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Repubicans Finally Unmask Their Healthcare Agenda – And It Isn’t Patient-Centered


Repubicans Finally Unmask Their Healthcare Agenda – And It Isn’t Patient-Centered

Donna Smith

If you have been inclined to trust in any way that the Republicans in Congress or the Trump-Pence-Ryan regime intend to make things better for you and your family in terms of healthcare policy, think again and stop wondering. The plan is simple. They will protect and enhance the insurance companies and other profit centers in healthcare. No matter how many ads they purchase or how much message tweaking they do, patients are not at the center of the Republican plans.


This attitude toward the ill is part and parcel of the war on the poor. Thanks for the article, Donna and hope you are feeling better despite the soul less barbarians in the WH.


Nice hearing from you Donna. I wonder why for the six/eight months we have not been shouting from the roof tops Rubio's amendment to a bill that was signed into law under Obama that increased the risk pool and drove on the cost for insurers and made Obama care more affordable. Where were/are the dems.

They will do it because they can and the dem party do not speak up loudy enough and demand more time on lamestreet media to inform the public (DT supporters). There are some/most of his supporters that aren't ignorant insane kocks.

I would like to see a poll of former Bernie supporters who voted for Trump and what they are doing now?


Every time I feel like "gaming the system" I go get myself a near fatal illness, or injury just so I can steal money from the poor, bedraggled, helpless, destitute, hapless, innocent, caring insurance companies. Darth bless their little pea-pickin' hearts.


For Repubs healthcare insurance is just another way to make a profit. Making money is the primary goal, not providing for people's healthcare. For Repubs that applies to just about any activity. It's about making money not about making a quality product or providing a quality service. That's the problem with Repubs in general and also a problem with capitalists.


Yes, they are the party of greed and self-interest. There is no sense of compassion or societal gain among these people -- even when a social solution meets their own criteria of efficiency and effectiveness. Ideologues have no use for facts or inquiry. For them politics is like religion -- it's about what you take on faith; hence the notion of "believing" in climate change, as if it were a matter of faith rather than something to be recognized as fact.


OK, this is bad, but Obama-care was a Republican inspired gift to the Insurance Companies, delivered by the More Effective Evil.

Bernie explained, how Universal Healthcare in the US was not only Morally Justified, but Economically Feasible.

The Dems had already Greased the Skids, so that the Reps wouldn't have a hard push toward Our Ruin.

The Framing is that we want Healthcare, not "Coverage".


Obamacare is not a Republican inspired gift to insurance companies and I really wish progressives would educate themselves before saying such dumb, clearly uninformed stuff. What you are seeing from the Trump administration are the things the insurance companies you keep complaining about wanted. Insurance companies wanted a 5:1 ratio band for insurance purchasers, so a healthy retiree could pay five times what a 25 year-old pays for the exact same product. Obamacare has a 3:1 ratio band. Insurance companies did not want quality-of-care provisions in the law, did not want guaranteed issue (preexisting conditions coverage), and did not want guaranteed coverage reforms (to give you the coverage you pay for without altering the policy midway or dropping you when you get sick). The heritage foundation "plan" had almost none of that in it, much less the tax increases on the wealthy to pay for subsidies or anything similar. The insurance companies wanted the old system, but with people forced to buy in. That's what they wanted.


Yes, there were a different number of angels dancing on the heads of those pins, but the insurance companies absolutely loved the core concept of the ACA which is to require all Americans to be their customers. No other industry enjoys this kind of so-called market. In that sense, it was a huge gift to the insurance companies, especially in light of the fact that the rational solution to solving our health care crisis is a single payer system that gets rid of insurance companies completely.

Oh, and by the way, the core construct of the ACA was originally a Republican idea -- we progressives are actually pretty well educated about these matters.


The bottom line is IMO, get insurance "industry" parasites out of the health-care equation, end the power and greed of Big-Pharma, get the corporate for-profit factor out of health-care/hospitals, create a subsidized education system for doctors, nurses, technicians, and other health-care personnel, and join the rest of the world in a national universal system of actual health-care rather than victimize citizens to enrich a few......and raise tax-rates on the uber-wealthy and corporations and end their evasions of giving back to our nation and people! People don't just exist to make the ruling class obscenely wealthy!


So, complain about the general concept and ignore the important particulars--sounds solid.


Health care should not be a for-profit business. Insurance companies are only protection schemes in drag. The only ethical health care is single payer; no upper limit; no deductible; no co-pay; no preexisting condition; and you pay as you earn. I want everyone to have the same health care that Congress has or better. Note: we may have to blow-up fewer people around the world to get such a plan; it will be worth it.


Well, you're missing the point. We need replace it all with single payer healthcare, not try to fix something that will never work.


I agree it would be worth it, although I'm not sure we'd have to actually blow up fewer people, we could just have less surplus military gear lying around.


The bill was written in large part by the industry and people that would soon leave to work for the industry, as you know. Lots of articles on this, which you are aware of. Max Baucus, for example, left not long after helping to push through the ACA. What did he leave for? The ACA placed inefficient, for profit private health insurance companies at the center of the plan and didn’t have much in regards to price controls. Those health insurance companies are doing really well too, I’m sure that has nothing to do with the ACA, right? He negotiated away the public option as a means of getting them to go along with the plan. A single payer plan would have essentially eliminated those rotten, inefficient companies. You can argue that single payer wasn’t possible then, and it wasn’t. You could argue that the ACA made some decent improvements but that incremental change would be needed to get us to universal coverage, whether or not that was likely to actually happen is another story. You can’t argue that the ACA didn’t in many ways benefit those companies, wasn’t largely written by them or their buddies in power and didn’t lengthen their longevity. The truth is that the best part of the ACA was the expansion of Medicaid, which in its traditional form was single payer, although many states were allowed to “experiment” with Medicaid. So, in my state (Illinois), Medicaid was expanded but is now essentially managed care. Some states refused Medicaid money, and that would have increased coverage rates even more. If the ACA falls apart, the right’s idea will make things worse, and there will be a push towards single payer. If that succeeds, by no means a certainty at this point, it will be far better than both the ACA and what preceded it.


Well, there are some particulars that you don’t acknowledge. Like the fact that tens of millions still don’t have health insurance, the increases in health care costs still FAR outpace wage growth (which means that the system is still unaffordable in the long term) and we still have the most inefficient and overpriced health care in the world. I directly benefited from the ACA, I appreciate it for its good parts, but your attitude towards the left is tiring. You have all this anger towards people on the left. Is it because it has been proven to be correct on many issues, and because centrists like you have been proven wrong time and time again? The left has had no freaking power in decades. The train wreck that is this country is because of your girl Clinton and those to your right and people like Clinton have driven your party into the ground. Maybe instead of constantly attacking the left, you should be humble enough to listen. We were right about Iraq, NAFTA, the WTO, global warming, austerity, Clinton being a rotten candidate (sadly for us all), mass privatization, financial deregulation, among many other things. We’re right about health care too. Single payer is, by the far, the most humane and efficient system, so maybe spend more time fighting for that system instead of responding to leftist critiques of inferior policies. Who on the left wants the ACA dismantled with nothing better to take its place?