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Republican Tax Plan Goes for Temporary Cuts and Permanent Lies


Republican Tax Plan Goes for Temporary Cuts and Permanent Lies

Dean Baker

The claim of a $1.5 trillion growth dividend can be seen for what it is: a number snatched out of the air to claim the tax cut won't increase the deficit.

As I pointed out yesterday, the projection of an investment boom was never very plausible in any case, but for it to make any sense at all, the tax cuts have to be permanent.


Keep telling it like it is, Dean!


Smoke and mirrors from the Republicans, and fantasy, and lies; whatever it takes, they are bound and determined to give big tax breaks to the very people who need it the least!

I don’t know what the MSM is saying about this, as I don’t watch it. I keep hearing it described as “Tax Reform” on NPR. I guess that is intentional framing to give the general public the idea that they will benefit somehow. That will happen, maybe, to those in the top 10%, but primarily to the top 1%.


Sen Wyden (D.Or) called the 9-page Republican tax bill a “right-wing fantasy document that paves the way for trillions in handouts to corporations and the very wealthy,” a con-job. Sen Gillibrand (D.Ny) called it a scam. This tax bill is sadism, greed, and chaos. Chaos is what happens when universities don’t know what researchers they can finance thanks to demonization of regulation. Sadism happens when trillions may be cut from Medicaid, Medicare, food stamps, WIC food assistance, SNAP, Head Start, Meals on Wheels, Legal Services Corporation, Amtrak, National Institute for Health, Pell grants, HUD, and the Departments of Education and the EPA.