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Republican Tax Cuts Could Be Paved with Fossil Fuel Giveaways


Republican Tax Cuts Could Be Paved with Fossil Fuel Giveaways

they’ve chosen this moment to push an outmoded, climate threatening energy policy that will enrich their friends and benefactors and impoverish the world we all live in.
Mitch Jones

In the wake of climate chaos, the Trump Administration and Senate Republicans are giving new handouts to billionaires and the fossil fuel industry.


“Analysts are calling this the biggest change to electricity markets in over 20 years and it’s all being done to prop up failing dirty energy sources.” This is quite an interesting comment by Food and Water Watch, as the source they gave actually said this about the change:

“Under the NOPR, generating units in wholesale power markets that have a 90-day fuel supply onsite would be eligible for ‘full recovery of costs.’ The plants must be able to provide ancillary and reliability services, be compliant with environmental regulations, and not be subject to cost-of-service recovery by a state.”

Also I find it highly biased that Food and Water Watch explicitly mention nuclear and coal, when this rule also applies to hydroelectric power. But of course that doesn’t fit your narrative against “dirty fuels”. Nuclear btw is not a fuel its a process. In fact there is a wide variety of fuels and concentrations of fuels used by nuclear reactors. Its been 60 years, please will at least one person at your organization understand what nuclear actually is.

Ill leave with a question, what is purpose of 90 day fuel supply? Largely to keep production consistent and in the case of emergencies. What does that sound like it prevents? Intermittency maybe. If youre so against this rule, perhaps we should also add the current costs for storage to wind and solar utility costs. After all we are just leveling the field right. Wouldn’t want to make any on energy source remove costs that it actually should be paying for.