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Reports Confirm Trump Not Only Considered, But Actually Crossed 'Red Line' By Trying to Fire Mueller


Reports Confirm Trump Not Only Considered, But Actually Crossed 'Red Line' By Trying to Fire Mueller

Jake Johnson, staff writer


We have been in a Constitutional crisis since 1/20/2017. From the moment DJT was sworn into office, he had never been in compliance with the Constitution. You cannot have just parts of the document in service, it has to be used in totality. The emoluments clause is there for a very real reason.


Reports confirm trump is a freakin idiot and pathological liar as is Devin Nunez and Republican staff who wrote and push the “secret society” 4 page memo! Diversion? Ordinary stupidity? Typical R’Con propaganda lies and BS? All of the above…


Should The Don try to fire Mr. Muelller, Thomas Jefferson will climb out of his grave and kick The Don’s ugly ass.


Trump didn’t just “deny” this latest revelation about firing Mr. Mueller.

He lied about it.


To the world, on the World stage.


And they impeached Clinton for the same lying. God damned criminal congress cretins. Traitors one and all.


Firing Mueller would be the equivalent of saying “I’m guilty.” If this indeed happens, it will be interesting to see how Republicans line up supporting Trump. I don’t think they would ever disown him. But not disowning him would create a huge public backlash against the Republican Party. On the other hand, if the Republicans started to disown Trump it may be their own option to get re elected to congress in 2000. We may see a lot of Republican legislators distancing themselves from Trump for the 2000 election as otherwise they may not be re elected.

I would urge everyone to go to the Real Clear Politics website to stay up to date with their polls summary. Republicans in congress right now are getting hammered in the polls. Along with Trump. They are going to have to disown him to get re elected.


Reminds me of the Bush/Cheney bumper stickers. They were EVERYWHERE in ‘03 to about ‘05. Then they miraculously started disappearing from suv’s and minivans all across the country. Could happen again soon. Take yer snapshots of friends’ and neighbors’ cars now folks, because pretty soon you won’t be able to find ANYONE who admits to voting for Trump. LOL!


I’m with you Geez. All the way.

But, can we leave God out of this?

This is the Devil’s doing.


"this revelation shows us just how close we were, and still are, to a true constitutional crisis that could threaten our democracy. "

So Noah Bookbinder actually believes Xeno’s paradox? Everything that’s happened in this country for decades has brought us to within 1/2 of the previous distance from a constitutional crisis that threatens our democracy. Yet according to all these pundits, we’ll never actually get there.


If only. Trump’s base of 30-35% is loyal as hell and he feeds them lots of red meat. He lies and they eat it up.

Meanwhile, the Dems give their base Chuck Schumer cave ins, a higher military budget, a roll back of Dodd-Frank, and confirmation of a pharma profiteer as Sec of HHS. I once would have viewed November’s election as a wave win for the Ds, but they seem intent on pissing it away…


ST, factor in Faux Newz… I can’t bring myself to watch it. My trumpy neighbor watches select shows which undoubtedly tout trump and she swallows every bit of it.

As for the Dems…I’ve got no answers. I am speechless at their spinelessness. The idea of voting for one of them makes me nauseous…bigly.


I want these bought-and-sold Republicans out. Though it bothers me to see these corporate dems licking their chops to run in the upcoming elections expecting to capitalize on the anti-Trump vote. They are beholden to their donors as well. Who will stand up for us…We. The People?


At this point, I’m very comfortable supporting the Green Party. I don’t even know what the Dems are anymore. There are things I like in Bernie and Warren and maybe a couple of others. At a state level Perlmutter in CO and Beto O’Rourke in Texas I’m moderately comfortable with.

Overall, I’m very uncomfortable at best and terrified and deeply ashamed of this country.


Explain, again, how Schumer was going to get Paul Ryan to do anything. Getting CHIP funding is not nothing. Sometimes in life you play the losing hand the best you can. But you’ve got your 90s era gripes to stick by, right?


So what was the point of the weekend shutdown then?

Because in the budgetary poker game, Schumer’s bluff got called and he looks like a weak idiot.

Or, as Tom Steyer put it: “If you’re going to stand up for the Dreamers, stand up for the Dreamers. If you don’t think you can sustain the fight, don’t make the threat.”

And for chrissakes, CHIP was in the bag.


CHIP was in the bag because Ryan didn’t want to take the heat for it. That’s a lot different than DACA though, which sadly, isn’t consequential for large numbers of Americans. The GOP wouldn’t be behaving the way it is otherwise.

The GOP sets the congressional agenda. Schumer was playing a losing hand from the beginning in that regard. Hell, my buddy whose wife works for the feds was angry about the shut down, and he’s liberal. A lot of Americans want immigration reform, but they don’t want the government shut down over it. That’s to the Republican’s advantage, and they know it.


As Common Dreams has reported, activist groups have planned a mass, nationwide protest in the case that Trump succeeds in firing Mueller.

And the tax bill? What about the tax bill?

Who are these “activist groups”?


Yes they do.


Yet you brought CHIP up.

And DACA is consequential to your party’s base.

Oh, wait, I mean your party’s former base.