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Reporting on New Nevada Caucus App, or iPad 'Tool,' Not Filling Observers With Confidence

Yes - Kentucky is an example of that. Texas has both a primary and a caucus - but the caucus part doesn’t count for anything for the Democrats.

There’s no way to get to 13 states. Maybe you were counting territories in your list and/or looking at 2016 rules.
(note that North Dakota is a firehouse caucus as @KC2669 was describing so there really are just 3 states with caucuses)

Thanks. I can’t find the reference I had seen but must have been for 2016 or earlier. I see the business insider piece (~https://www.businessinsider.com/primaries-caucuses-differences-between-which-states-2019-3 ) which confirms the states you listed. That’s good, things aren’t as crazy as I thought.

A nice way to follow the rules for each state is to use
h ttps://www.270towin.com/2020-election-calendar/ since the links for each state give both information about the rules but also the individual state polling and how the delegates are currently expected to go based on that polling (there you’ll see that I missed Northern Mariana in my list)


I have a non-election related question because of your comment: do you know why the site stopped permitting links? It was always nice to link directly to a source during conversations.

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No - I emailed them three times on that subject (and sent them a couple of donations to see if that might help) but got no response. As I’ve commented before (link to my old comment could go here) - I also thought that was an important feature to enhance the conversation. But more than that, I think they are really hurting the site by not even communicating with those of us in the commons about the reasons. I suggested that they have a regular column - say once a month - where they communicate directly with their readership to let us know what’s up and to gather feedback and new suggestions from us.


Thank you for that response. It inspired me to give my usual annual donation, which I was behind on, admittedly. It made me think that was the issue, but I guess not. The link feature was really great. I guess we will just have to be more creative now.

I understand this new “shit show” have Harry Reid’s fingers all over it.

Both Party Corporations should have their corporate charters revoked and be given the corporate death penalty

I also sent them an email, the first day (and another donation -just because it was time again) and have heard nothing back. I like your idea of a column monthly, or a sidebar area for announcements. If I’m donating, I should be worthy of at least an explanation of why. Dropping the ability to link worries me. Most other sites have it, When I was operating One Penny Sheet I had it and the ability to add images. It’s very strange that we the donate and use this site are ignored like this. Makes me wonder what’s next