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Reps. Ocasio-Cortez, Barbara Lee Warn Moderate House Dems Against Punting 'Enormously Popular' Marijuana Reform Bill

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/17/reps-ocasio-cortez-barbara-lee-warn-moderate-house-dems-against-punting-enormously

Like these women! Time for the marijuana naysayers to take some senakot, you know, take a load off their mind, especially gollum mitch and his orcs.


Smoke it if you got it, the healing herb, saves my life. Peace


don’t hold your breath for marijuana reform–the Democrats are mostly a hopeless and cowardly bunch legislators who seem to have lost their spines ,along with any semblance of courage, in about 1972 when they sold out to the corporatocracy who have purchased and now run our country–it has long been my hope that the actual progressives(all 10-12 of them)leave the Democratic party to form the nucleus of a party that represents us as the Democratic party represents the end stage of the surrender to money they started back in 1972-----and as their refusal to push M4A in a time of pandemic–pushing fracking while the planet burns–calling for a minimum wage that is $5/hr-$6/hr short(and 10 years too late) of what would actually give people a standard of living rather than continuing to keep them on the edge of survival-end our endless wars and reduce the bloated military budget-give us a Green New Deal that is not $16 Trillions too short and 20 years too late to do any good(their plan is a massive gas light protecting the industries that are CAUSING the problems) makes clear


Rest assured people. Nancy and Steny are on the case.
This bill is doomed. And it’s doomed for the same reason any other consequential bills that have ever been on Nancy’s desk have. If progressives want it, it’s DOA.


THC is good for you!

For example:
Key cannabis chemical may help prevent colon cancer, researchers say
A chemical in marijuana may be able to help prevent colon cancer, according to a new study from top University of South Carolina researchers.



On Monday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) [accused] Democrats of prioritizing marijuana legalization over Covid-19 relief, and the charge—as misleading as it may be—has had a chilling effect on some Democratic proponents of the MORE Act.

So said the Republicans who have never offered one substantive relief proposal to deal with Covid-19. The scumbags have no morals or legitimacy. Now watch to see how many spineless democrats who are in the pocket of the drug industry vote against this proposal.


Dems are so spineless!


It also helps us to forget the clusterf__k that is transpiring in the US and world. I like to fire up a blunt and elevate to the ozone layer, but I have to report that it’s getting mighty thin up there…the ozone that is.


I don’t know, I remember reefer madness and it is very persistent folks. On March 24, 1989, the Exxon Valdez struck Bligh Reef in Prince William Sound, Alaska–the impacts have lasted to this day. Of course, the Captain was just drunk and not high, so what the hell do I know.


One drink of wine, two drinks of gin…
and I’m lost in the ozone again.


It starts at the top of the ticket with Joe “Lock the SOBs up” Biden and Kamala “Top Cop” Harris.


A good summary of democratic failures. Well done. The big question is why those dozen actual progressives dont go bold and split off to begin to build the nucleus of a true third party that represents the values of the 99%? Are they truly progressives? Are they too wedded to lobbyist cash and perks? Do they lack spines? Are they uber realists who realize the system is stacked against them and they have to play under the democratic tent or face losing when up for re-election? Are they more afraid of Pelosi and Schumer dropping the hammer on them if they get “too rebellious” and terminating their future political aspirations? Or all the above?


In what warped, dystopian universe are these people “moderates”? And how pathetic to run for the hills based on a threat from a total ghoul like McConnell, when the public largely isn’t even behind him on the issue. It is a really ugly reality that these spineless, corrupt worthless pricks get power in this political system. Shame on the voters and the two parties, and the media propaganda system that props them up, for helping to fill the government with such self-serving and worthless assholes.


Rule one in politics: Never let

stand in way of lying about your opponents.

And I just wanted to commend my rep, and the rep from my neighboring district for standing up for their bases. Amazon, for some reason, called the cops on them, which even confused the cops:


As for weed, it’s so nice and legal here. Raising money for our state. Keeping the buzz real.


OAC America’s finest representative, “for the people”, to “promote the general welfare”, which is supposed to be Congress’s job.


Recreational marijuana needs to be made legal. People should not be criminalized for small amounts of possession and fines through the ass for personal use amounts. This is why we call policeman PIGS!


Marijuana is currently fully legal in 11 states and the District of Columbia,

That’s right folks – moscow mitchy manbrat can have his legal pot anytime he wants it, but here in blood-red-backward-nebrasky we don’t even get to vote on it even though there were more than enough signatures on the petition to legalize medical marijuana!


He looks more ghoulish everyday!

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My partner and I use cannabis as part of a very healthy/fit lifestyle, and we’re glad if there’s no penalty for us for that. We read a magazine for people who grow marijuana and they have an article with some more detail on the actual law and its effects:

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