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Reports of Wedding Party Bombing Indicate US Forces Have Massacred at Least 70 Afghan Civilians in One Week

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/23/reports-wedding-party-bombing-indicate-us-forces-have-massacred-least-70-afghan

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One of “Trump’s Generals” must hang for this.

And they wonder why people in foreign countries hate our military.


Don’t forget that both Bush and Oliar need to be climbing the gallows as well.


Our bloody tax dollars at work.


In our present capitalist empire, everything is commodified, even human life. During the Obama administration, President Obama used to feign concern for Afghani lives by, on occasion, paying a few hundred dollars to the families of innocent people he slaughtered. Trump is, at least, more forthcoming with the fact that the US military/government deems the lives of Afghanis to be worth nothing.


America and its Hubris! OMG, does it every occur to anyone that those thousands who have their families blown apart might seek revenge on the Americans who caused it?
of course, failing that, they would act like Americans who shoot at anything that moves!
I hope that it’s not those people watching their videos in Arizona. Remember that one story where the man said: " Is that a child, "and a superior overruled and said, “Its a dog,” and Kabam! Dead child.
Maybe violent video games are the cause of so many unnecessary deaths by American soldiers all over the Middle East. : ( Maybe this violence is what is making the border people be so murderous too. Of course, all that flying and bombing is killing the environment for everyone--------when the military runs out of victims in other nations—then what? US?

Dollars that could be going to benefit the public instead. Fat chance…


This is how the U.S. advances Afgan women’s lives: kill them.


Bombing civilians because militants are in their midst is equivalent to bombing a school when a mass shooter enters it.
“They hate us for our freedom” - to slaughter anyone, anytime, anywhere, for any lame reason. The US drops a bomb on someone, somewhere, every 12 minutes. Ain’t Amerika grate?


Isn’t there anything wethepeople can do to empower the International Crimes Court or any official body/agency to investigate our war crimes and charge this vile government and Pentagon?

No, in my view, Trump as commander-in-chief of the armed forces is more culpable than the Generals. Trump is the one that is most responsible as Amerika’s war criminal, president.


No, because Amerika is not a democracy. We are now living in a military, fascist state, full of war criminals that have like a disease infested our government and have no accountability!


Thanks for answering, Shanti. But I’m holding on to some straw of hope. Just like Greta has taken a stand and sparked a following, I believe that if a mass of us could appeal to the ICC or U.N., at the least, the recipients would know visually that many of us do not support this criminal administration.

However, I have no clue how to set up a petition infrastructure nor am I knowledgeable enough to draft a pointed letter. Lol… I’m better at opining than debating…argh…

Greta is simply amazing! I love Greta. Yes, we need someone like this 16 year old girl to lead a youth movement to hold Amerikan war criminals accountable.


Great idea!

I’m trying to be hopeful today, but I made the mistake, again, of reading comments under some video about Greta. The doubting Thomases, snipers, and actual climate change denying Dumpists are so venal that I’m actually kinda shocked. Who dumps like that on an innocent kid? Well, they did the same thing, I guess, to the Parkland kids…

Any Creator god…ugh…must really be in a tizzy these days. We see evolutionary errors all the time, don’t we?

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The US military is killing overseas because it causes a reduction in civil liberties within USA. They want the situation to be such that a nuclear 9/11 event can be carried out against a coastal US city, and claimed to be a nuke attack by Muslims using a commercial cargo vessel. In reality, it would be an Israeli nuke, carried by by a US/Israeli missile launched from an Israeli missile, with the US Navy conveniently unable (i.e. unwilling) to detect the submarine. The background behind this scenario was jointly leaked by the US Navy and the IDF in October 2003, and published in several major newspapers which left out the obvious nuke 9/11 connection.

Why does USA have so many nuclear weapons? To keep its allies in line.

The ICC is a joke. They even brought in a guy to screen out any case involving Israeli war crimes.

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I realize that. So is there any Plan B to bring these miscreants to heel…before they kill all the people everywhere in concentration camps and incinerate the rest of the planet?

Hi gde:

A Nuclear attack against a coastal city------does being on the Potomac count as coastal?

Listen folks, there is nothing to worry about here, just move along. The Pentagon will comfort you with their standard comment, “just a little collateral damage, nothing at all to worry about”!