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Reports of Safety Breaches at US Meat Plants Spark Outcry in UK Over Possible Post-Brexit Trade Deal


Reports of Safety Breaches at US Meat Plants Spark Outcry in UK Over Possible Post-Brexit Trade Deal

Julia Conley, staff writer

British food safety experts and lawmakers are raising concerns over a possible post-Brexit trade deal with the United States in light of newly-released records showing serious hygiene breaches in U.S. meat plants.


Based on the Trump/GOP syndicate’s first year track record I will be surprised if they don’t soon eliminate all food labeling in the US, since that has been the GOP’s goal for many years.

No nation that is concerned about the well being of its citizens should be signing any trade deals with the US.


This goes back to the Bush administration when he gutted all the food safety regulations. Just nuke everything, it is cheaper.

The UK has much better protocols, they are much better at infectious disease standards in their health care too but are nice enough to not call us on it.


They had best be on their guard, lest their niceness cost them their lives. Fool me twice, shame on me, and all that.


It is quite true. I can’t fathom why they would allow Tenet hospitals on their shore. Instead of improving Tenet it will no doubt lower their standards.


Factory production is based on inhumane and “dirty” practices, water pollution, increased antibiotic immunity in deadly pathogens, ocean pollution and much more. The capitalist “free-enterprize” mantra is destroying much of what makes human society and sustainable future possible now increasingly at great risk of collapse…anything for a buck, regardless of deadly destructive consequences.

The original article.


Another issue is that China is buying these huge factory farms and I doubt that will have a beneficial effect or efforts to change this anytime soon.

Thanks for post this.


Thanks Fern, here are several relevant links. China has polluted their land and water seeking to emulate the worst of western abuses and pollution - in the capitalist lowest denominator “global economy”, that contempt for Mother Earth to worship Mammon - profits above all else can only grow worse!


China at one time was very environmentally conscious. When they recently built a dam the area that was flooded called for the removal of several villages. Some of the families that had to relocate had lived in the same homes for 12 centuries. I don’t think current practices are going to end well.


This actually goes back to ronny raygun’s administration, (but you’re right, bush did a lot damage also), about the same time as the air traffic controllers were fired, raygun gutted USDA’s meat inspection dept. People in this field claim we have the same number of inspectors as we had in the 1950’s. It was to benefit corp. farms, as they had to pay the salaries of the inspectors in their processing plants . Anyone remember when you could eat a med. rare hamburger ? Or eggs sonny side up ? Eat these foods today and you take you’re life in you’re own hands.


It’s not feasible for everyone, but when it’s possible buy from small scale local farmers.
Also don’t trust large corp’s “organic”, many of them stretch, and dodge the organic standards.


I read that eggs have a natural protective barrier against contamination but once they are washed they have to be refrigerated to prevent disease. They also use to be different sizes and colors not uniform little spheres.

I agree ask questions and buy local.


Profits before banning poisonous food.


Tell that to Mrs. May!!!


Plant power rules!


I read this past week that China is now negotiating regarding building a pipeline-to-ocean tanker system to bring fresh water from Russia; and, that Russia has its own pollution problems; but, also 80 percent of the world’s fresh water reserves.


Many years ago, in Korea, when I was in the military and in excellent health, I got food poisoning from eating off base (chicken), which we were told not to do. At my age now, I think that type of poisoning would kill me. Was in bed for a total of eight days, only getting out maybe once a day to go to the bathroom. Didn’t eat; and, I don’t remember if I drank anything. Some Korean carpenters broke a fluorescent bulb in a fixture above my bunk; and, I just lay in the broken glass. I was too sick to move.

Now, I only purchase grass fed meat products from a farmer two miles down the road, who doesn’t use antibiotics or chemicals of any kind. Once in a while, I’ll purchase an organic chicken from Trader Joe’s. Other than that, I purchase fresh, wild-caught fish. However, I should get my act together and become a vegan

The U.S. government doesn’t care what we eat; and, I believe the USDA and FDA actually work purposefully against our best interests.


Applause for the Brits. They’ll end up locavores yet.

A point for the Europeans who may remain undecided about this sort of issue. Almost all non-organic US-grown meat is fed almost exclusively GMO crops. While this obviously does not result in a GMO animal, it does change the nutritional profile.

In general–and this goes as a shout out to Americans as well–you cannot know what’s in your food if you are not close to the process, and you are usually not close to the process if you import your food.

My thanks to the farmers, organic and otherwise, who grow well fed and healthy stock! Their numbers and wealth would both be greater were they not persistently undercut by cosmetic but sick and hollow product.


It’s not just about lowering hygiene standars, most US meat is factory farrmed, or at least more than in Europe, so it’s about lowering the standards for the welfare of animals as well. Personally, I don’t give a shit if humans get food poisoning from eating meat.


Better for the environment, too, and for the UK that would mean from the EU nations not those 10,000 km away.