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Republican Offers Familiar Cruelty With Rare Honesty: 'I Don't Support Livable Wage'


Republican Offers Familiar Cruelty With Rare Honesty: 'I Don't Support Livable Wage'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In a televised debate just two weeks ahead of the high-profile election that will fill the vacant House seat in Georgia's Sixth Congressional District, Republican Karen Handel delivered her opponent what one commentator called a "gift-wrapped present" Tuesday night by declaring her opposition to a livable wage.

"I do not support a livable wage," she said, adding that this is "an example of the fundamental difference between a liberal and a conservative."


As Thomas Jefferson wrote in 1814 “merchants have no country”.

Jefferson was responding to US merchant ship owners who feared losing business if they did not serve the British miltary during the War of 1812.

GOP are GUARDIANS OF PLUTOCRACY, protecting the ability of merchants to operate unregulated irrespective of the consequences for any individual or any nation.


It’s only a “potentially fatal mistake” if the voters are too naïve to recognize that the Republican party, as a whole, hates poor people.


“Rare honesty” it is.
Add this “revelation” to their willingness to throw 23+ million people off of their health insurance, and their concomitant belief that health care for all is a privilege, not a right.
Just what is it that the American people have done to earn this kind of enmity?


Actually addressing climate change literally requires significant reductions in travel and transport, cars, trucks and airplanes and less trans-oceanic shipping. Globalization and “luxury” air travel, business/vacationing at distant but more swanky hotels and resorts.
The Merchant Class also employs arms manufacturers.


All individuals who are against the minimal living wage deserve their circumstances to change so that they must survive on a 40-hour (at least) sweat filled work week of non-living wage themselves. Their tune would change immediately. These arrogant, ignorant and misguided people are under the misconception that most poor people are poor by choice. Everyone needs to read books like “Nickel and Dimed” by Barbara Ehrenreich and discover America.


Seems that the last line leaves out the other half of the plutocratic, oligarchic, Duopoly Party of Business.


John Ossoff does not support a livable wage either. The national Democratic Party (and nearly all other minimum wage increase proposals - even those nominally calling for $15/hr) are slow phase-ins that don’t reach full value until 2020 and beyond. By that time they will have already lost 10-25% of real value due to inflation of living basics (not the false CPI and “chained” CPI).

While these increases are improvements over what we have, they are not “livable” wage that allow individuals and families to at least break even by the end of a year. So the debt spiral will continue and debt-holders will continue to channel capital and wealth upward while the vast majority of us live in low-wage/high-debt slavery.


Unfortunately, most of us now live the book.


Perhaps one fine reason Democracy was created was to prevent war. Conservative authoritarianism, has several bad reasons to forbid and prevent their leaders this time from going to war all across the world. So, you just think about that, Tom, before you publish the same duopoly rant, facts and figures, perhaps a little too authoritarian yourself with your assuredly unquestionable viewpoint. The duopoly argument is a rightwing tactic to divide, Thomasino. It worked. They took control. They’re raiding the treasury. They’re arming for war. Detention centers near borders & urban centers. Please give your duopoly, ‘equal blame’ rant a rest, and thank me for pointing out a problem you have relating to others (meaning no pissed off answers).


Handel’s ‘gaffe’ will endear her to her base.

Ossoff is playing centrist and inviting the liberal half of his base to stay home, which is precisely the strategy that Chuck Schumer assured everyone about:

“For every blue-collar Democrat we lose in western Pennsylvania, we will pick up two moderate Republicans in the suburbs in Philadelphia, and you can repeat that in Ohio and Illinois and Wisconsin.”

Add the suburbs of Atlanta to that list.


“Acknowledging this groundswell of support, top congressional Democrats last month joined Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) in announcing their support for the Raise the Wage Act (pdf), legislation that, if enacted, would ‘raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour by 2024 and would be indexed to the median wage growth thereafter.’”

Quite right, TomJohnson1. Read the PDF. $15 is needed today, now!


Excuse me, but any time our leaders of both parties speak of spreading “Democracy” throughout the world, it means “regime change” and taking their resources. It means more war and you know it!


TomJohnson1 and his ilk seem to forget the blind support of corporate-friendly:

Free trade agreements
Welfare reform
Endless war
filling prisons to capacity
Militarizing police forces
Prosecuting whistleblowers
Arms deals for dictatorships
Additional offshore drilling

Wait, did I say forget? I meant we can’t help but remember how bi-partisan all of the above are.

Hence our ability to imagine something beyond a red-blue set of options.


Did you mean “Wellan?”


Being sarcastic with a little poke at Wellan. Probably failed to pull it off?


I’m trying to make important distinctions!
Your line of argument feeds the fire.
You’re saying democracy is the same as tyranny.
That argument inflames authoritarian conservatives
and loses votes. So yeah. Where we’re now at is ‘your’ fault
for spreading rightwing propaganda for dummies.
Try to make the distinctions that wouldn’t produce war.


Okay, that was informative. But the rant ended the same, duopoly, and my complaint about where you’re coming from… What was the death toll on Bill Clinton’s warfare in former Yugoslavia? A handful of soldiers died. War over. How do account for that distinction, Clinton hater? Clinton’s no Chavez, but Clinton’s weren’t the worst years.


This sounds totally counter-intuitive, but if you are truly a lefty/progressive you wouldn’t be rooting for Ossoff to win. Ossoff is part of the Clinton/DLC establishment that does not give a damn about the rest of us. If he can’t beat Handel, it tends to confirm the narrative that the current party leadership is hated, and it’s not just about Hillary, but because the base is far, far more progressive than the party thinks it is. I’ve cast my lot with the Green Party because I’ve finally seen the whole truth, that things will never change for the better under the current two-party duopoly, that those in control of the party will never allow real reform, and that the Democrats are going to have to die and be replaced by a true people’s party - hopefully the Greens. Our system only allows for two parties to have a chance to win, so we must end the Democrats in order for a party that represents us to rise. So, Ossoff has to lose to confirm the idea that even a badly damaged Republican Party can’t be defeated by the sleazy, corporately-owned Democrats.


Outstanding, Wellan! Thank you.