil--------so they couldn’t possibly be guilty.
It actually seems that the American government can’t exist without making some group into the latest version of Vlad the Impaler. BUT, if a lot of money power is involved------- the powers of that"shining city on that hill" find that finger pointing is awfully effective and productive. America is a scary place.


We need to be very careful about the so called “hate crimes” issue. Right after Trump was elected, the massive number of hate crimes reported mislead everyone into thinking we under seige with racists on every corner attacking every minority. The SPLC set up a toll free number and reported every call in as a real hate crime, NPR simply reported the statistics without any investigation. It was later found out that the vast majority could not be verified, but too late—the country had already been torn apart. Too infamous hate crimes, one involving a NY City Arab American and another involving an Arab college student in Louisiana turned out to be total fabrications.


The transparency of your motives are pretty obvious here Bob.


You’re motives here are also easy to read.


Let’s be clear here. The corporate-corrupted “America” that we have had as a republic for two hundred years or the America that We the People must have and will have: a non-racist, Beloved Community with Justice for all, once and for all. It ain’t over yet while there is still hope and a Common Dreams that brings clear-thinking people together.


You are correct, sir: “A hate crime to any of us is a hate crime to all of us.”