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Republican Praise-Fest for Trump After Tax Vote Spurs Nationwide Nausea


Republican Praise-Fest for Trump After Tax Vote Spurs Nationwide Nausea

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"It was sickening."


I’ve got some words for these aging, self-important, self-serving, undemocratic, greedy warmongering oligarchs, but I’m too polite to utter them here.



Let your Freak Flag fly while you can Socratizer.

Say it…say it out loud for all to hear.


So assuming Mueller does, in fact, find a bunch of impeachable offenses have occurred by Trump, does anyone really believe this obsequious, sycophantic lot of ass-kissing Trump-worshippers in Congress will actually impeach?? Or even if impeachment got underway, that a majority of them would side against the guy they just spent an entire day giving adoring felatio to?? Fast-forward a year, after the Dems regain control of Congress - still not happening, as Pelosi has yet again trumpeted her “impeachment is off the table” line, and the other establishment Dumbs follow suit.

This country is already a dictatorship. Just going to take awhile for people to finally see that.


It doesn’t matter. That lot is immune to words from anyone other than one of their own, and that includes the president. Dishonest Don gets mad if the words don’t praise him, but — and this is true for all of them — the answers often make no sense and show lack of comprehension of the points the critic is making.

Team loyalty is all that matters to them. So long as the president or someone in his retinue answers back with something that sounds vaguely rebuttalish, they believe they have “won” the back-and-forth exchange.

That’s the bad news. None of the facts cited or issues raised do anything to sew doubt into the minds of The Base.

If We The The People are going to have to find better ways of responding to then that is being done now.


Keep the videos around for political ammunition.


Spare me the “nationwide nausea” headline. You know what is really nauseous in the USA? It is the fact that the citizens keep on voting for both the Democrat/Republican duopoly party year after year after year. Simple common sense tells you that both parties have been working on behalf of their corporate oligarch owners for decades now. So much for common sense among the citizens of the USA. But still the idiots keep on voting for these monsters and then wonder why they are still getting screwed. Of course there is a praise fest among the criminal congress as they will be amply rewarded for betraying the citizens on behalf of the oligarchs. And the Democrats are just as happy as they get to play the “good cop” this go around in the ongoing kabuki theater $hit $how that passes for government in the USA.


My advice to anyone that will listen is Leave. Get out while you still can. If you have the funds, Move. We are going to see the politicians go home for the holidays and there will be a government shut down at the same time. The power grab will be intense. If there isn’t a complete coup I’ll be amazed. If nothing happens now in January when they come back to gut the safety net it will get very ugly. Leave while you have the chance.


If you agree with the headline I would think you’d be delighted by the situation.
True nationwide nausea would be great because it’d mean change in the next election.

Or perhaps the nausea is somewhat less than nationwide. In which case the headline is inaccurate.


Where would you recommend going?
I assume you mean someplace where where those funds will stretch farther than in America?

Retirement savings can go farther in some countries but if you have a job in another country, you’ll still be taxed by the IRS at the American tax rates.


FOR SALE: Trickle Down Tax Cut Umbrellas. Guaranteed Urine Resistant. Will make great Christmas gifts for all the peons you know. Only $19.95 + S&H.


You mean like phuq these worthless elected whores? :rofl:


And if you pay an extra shipping and handling fee of just $30 we’ll send you a second umbrella for free!


They appear to have destroyed constitutional government and the separation of powers. Very troubling.


Trump is an evil wizard. He hypnotized all these grown man, and now they all adulate him. It is like they are under a spell. We as Americans must find a way to brake the spell before is too late and he gets more people to drink the cool aid. The country is arriving at a place where checks and balances are not working…if it continues this way could there be violent confrontations in the future? I guess we’ll see what we’ll see. This is truly a test for the so called American democratic principals…I hope we pass the test, however I see some worrisome signs. One of them being that Trump was elected in the first place.


Agree totally, except for one major point.

The Democratic/Republican Party is not a duopoly.

A monopoly with two heads is still, by definition, a monopoly.



Not exactly.

Fuck them.


Where’s the Crisco so they can grease each other up during their cluster phuque? Their whips and chains are in their hidden coves in their office desks where they are readily accessible for special events such as last nights suck fest… Sado-masochistic cruel unfeeling bastxxds.

Nausea? How about projectile vomiting followed by dry-heaving.


As long as you’ve got yours, right? Dream on.