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Reporting (or Not) the Ties Between US-Armed Syrian Rebels and Al Qaeda’s Affiliate


Reporting (or Not) the Ties Between US-Armed Syrian Rebels and Al Qaeda’s Affiliate

Gareth Porter

A crucial problem in news media coverage of the Syrian civil war has been how to characterize the relationship between the so-called “moderate” opposition forces armed by the CIA, on one hand, and the Al Qaeda franchise Al Nusra Front (and its close ally Ahrar al Sham), on the other. But it is a politically sensitive issue for US policy, which seeks to overthrow Syria’s government without seeming to make common cause with the movement responsible for 9/11, and the system of news production has worked effectively to prevent the news media from reporting it fully and accurately.


Killery and Kerry, sitting in a tree, K-i-s-s-i-n-g-e-r…


Im very happy to see this article in CD. Finally, we have an article on Syria that does not ignore most of the facts on the ground. One finally gets to see what this war is actually about, and it is about the overthrow of Syria by proxy terrorist forces supported by NATO air power and not about fighting ISIS.

I would have also liked to see mentioned the oil/weapons trade betweens between ISIS in Syria and Turkey. Convoys have been operating through Turkey and Syria for a few years now (as revealed by John McCain in the Senate, but known already to those paying attention). The USA has made no effort to disrupt the trade (as admitted by the head of the armed services Ash Carter, but again known previously) to put it generously, while at the same time as hyping the ISIS threat and using ISIS as the reason to justify NATO’s military presence and bombing in Syria. These convoys brought a constant flow of shiny new USA weapons to ISIS. This trade, and the strongholds along the route have now been destroyed by Russia.

Although not directly admitted by John McCain or Ash Carter, NATO air power was used to support these so called rebel forces against the Syrian Government, which is why the Damascus would have been overrun, either soon or already by now, had Russia not intervened.


So long as the CIA and its Deep State enablers run the show, lies will be used to cover lies, conflicts started and left to burn like open wounds, fortunes stolen or unaccounted for, and lots of martyrs made.

And all the while the Prestitutes will provide false, nurturing sounding narratives for cover.

As Bill from Saginaw used to say, “Time to take the (war) toys away from these boys.”

Answering to no one, they take themselves for gods made in Mars’ image and likeness; and since no force is quite so brutal as their own, they see themselves as invincible.

The LAW of karma will catch up with them.