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Republican Leaders Vow to Bury Global Climate Deal


Republican Leaders Vow to Bury Global Climate Deal

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Less than 24 hours after the White House unveiled its pledge to cut carbon emissions, Congressional Republicans made it clear that if President Obama hopes to make any headway on climate action he will have to bypass them.


The Republicans may be more venal, but they’re surely less hypocritical. Obama only waited one day after announcing ambitious GHG reduction goals before approving full-speed-ahead for Arctic drilling. This isn’t a problem for Bamabots, whose memory threshold evidently drops off after 24 hours.


The climate change community needs to frame the issue differently. They need to say that the average temperature of the earth is increasing. That allows people to see that there are still seasons and snow still falls in winter. There is another aspect of the problem. that prevents conservatives from seeing the problem. That is that weather instability is also an attribute. Thus, the larger swings in whatever attribute is being considered obscures trends.


How do you get drag line operators in southern West Virginia to rip the tops off Appalachian mountains to get at coal seams as they turn the land they grew up in, and often their ancestors grew up in, into a fetid, toxic wasteland where the air, soil and water will be poisoned for generations?


Please stop referring to republi[cons] as leaders. It’s a misnomer an a lie.


You’re right they are COKE men at work for their Masters


It would seem that many individuals in the House have decided that at the risk of being accused of outright treason, they will do whatever it takes to render the Presidency a powerless branch of government. They have fought Obama tooth and nail since he was elected, and now blatantly go around him and behind his back, undermining his efforts by communicating directly with heads of state and essentially telling them that the President only has the authority they grant him. I teach Civics and Government classes.How do I address this kind of behavior in our discussions, when I am expected to teach the “ideal?” Reality has no resemblance to the ideal any more.


You tell them that “America did not conserve itself to greatness”. And “thar’s a WAR ON COAL!!”


I would point out the irony of hearing pie in the sky emission reduction goals from the same guy who stood at his state of the Union address and told everyone of his “all of the above” energy plan, but I would be wasting my time. The only thing that can lower emissions now is a paradigm shift in our nation from petroleum to renewables. While we are making some grudging progress in that realm, we are woefully being most of the other western nations.
Who are we kidding? It’s all over by the places and dates now. If all global emissions were eliminated tomorrow, the CO2 level would still rise to over 450ppm and the earths climate will be changed for the forseeable centuries.
The idea that we in the USA will magically change overnight and dramatically lower our emissions is beyond laughable.


Yunzer is right of course, and I’m sure your question was rhetorical. Living here, we all know how it works. It is earth’s price for spawning us. When I grew up here on the west bank of the Ohio you could stand on any barren hilltop and see nothing but other barren hilltops (with attendant dragline) in every direction. If we are war with coal, coal certainly won that round. Part of the way it works is that it monopolizes the land, and in so doing it monopolizes the culture because the land is all that was there before. Funny how things work though. Mostly ruined for farming, both due to strip (area) mining of the 40’s-70’s, and the previous poor farming practices, this immediate area is mostly free form the pesticides and herbicides associated with modern agriculture in much of the rest of Ohio. As such it is very friendly for avian life. This is a personal observation based on knowledge of this immediate area and its surrounds. My occupation made me a naturalist of sorts by necessity. I see more species of birds here - now - that according to historical records this area is fringe or beyond.


I have no idea what the “climate change community” might be. But if we in the U.S. are politically incapable of taking any and all steps necessary to reduce the impact of impending catastrophe on the the whole world, then we may need to acknowledge that our system of government has failed us and look quickly for alternate models if governance before it’s too late.


My headline:



Yes. Obama bashers are of the ilk that could notbsee the difference between a Gore and a Bush. Exactly what do the add to conversation?


Repubs are in total denial and Obama has little courage to act boldly.

People can’t rely on governments to get it done.


As per usual, the repubs remain in the denial stage and Obama is speaking out of both sides of his mouth.

To act as he has done to open the doors to Arctic drilling is to not be serious about anting to do something about climate disruption.


How’s about some Earth-wide Pompeii style city burying? I’d get buried too but oh well. It just means I live shorter rather than longer.


Is it Republican’t or is it Republiwon’t? I know its just naming different shades of coal fly ash.


Oregon/Washington grassroots object to proposed extensive BNSF railroad transport of coal/oil/gas from Dakota Bakkan fields, Alberta tar sands and Powder River Wyoming to new marine terminal facilities for shipment mostly to Asia. Most protesters understand what NOT to do, but have no idea
what to do instead nor how to make that happen.

Keystone XL KILLER argument:
If we’re going to build pipeline, build through less vulnerable lands from Oklahoma to Dakota Bakkan fields. This shorter pipeline would bring safety upgrades to existing petro facilities; fuels would find more domestic uses; reduces hazards of rail transport and terminal operations; reduces demand for off-shore drilling in the Gulf.

The main reason to build the Keystone Pipeline is for Alberta tar sands use as low-grade shipping fuel in trans-oceanic global trade. Globalization is akin to Colonialism: Those who own the means of production and transport, essentially own the colonists.

The technology with the most potential to bankrupt the WTO is the plug-in hybrid EV. Neither all-electric EVs like the Tesla and Nissan Leaf, nor fuel cell EVs - as hydrogen stores effectively at lower pressure for use in a hybrid engine - have as much potential. The smaller 5kwh plug-in hybrid battery pack - compared to Tesla 85kwh and Leaf 30kwh - is the better match to consequently smaller, less expensive photovoltiac rooftop solar arrays that complement rather than overload regional utility grids. Households with such an emergency backup power system gain the choice to use electricity for driving or household electronics; the means to more closely monitor and reduce energy consumption overall; numerous economic incentives to drive less whereby more trips become possible without having to drive, whereby walking, bicycling and mass transit become more viable modes of travel incrementally supporting the growth of local/regional economies that can and indeed must undermine the global economy.


Well, obviously. I am mostly talking about the manner in which government is now malfunctioning in general, not pledging allegiance to any one individual within the dysfunctional mess…