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Republican Healthcare Plan Makes the Case for Medicare-for-All


Republican Healthcare Plan Makes the Case for Medicare-for-All

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

The GOP's new plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA) with something much worse merely supports the argument that the only way to achieve true healthcare reform is to enact a single-payer, Medicare-for-All system, advocates said this week.


Maybe the GOP plan (Ryancare) which goes after its base (old white men [and women]), will finally be the straw that breaks its back. The plan goes after those in their 50s and 60s.


The wealthy have been raping the American people for 35 years (since Ronnie took office). So sure, what they need is a big fat tax cut. Yup, that's what they need.


Compare the debate on health care with what people think about Trump's travel ban. Trump first promulgated a truly outrageous plan so that, now, criticism of his still outrageous plan has been "muted" and "subdued" according to the Guardian. Push a really hard bargain and people will be more likely to accept a less hard one.

In contrast, the Democrats have never come close to driving a hard bargain on health care. What if they had started not with single payer, but with true socialized medicine like they have in the UK. This would involve nationalizing hospitals and making doctors public employees. Yikes! The Dems then could have backed off with single payer. Instead, they began with a pre-compromised position and they've been fighting an uphill battle ever since.


Under the new regime, the conversation has indeed shifted, we no longer need to debate or defend the complicated and sabotaged ACA (ObamaCare). A new debate can now begin between the AHCA (RyanCare) and the new state-sponsored single-payer models proposed by CA and NY that provide universal healthcare for all, and which the federal government now promises to subsidize on a dollar for dollar basis for all low income patients. This should be a much easier sell, almost a no-brainer. We need to hammer this point loudly and relentlessly against the Republicans and any foot-dragging Democrats. They opened the door, let’s make sure we forcefully put our foot in it.


If I understand it correctly, under Obamacare, people who could not afford their premiums would be given help to get insurance.
Under trumpcare, those people will get no help paying for the insurance, instead they will be allowed to write off the costs as a deduction on their taxes.
Many people who can't afford to buy health insurance don't make enough to even fill out a tax return.
Single payer health insurance like the rest of the industrial world has is the only way to insure everyone and reduce costs.


Yes demanding medicare for all is a real solution, but on the other hand health insurance such as medicare that only offers little or no real pharmaceutical drug coverage is sorely lacking important protection.


The best of luck to California and NY! We are starting to educate the public agin in national single-payer here in Vermont. April 10 is the next break for the reps and can be used to rally support and put the nay sayers on notice. No single-payer for the people? Then no healthcare for 'our' reps. Defund their care. Period.


"Medicare for All" presumably comes at the expense of Medicaid. Millions of low-income elderly and the disabled have Medicare/Medicaid coverage, with Medicaid covering the costs of many treatments, as well as prescription costs. We would need universal health care to restore sanity to costs and meet the needs of the people without bankrupting the country.


Exactly. That's why anything resembling a humane health care system would require Medicare AND Medicaid coverage.


Really insane? My daughter is on a drug for life that only costs $16,800 per month. Sanity?


But this takes us to an even more difficult point that people don't want to discuss: What would be the logic of providing more than emergency room services to the poor, just to dump them back on the streets? Denial of adequate food and shelter takes a very heavy toll on human health. It would be like trying to fill a sieve with water.


Put charitably, it is sad that we are obliged to have debates over this topic.


Maybe if we were a real democracy it would be possible, but we are not. The only citizens that count are the corporate citizens who represent the 0.1% of the wealthiest flesh and blood citizens. I guess in a sense we are a Corporate Democracy, and the current health care system is good for that segment of the corporate state, and the proposal is even better for them. Its really that simple.

The only weapon people have against the corporate masters is boycotting some of the them. Use cash, not cards when possible. Cut the cord. Cancel subscriptions to any MSM. Stop spending on entertainment. Give up your smart phones and internet. Look how much money you save to boot.

But food, health care, housing, transportation, heat, electricity, water, clothing, etc. They sort of got you there although some of those industries might suffer a bit indirectly from the above.

Money is the only thing they understand you see.


As usual, I look for guidance in providing an opinion from the Gospels of Jesus Christ. Here in Canada we have health coverage for all our citizens. It is provided by our government through our taxes. Although our tax rate as a result might be higher, most people are happy nevertheless as no one of them will be bankrupted and put on the street by a personal health misfortune. The words of Jesus, as the Son of God are clear on this issue: "Whatsoever you do to the least of these, you do unto Me." Hence, we might query ourselves if indeed we are Christians or no.


Countries cant go bankrupt since they can print their own money, especially the US since we are the reserve currency of the world and the USD is needed for oil purchases. Simply need to establish price controls to prevent inflation.

Of course, Presidents who tend to mess with the global banksters monopoly on printing money tend to get shot at (Jackson, Lincoln, JFK)


You also control prices. Lot of leverage when you represent 20 million customers. Imagine how much leverage you would have with 300 million people to negotiate for.

Dont take what you have for granted. There are forces at work that would like put you on the same boat.


Problem there is medicare was prevented from negotiating prices and approving drugs (screening out expensive drugs which are redundant with older but cheaper and equally effective drugs) like every other country does


If this leads California to adopt Medicare-for-All (what the rest of the world calls 'Single Payer'), then it is only inevitable that this becomes the norm eventually in the same manner that California auto emission standards became the nation's due to the state's economic heft.


Most of Ryancare appears to be a huge tax cut for the wealthy at the expense of millions of people's health. Nice work repubs.