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Republican Candidates Should Debate Criminal Justice Reform


Republican Candidates Should Debate Criminal Justice Reform

Inimai Chettiar, Abigail Finkelman

For a few days this week, Fox News’ Bret Baier, Megyn Kelly, and Chris Wallace will have more influence on the 2016 election than anyone else. Politicians are not keen on taking stances on hot button issues without a push. They either hem and haw or cling to the party line. And for the most part we let them. But every four years, we have an opportunity to demand answers, and on a very public stage.


I would like to hear someone get to the heart of the matter and tell the truth. The only way to reform criminal justice is to end the racist, fascist War on Drugs and poor people of color.

Ron Paul was the only Republican (Libertarian) candidate to ever suggest that. We can’t expect the same conservatives and neoliberals that started it and fund it generously, to end it.


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The candidates find it easy to avoid real answers. This comes mostly as a result of news outlets simply accepting sound bytes rather than answers to questions. My college history teacher called by sound byte answer on a test. In large letters he wrote “excellent answer, not the question I asked - Minus 15,” (a Zero for that answer) then for good measure he also took off an addition 3 points for misspelling. Oh, that he could spend some time with our media today - American voters deserve honest answers, and factual information about how and why our political leaders make their decisions.