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Republican Data-Mining Firm Exposed Personal Information for Virtually Every American Voter


Republican Data-Mining Firm Exposed Personal Information for Virtually Every American Voter

Sam Biddle, The Intercept

The GOP's 2016 presidential upset wasn't surprising just because it put Donald Trump in the White House; it also proved the party had vastly improved its ability to exploit data, including precision ad targeting campaigns on Facebook. Now comes the fallout of all that information hoarding: A California-based security researcher says Republican-linked election databases were inadvertently exposed to the entire internet, sans password, potentially violating the privacy of almost every single registered voter in the United States.


I am for a mega class action lawsuit. And you?


We willingly gave up our right to privacy when we began peeing into little plastic cups for even desk jobs, due to Ronnie’s Golden Shower celebration and capitalistic greed, the PIC . . .


Seeing how attorneys buy new Rolls Royces with their proceeds from class action lawsuits and the plaintiffs each get a check for $17.27 several years later if they are lucky, perhaps Attorney Generals in states not yet ruled by the American Taliban Party (formerly known as the GOP) can file suit on behalf of their citizens and put the proceeds in a single payer medical insurance pool ?


Sadly, most of that information is available via a Google search of your name.

Your privacy no longer exists.


The good news is that much of the info is just plain wrong and when advertisers, political consultants and other scum try to use this “data,” they will choke on their own shit. Thank the gods for that wonderful antidote to totalitarianism – Chaos.


I’m into razing the companies involved.


Chaos, the absence of rules… Anarchy, the absence of rulers…sorry, can’t remember the author.


I’m with you, Lorenzo! Such actions should be a capitol offense, calling for execution of the corporations involved.


Just the corps??? I want to send the entire reptardicon party to Gitmo and let ISIS deal with them! Wipe this flokking party off the face of OUR earth!


I hope whoever found this copied it all and posted it, making it worthless to those who compiled it in the first place. Also, as all surveys I’ve ever encountered claim to not use identifiers when compiling data, how did so much data on so many voters ever get created? Any data collected under false pretenses would make the entire database an illegal product of illegal activity, and the legal liability should accrue to all those who traffic in said data.


Everyone who is identified in this database should file a separate lawsuit against the company who compiled it and the RNC. Two Hundred Million lawsuits - and make them deal with it.


I’m thinking of changing my name to “Fuck You”.


A serious class-action suit would very much contribute to that goal. We need to use as many tactics as we can against the Duopoly/Corporate/Oligarch dictatorship because our power in relation to them is so small at this point. We’ll learn how to build revolutionary power by fighting and offering alternative visions (and realities), as futile as the fight may seem.