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Republican Tax Plan Opens Backdoor To Federally-Supported School Vouchers


Republican Tax Plan Opens Backdoor To Federally-Supported School Vouchers

Jeff Bryant

So while wealthy parents get a double dipping effect on their tax savings from this 529 extension, the rest of us bear the full tax burden of funding public schools for the vast majority of children.

It bears mentioning that these backdoor methods for funding school vouchers through the federal tax code not only rob public education of much needed funds; they also lead to generally bad education results. (Photo: Alex Milan Tracy/AP)


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The real cause of school privatization is the biggest threat to the entire progressive agenda, the WTO General Agreement on Trade in Services, or GATS. I implore you to bring this fact up and make it clear that trade agreements are the #1 enemy of our planets future as it targets all services for irreversible one way privatization unless “supplied neither on a commercial basis, nor in competition with one or more service suppliers.” in an entire country. Wake up people.

Here is proof: