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Reproductive Rights Advocates Slam 'Unconstitutional and Medically Unnecessary' Fetal Remains Law Signed by Ohio Governor

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/31/reproductive-rights-advocates-slam-unconstitutional-and-medically-unnecessary-fetal

I was born and raised in an ultra-conservative rural area of northwestern Ohio. And the culture has not changed one iota since I left it over 50 years ago.
The state government is solidly GOP. They’re more concerned about women wanting to be treated as equal to men and don’t care what men do with their organs. But if a woman becomes pregnant because of a man’s unwanted actions, well, too bad if she needs an abortion.
DeWine is facing impeachment proceedings from his own kind because he mandated wearing masks and invoked a curfew. That was considered too draconian even when hospitals were being overwhelmed by Covid. Nope, each person should make decisions without anyone else telling them what to do. Except for women…


Zygote? Blastocyst? This stage consists of approximately the first 10 days after egg fertilization. A zygote denotes just the first few days as it begins to move down a fallopian tube. After entering the uterus it’s called a blastocyst, which after a few more days, implants into the uterus lining and begins the embryonic stage. They want a funeral or cremation for a fertilized egg, something which is 1/100 of an inch long at this stage?? Let alone an embryo or fetus? Pure madness. What is a funeral home going to do with it? Put it in an overpriced casket? Absolutely ludicrous and idiotic, and another added expense which most women won’t be able to afford. Obviously this bill was written for that reason. Are clinics going to be turning women away if they can’t pay for a funeral up front? And is the state going to require proof of a funeral or cremation? And what if a woman doesn’t actually go to a clinic but is simply prescribed a pill by her doctor? Does the doctor have to report this to the state? Will the state come knocking on the woman’s door to make sure the blood and mucous is fished from the toilet and given a proper funeral instead of simply flushing?


Gov. DeWine has eight children and 24 grandchildren. His wife, Fran, must have been continuously pregnant until menopause. I think that he has done a good job allowing restaurants and bars to stay open till 10 P.M. with social distancing, yet holding the death rate down. That hasn’t thwarted threats of recall. At 10, the drunks then go over the Ohio River to Kentucky, so we share the wealth.

As an Ohioan all I have to say is, what else is new? Another outrage by our Rethuglican rulers.

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Can someone tell me why Republicans and Evangelicals care so much about protecting the unborn but are insouciant about humans once they are born?


Gene, why do we wallow in the culture of death. From the unborn to the droned seems like all we do is promote death.

Humans are fascinated with death. Need proof, just turn on the TV, and look at the movies, and the newspapers.

And yes, we cannot forget the Military, or the Mercenary Armies we employ to do this nation’s dirty work.

Are we fascinated with death, or is that what TV is shoving down our throats? Is it done to condition us to violence ???

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Perhaps condition, perhaps train.

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Any preoccupation with death is unmatched by our preoccupation with reproduction all eight billion of us.


Related to this are the on-going protests in Poland


Will this just be the case in an abortion? What about a miscarriage?

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I’m going to give simple and obvious advice to the reproductive rights movement. Hey, I’m a man and a man needs to mansplain.

  • Shelter your researchers and your doctors. Remember that they gave you the morning after pill.

Now I’m going to give advice to the climate change movement. Shelter your researchers and your engineers. They’re going to provide you with many big breakthroughs soon enough, unless they are stopped.

With eight billion people we should allow people a dignified way to honor those who pass on. It is pretty disgusting to use a landfill but so is this solution.

Yeah, I agree. If only we would be less preoccupied with reproduction we wouldn’t need to be as preoccupied with death. If all of us would preoccupy ourselves with the thought of being extremely unhappily united with a person of the opposite sex, which alas, most of us will eventually be, maybe we wouldn’t need to be preoccupied with reproduction or death at all. Remember, Jesus tells us we are collectively all evil, so why hook up? (Matthew 7:11)

In some places you don’t buy a burial plot, you have to rent them. There are so many people, that the living sometimes use the plot for a place to sleep. I’m not sure what happens if you fail to pay the rent. Eventually, we will have to abandon some of these practices. We are clever beings, sometimes too clever for our own good. Yeah, too bad sex is a biological need, and nest building works better with two. I dunno. Maybe it is the ideology that needs to change.

Gosh… What a concept. I recently bought an affordable plot way up here in Canada so I will be able to rest there without interruption, but if I was forced into renting one would they dig me up if my estate could no longer cover the rent? And what would become of my remains thereafter? Such thoughts cause me to ““shudder””.

I know what you mean, it must be a form of perpetual care similar to what is available in the U.S. in terms of maintenance. I don’t get it either. It probably sounds worse than it is, there are many different concepts on this topic. You have a lot more room to decide on a location than if you lived on an over crowded island. Hum, think it will be ashes to ashes for me in an undisclosed location.

I mean 8 kids is a lot of kids but nowhere near enough to be “continually pregnant,” come on now.