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Republican Senators Commit Political Suicide by Holding Up Stimulus in Election Year

The rich parties should all go to hell. Where they belong.

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The fatally flawed concept of trickle-down economics has proven, time & again, to be hogwash! Yet Rethugs cling to it for dear life ~ theirs. And right there you have the basic reason why there is such “income inequality” here. The gap between workers & executives has been growing since the '80’s, when it was front page news. But it slowly became the norm & no longer newsworthy, I guess. Even now, focus is on the (inept handling of) virus as the cause of current financial calamity. It should be on the root cause that makes our entire economy so UNSTABLE…capitalism has to get more fair & less greedy if they want it to survive at all! Otherwise, we the people will have no choice but to revolt! The spoiled super-rich & their Rethugs want us all to roll over & become the new slave labor. With wages as low as they have been artificially kept for so long, one could argue that we already are. Look at the huge gains richest few have made while rest of economy collapsing. Does that even make sense to you? (Does only to them.) How is our gov’t reacting right now?
Rethugs, having ignored current stimulus bill since passed by House in May, are busy taking their scheduled vacays & trying to force their will upon all of us. The more desperate our situation gets financially, the more likely that Dems will throw in the towel & agree to whatever McConnell & his Party of scum want/don’t want. It always works. We’re just pawns in their game. Well, I say, “fukkit!” They’re taking big risk playing games now, with election coming up soon.
Rethugs think their time off matters MUCH MORE than we do ~ Hungry? Homeless? Too bad for you. THAT is the R’s attitude!
They DO deserve some time-off…a whole lot of it! Send those bastards home - for good! I don’t care if you like Dems or not; for now, they’re the only other choice. We’ll take care of the rotten Dems later.
Right now, vote for me & vote for YOU! Get their damn attention!
VOTE BLUE NO MATTER WHO on Nov. 3rd…or we are all doomed!


P.S. ~ The economy trickles UP, not down!


They are just playing good cop bad cop, Neither party gives a fuck, its all a big act and they are actors.

Show me one shred of proof that thats not true and I’ll show you ten times more of worse proof that it is, we’re in a very sorry pathetic situation, you’re just in denial… You said it yourself, the economy, and our blood, sweat and tears, trickles up not down. Why do you think thats the case. Its rigged and its rigged so badly that even the good politicisnas are turned into liars by it. the system is fake and our country is being stolen by the worlds most sleazy and disgusting crooks.

Why are we the last to know, everybody else in the world is in on this murder. Like the Murder on the Orient Express they all are taking turns stabbing us so they will all be guilty and complicit.


Cannot dhow you that proof cuz’ you are so right about that!

Let’s hope so, but with Biden…?
Sure hope he chooses bold & brave people to put in charge of things, head depts., etc!


Here is the problem, in order to give corporations (Biden is from Delaware, remember?) certainty, they have been given the rights that have been taken from voters, and its permanent. So nothing a President or Congress do matters much any more unless its political. they cant change economic things, they have become corporate rights. So, just make sure that nothing you want from Biden involves regulating corporate behavior , or jobs or policy or regulation of business, and you’ll be fine. gay marriage? No problem Abortions? Sure, unless businesses are involved. Just dont try to do anything like raising wages or regulating multinational corporations, or financial services, especially not that. You cant touch that. Just keep on consuming and you’ll be fine.

Thanks. It was a bit confusing. Probably should have a different format for such.

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