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Reproductive Justice is Economic Justice

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/10/reproductive-justice-economic-justice

Anytime you put a majority of RichWhite Men in positions of power and control, women’s needs will most always be secondary.


[Bond is in a hot tub with Tiger Tanaka and four beautiful Japanese girls.]

Tiger Tanaka : Rule number one: Never do anything yourself when someone else can do it for you.

Bond : And number two?

Tiger Tanaka : Rule number two: In Japan, men always come first, women come second.

Bond : Really? I might just retire to here.


Freedom of religion is no different that freedom from religion. The SC screwed the pooch on this ruling; it is wholly unconstitutional and a holy affront to my non-believing ass.


As someone pointedly asked, “If being told by the government to wear a mak in public poses a threat to your freedom, what about that government telling you that you have to get pregnant and stay pregnant?”

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Reproduction is always a hot potato issue. While we can all agree that there are too many people on the planet, the numerous solutions out there to curb the problem are as explosive as any other issue. Religious, moral, environmental and political lines are crossed. War, climate change, poverty, economics, inequality and justice all have a stake in this.
The world cannot sustain 8 billion people. It cannot sustain one billion people as too many species will go extinct as a result of humans wiping out their natural habitats. Once insects, fish, mammals and even bacterias disappear, the rest of us will starve to death following the path of the Woolly Mammoth. Yet even humane solutions to get the problem of an over abundance of people reduced, spark outrage, condemnation and ridicule from a variety of opponents. Religious groups, corporations who depend on perpetual growth and companies who rely on a cheap pool of workers, are all in favour of unchecked reproduction regardless of the threat to our very existence.
Some progressive solutions include a universal commitment by everyone to limit one child to every 50 couples for one generation. In effect the child would be have 100 parents instead of two with a tremendous amount of resources donated to the best possible upbringing for the child. Without war or famine or some other tragic event, we could whittle down the global population to a manageable number like 300 million thereby halting global warming, the mass die off of animal and plant life, the elimination of scarcity and perhaps even an end to war itself.
But Wall Street and their minions would never promote this as it would affect their ‘bottom line’ and corporate America would quickly mobilize its religious base to wage war against those ‘enemies of freedom’ or some other such nonsense. Politicians, at the behest of their special interest groups, would claim that such rules would be an infringement of our Constitutional rights while obfuscating the true root of their bias. A compliant media would create an atmosphere of corruption and disorganization by claiming that some societies would be cheating or not respecting our collective goals. The dirtiest words in corporate America, socialism and communism, would be bandied about as if political concepts are the greatest threat to human survival rather than the destruction of life.
Yet if the planet were unified and democratic, we could actually save ourselves and our web of life. Instead such concepts will be relegated to ‘Star Trek’ episodes and be ignored indefinitely by our MSM. This is why if a Progressive Party ever comes to fruition, it must not shy away from these uncomfortable issues. All life is dependant on how we can get a grip on our ‘out-of-control’ population explosion. Let us not be fooled by arguments of racism, elitism or moralism by the right wing to quash any collective response to our solutions to save humanity. We must demand more from our leaders than the usual and nauseous rhetoric and instead connect every decision made on our behalf to climate change, survival of the planet and respect for the web of life. Any leader who does not respect this simple demand, is simply not responsible enough to hold an elected office.