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Reproductive Rights Advocates Condemn Dems' Support of Anti-Choice Candidates


Reproductive Rights Advocates Condemn Dems' Support of Anti-Choice Candidates

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Reproductive rights advocates are condemning the Democratic Party's decision to offer campaign funds to 2018 House of Representatives candidates who oppose abortion rights.

Rep. Ben Ray Luján (D-N.M.) confirmed the party's position to The Hill on Monday. He emphasized that the party needs to recruit "a broad coalition" to pick up 24 seats, which would allow Democrats to regain a majority in the House.


You can insert any other demographic to this rotten sellout MO, but the actions of the DINO Dem corporate/political/war-whore hacks will do or say anything to “get elected” and do just what their bosses want after conning the people for votes - the “good cop” to RepubliCon bad (odious) - bottom line is DINO’s give us just a “kinder and gentler” screwing while they service the uber wealthy…on their knees

The Dems will not, and apparently can not, imagine a winning formula without selling-out the progressive/left/independent voter - unfortunately they fail to comprehend that lesser evil politics will not work any longer. That failure to see the true feelings and will of the people will continue to result in betrayal of the people and failure to win elections - this is just one example of what we will see ahead as sellout, tone-deaf DINO politicians attempt to sell their pig-in-a-poke to the people yet again.

Until we get big money (and stupidity, corruption, greed, the MICC, a subverted press, and religion) out of politics those who possess vast wealth, influence and power will continue to call all the shots, and the 99% will continue to live out lives as wage and interest slaves - if they are allowed to live at all - modern-day serfs, paying for it all while their children go begging and the obscenely wealthy get richer…


Well, ain’t that nice, the new “just don’t get pg” democrats. The D party stinks to high heaven.


Sell our souls to the Devil for votes they would.


Historically Murkin voters have voted for real Republicans when given a choice between real Republicans and pseudo Republicans waving a blue flag. Looks like we will see that play out again in 2018.


The Democrats have long been recruiting right wing Democrats –
This is dictatorship, not democracy.

And THIS is about trying to keep the Democratic Party in the game while being owned
by the right wing. Of course they will betray women as they have long been doing.
They are taking orders from fascists and they want to hold onto their offices.

Both parties have the same owners – Koch Bros. and other large corporations and they very
much want the oppression of women to continue and to reverse female gains over these past
decades. Koch Bros. aren’t alone in this. The oppression of women – more than half the
population of the planet – is very profitable. But this is also about control/power which Elite
patriarchy/Establishment conspiracy does not want to give up.

That anyone would still vote for anyone in either of these corrupt and criminal parties shocks me –


After they rolled out A Better Deal the Dems evidently failed to add For White Christian Males & Their Progeny. That elusive 5% that’s the missing link to big electoral victory. Joe Biden’s sacred silent majority bunch.
The 3rd Way’s campaign is officially kicking off. The Corporate $$$, an elixir which chokes off The Pesky Progs. When the going gets tough, the scared go right. But, of course they do, my dears.

The big tent where, of course, Democratic charter and private religious schools are different than Republican charter schools because: they’re co-ed? the uniforms are tailored and snazzier? the fish and chips is better? they’re easier to park the Lexus at?
Another cheap ploy by Schumer & Co. to pander to people who’ll cut and run the second the Bishops of Ameica say " No ". And, they’ll kill Single Payer/Medicare-For-All in the process, as well.
The 3rd Way gives birth to a 3rd Party if Pelosi’s small ideas and big donors miss their intended marks in 2018?


Replace Luján!!!

He’s out of step and needs to go. New Mexico can find somebody better – an Independent would do.


IF, and that is till a big if as far as I’m concerned, the Democrats want to become a true alternative to the so called Republican Party, their 1st priority must be to make it clear they are 100% about EQUALITY. That means EQUALITY across every dimension and without question:

  • Equal rights for all…means women have the right to choose and have control over their own bodies just like men
  • Racial equality
  • Religious equality
  • Economic equality
  • Sexual orientation equality
  • Equality to the disabled as exerted under the ADA which is also under attach from the right these days

Just because the Republican Party is no more and has become the party of right wing extremism and not at all conservative, that doesn’t justify or mean the Democrats need to remain further to the right than it has ever existed before. Today’s Obama-Clinton DNC is like the Republican party of the 1970’s.

The Clinton-Obama Democratic Party has a lot of work ahead if they want to win the REAL Democratic base back…and one important 1st step is women’s rights and women as EQUALS. That means MALES no longer control women. If men don’t want an abortion - then they don’t need to get one. But that decision for a woman belongs with her and her physician…without the prying eyes of men and government. PRIVACY for all.

We also know that women do NOT take abortion lightly…as ignorant males will try to assert. Women take it more seriously than anyone and it is high time the DNC recognize that.

The DNC should NOT accept candidates or members who oppose equal rights for women - PERIOD!


There are people in NM who are working against capitalism. DCCC is “spam” in my inbox and has been for 2 yrs. Thank goodness for NM, one of the only “southern states” that is still Democratic. Unfortunately, we still have establishment Dem. “leaders” in Congress and MLG running for governor will not make enough of a change. People in this state are aware; we are fighting against the corporate money involved in every election. We have a new honest SoS who is making great waves. This weekend, I’ll need to drive back to the suburbs of Chi. and deal with all the BS there for a couple mo. I am not driving through TX, OK or MO; I’ll go toward Denver and take the cutoff through NE and IA; isn’t it sad that I don’t feel comfortable driving alone through those states? Who accelerated the “police state?”


Wrong Ben Ray

Because the Dem platform sucks, we must pick up candidates that can be elected on that flawed platform

For god sake, choose good issue basis and the candidate will come forward

The real problem is that the DNC Dems have become closet Repubs over the years

And the Better Deal was so bad it stunk

If you want to be Repubs change parties but get the hell out of the Dem party


If history doesn’t repeat, then it certainly rhymes. This is exactly why, after the 2006 midterm takeover, nothing changed.

The rhyming part is due to the ability today to more easily selectively disenfranchise segments of the electorate.


If we achieve a Democratic majority by electing anti-choice Democrats, we risk creating a bipartisan coalition that could dismantle women’s rights.