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Republican Senators Must Fulfill Their Constitutional Duty


Republican Senators Must Fulfill Their Constitutional Duty

Olivia Alperstein

We are on the brink of an unprecedented Constitutional crisis – one brought on by Republican leaders in the Senate. Never in our country’s history have Senators so blatantly and explicitly refused to do their job.

It is simply a lie that there have never been any election-year appointments to the Supreme Court. In the past, six Supreme Court Justices have filled a vacancy during election years, including currently presiding Justice Anthony Kennedy, who was nominated by Reagan and confirmed by a Democratic-led Senate.


The Republicans are using a special GOP Constitution which goes as follows, "The president shall nominate, with the advice and consent of the Senate, and appoint Judges of the Supreme Court. However if the president is not liked by the GOP, they have the option to suspend any selection process until the people elect a president that meets GOP approval." Separation of powers is not found in the GOP Constitution.


You are correct. However, you left out the part where, when the Republican senators don't get their way, they grab their ball and run home crying to mommy and daddy Koch, who comfort them and give them more money.


No Supreme Court nominee works out well for both Republicans and Democrats. Hillary will use it as one of the main planks of her lesser-evilism campaign and fear-mongering about her Republican opponent.

Remember, all of this stuff is about scaring the sheep back into line that have wandered away from the loathsome corporate Democrats over the last 8 years.


What depresses me is that we can't really say what is true - that the Republicans by and large are scum. Assailing people who are completely wrong with truthful language sadly has the illogical effect of making the accuser suspect. Very sad.


congress has been failing to do their jobs for decades now, how is this crisis any different that all the past ones congress has failed to act? for them this is just business as usual