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Repubclians Lost Their Way Long Before Trump (But So Did the Democrats)


When are the Greens going to realize that less than 2% of the national vote, or worse, means they have no place at the table. ( Any serious political strategist wouldn’t bother even to consult with them. ) They haven’t earned one; in several attempts at being relevant, they simply aren’t. When your batting average is .020 you don’t get to play in the big leagues, no matter how insulting and dumb you sound.
Movement politics, among and driven by Progressives, will have to create a wave election. Something on the order of 60+% in a general election. Think 1964, here. Winning on the margins strengthens the hands of the incrementalists ( deal cutters ) who bargain away general economic justice for personal identity spaces. A worn out approach to say the least.
A device to create intra-party squabbles, mostly.
The Greens, Skeptic Tank, are 59% short of the mark, consistently. Get beyond the Trump-like rhetoric and do some math, the basis for living green, and grow up.
Jill Stein isn’t even a member of Congress. She has no power base for a reason. Guys like you, who support her, bat .020 and think they belong in the Hall of Fame. If there’s one for batboys, they’re probably on to something.


Thanks for your thoughts on the power base I don’t have.

But if I have no power base, why are you bothering with me?

Shouldn’t you be out rallying votes among those who are going to stay home in November for your beloved D-Party? Meanwhile, I’ll be working to elect the very progressive Independents running for city government in my totally blue town–currently we have complete one-party rule here. I’m helping candidates like this guy:



I don’t disagree, but a bigger picture is how each issue connects to each personal interest, mine are transport/travel industrial impact and land-use. BEVs vs PHEVs vs FCEVs Rooftop grid-tied PVs matched to household EVs, transit design for TODs. Self-driving no way, a lie, fraud, ruse distraction.

Political battle between Right & Left also a distraction meant to divide.
The Right immediately approves pipelines, drilling anywhere,
setting up political division worldwide.
He is lying over and over, sowing division,
urging and arming the world for battle!

He needs to go after his next big horrible lie, his last!
Throw Pence out at the same time. Thanks for letting me vent.

I was hoping for Trump having ‘heath emergency’ then avoid public venues,
a positive sign from the North Korea meeting.
I wonder if they had doughnuts and coffee?