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'Reprehensible': Critics Explode After Trump Tweets Impeachment Could Lead to 'Civil War'

To avoid the abuses of the English law, the scope of treason was specifically restricted in the United States Constitution. Article III, section 3 reads as follows:

All the Clinton fans who continue to clamor for charges of treason against Trump should read the Constitution. It is, after all, pretty specific as to what constitutes treason, and misogyny and racism are not in the definition.

Conspiring with a foreign government to get dirt on a political opponent is illegal, but it is not treason. (Ukraine is not an “enemy.”) Violating the emoluments clause is illegal, but it is not treason. Dereliction of duty is not treason.

I also wonder if inciting to riot in order to protect the president from being lawfully impeached and calling it civil war, is the same as calling for war to overthrow the government? Better legal minds than mine wlll have weigh in on that.

The point is that no good purpose is served by hyperbole and insanity. There is surely enough illegality in this administration to impeach without resorting to making up crimes that don’t exist.


This has become trump’s operating procedure. “Up side down cake.” Since some of us promote something akin to Civil War from the left, his typical parry from the right is always now expected. “You’re an idiot. No, you’re an idiot.” Six year old shit.
He has no defense for anything so he accuses others.


Dog whistle to his base. Impeachment too good for Don. People like him and the “reverend” do not belong in the U.S.A. Chuck 'em out.


Whether the Orange Turd committed treason is a matter of opinion - as to what constitutes ‘treason’. But no one needs to prove treason in order to impeach. Under the listing of ‘Obstruction of Justice’, the House committees can list and document dozens of proven occurrences. Under emolument violations, hundreds (if not thousands) of instances. Under dereliction of duty, violation of the constitution, violating national security - more openly flagrant acts than can be replayed in a week of Fox news re-broadcasts. The latest megalomaniacal hallucination tornado is merely further PROOF of the clear and present danger this a**hole presents to this country and the world. I suggest we all keep repeating, as loudly as possible, the words “CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER”, as that seems to justify the expeditious circumvention of legal niceties.

What’s the point of having an extrajudicial, militarized police state if it can’t be put to good use when necessary?


I have to believe the Crumpus’ minions are FAR outnumbered by level-headed, informed, Americans. Civil War? I say, “bring it!”


Right. Wee bit curious that there isn’t an ultimate standard for whether an act is or is not treasonous. Works to Don’s advantage, though.

There no doubt there an element among the US population that would resort to the use of arms and violence against others if their beloved Fuhrer impeached. Trump counts on this and tries to fuel their anger and is in essence giving his blessing.


Interesting that as this is happening here Boris Johnson and his schocktruppen are threatening violence against Labour MPs. Could there be a pattern here?


We may someday see a “Civil War” between the Fascists and the Democratic Socialists.

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I tend to think it is a mirror projection that ‘kicks the can down the road’ to buy time for further criminality on the part of whomever sinks to that sort of assertion. That then makes me wonder… what is the strange “attractor” (to borrow and, in this case bastardize a term from astrophysics and cosmology) in the future that provides a false rationalization for both blatant and subtle criminality? Is the aggregate of the historical abuses considered so dire that the users in their tunnel vision “think” there is no future worth living for?

I wish I knew what that comment was trying to say.

“I tend to think it is a mirror projection that ‘kicks the can down the road’ to buy time for further criminality on the part of whomever sinks to that sort of assertion.”

Does that mean that by charging him with crimes that he did not commit while ignoring those that he did, we will successfully get him out? Does that mean that we should charge him now with crimes that he may commit “down the road”? What does that mean?

Whomever sinks to what assertion?

What do “mirror projection(s)” have to do with anything? What is a “mirror projection”?

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Don doesn’t need to be careful. If there’s mass confrontation, it’s all the same to him. No big whoop.

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“All the Clinton fans who continue to clamor for charges of treason against Trump should read the Constitution. It is, after all, pretty specific as to what constitutes treason,”

Agreed – Just about everyone leveling charges of treason (from the right, from the middle, from wherever) stop.

Yeah, some “Reverend”. Some servant of Christ…


It was only a matter of time before one of Trump’s rabid-dog minions, and one of the first is ironically a so-called Reverend, using more White Nationalist dog-whistle language to try and scare people by speaking of Civil War. How pathetic, but how appropriate, considering the source.

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What DemocRAT misleaders should, but will never do: challenge the amoral RethugliKKKans to condemn Trump for:

  1. Implying that the Ukraine phone call whistleblower be executed as a “spy”.

  2. Calling Rep. Adam Schiff a “traitor” for doing his job as head of the House Intelligence Committee.

  3. Invoking the terrible threat of a U.S. civil war by repeating the deranged comments of a deranged extremist evangelical preacher who should also be condemned and have his church’s tax-exempt status removed for his partisan political rhetoric.

If RethugliKKKans truly cared about the U.S. more than their re-elections and power and wealth and greed, they would demand that the 25th Amendment be used to force Trump to resign.

The DemocRATS and RethugliKKKans obviously value their re-elections, power, control, and greed FAR above the future of the U.S. and of the planet.

They are despicable, willing tools of the morally-deranged plutocracy running the U.S. and much of the world.

If there are future generations, they will justifiably denounce and condemn these smug, arrogant criminals as the evil they are.


The “civil war” will happen in Trumps home when his family breaks apart and disowns him

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We must be brothers from different mothers.

Yes, that’s likely. But now we’re more “sophisticated.”

Barr and Pompeo have to shouldered a lot of blame for this toxic atmosphere today. I wonder if they feel the noose tightening?