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Repression Rains Down on Pro-Democracy Demonstrators in Brazil

Repression Rains Down on Pro-Democracy Demonstrators in Brazil

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Protests took place in multiple Brazilian cities on Sunday, in support of ousted president Dilma Rousseff and against the now-officially installed government of her successor, Michel Temer.

Agence France-Presse reported from São Paulo:

Wow, this sounds like Native Americans under attack in US State of North Dakota for protesting the destruction of Sacred Sites!! Obama’s neoliberals have no soul or country. Anything that stands in the path to plunder resources or American hegemony is fair game. President Rousself was in the path. Now she has been replaced with a known criminal…that has been recognized by Obama as the “leader” of Brazil.


All the best to the people of Brazil. Hang in there. Temer and the other corrupt oligarchs must go.

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“Temer” in spanish means “be afraid”.

Wait for the blowback. Will the CIA ever learn?


Pity that MSM news about protests against the democratically elected leftist President of Venezuela is drowning out the news about the protests against the right-wing coup in Brazil.


When was the last time the US citizenry held any kind of protest like these Brazilian people are holding? I haven’t seen this kind of demonstration in this country for too long. We the people are either unconcerned or just flat out lazy!


This is how you take back your country.
Shut the damn thing down.
Not once but repeatedly.
But…no violence please.
Violence plays into the hands of those who control the police and military. And that ain’t us.


Try back to the United Fruit Company 100 years ago.


Exactly what we need to do if the TPP is passed. Better yet, before it is passed.

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Not only were impeachment proceedings initiated against Rousseff and Temer, but also Eduardo Cunha, President of the Chamber of Deputies (in charge of signing off on the impeachment proceedings), as well as the man 4th in line of presidential succession. This is largely why Rousseff’s defense was basically that this represented a coup. I’ve also been unable to find specifically which law Rousseff’s administration broke - though Brazilian MSM is notoriously unreliable and translation services between English and Portuguese even more unreliable.

Absolutely, lordbaldric,

The Brazilian Labor Party refused to hand over land to members of the MST (Landless Workers Movement),who would have produced food for poor people. Instead they kept land in the hands of the old, corrupt landlords who produced for export. And when, inevitably, Chinese demand for such products as soybeans declined, the economy crashed.

Land to the tiller, factories to workers’ co-ops !!! Half assed social democracy will always fail.

How about that, Michel Temer convicted of violating campaign finance rules is set to take over as President of Brasil until Jan. 1, 2019. That’s a lot of time to clean house.

Now we know why the Castro brothers have ruled the way they have - the only leftist government in the hemisphere to stand against the United States successfully. Does anyone reading this doubt that a President Hillary Clinton will do anything other than continue to support the ouster of left-leaning third-world governments, especially in this hemisphere? #NeverHillary. Stein/Baraka 2016!

a scant six months ago, the streets of São Paulo were full of enormous demonstrations calling for the ouster of Dilma. The protests were largely organized by the Izod-and-khaki slacks class - but there was a substantial left working class presence at them too and there were only some small counter-protests. The reason was, of course, because the Brazilian left regarded Dilma and Lula before her and the PT in general as total neoliberal corrupt sell-outs - in exactly the same manner that the US left regards Hillary.

At the time of these protests, I predicted here on CD that once they saw what kind of extreme-right would be replacing Dilma and the PT they would forget all their complaints and would be overjoyed to just have the restoration of the compromised Dilma-led centrist status quo. All work at moving forward to a genuine politics of the working class would be shelved in order to simply get back to this status quo.

Things in Brazil are turning out as predicted - and there is a definite lesson on strategy to be learned here for the US left.

The Brazilian left decided to side with the hard-right in those massive demonstrations calling for the ouster of Dilma. So what did they expect would happen? They made their bed - now they need to sleep in it.

Looks like Murka has succeeded in taking the B out of BRICS. Watch out Russia, India, China… they don’t seem to be worrying much about South Africa because it is too busy self destructing…

There have been ample demonstrations/protests about police brutality over the last year. There are also the occasional political protests. It’s not true we don’t demonstrate, we don’t march, we aren’t expressing our unhappiness with the system. Remember who owns the media that inform the populace about what is happening.