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Republican Trainwreck: Millions at Risk as Trump Demands Healthcare Vote


Republican Trainwreck: Millions at Risk as Trump Demands Healthcare Vote

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

In their frenzied effort to strong-arm support for the flailing American Health Care Act (AHCA) before a vote on Friday, President Donald Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan have officially made the Republican plan even worse.


If they take amendments as part of the debate on this, it would be neat if one of the Democrats put in the single payer bill as an amendment - so they can get a vote on that.


Here's my comment on the massive hypocrisy on display:

They don't want to do amendments. The standard rules have already been tossed. It's the bill as written and a managers amendment, which is basically a bunch of amendments crammed into one.

Remember when Republicans screamed the ACA was foisted on us in the dead of night? Yeah.


I realize that - and was just being a little whimsical with my post. The hypocrisy regarding process - crying foul when you are in the minority and upping the ante when you are the majority is always quite blatant.


Millions must demand an Impeachment Vote!

This Sadistic Slimeball, is attacking our most precious element of life, our Health.


Keep in mind that the President says he is only repeating what he reads. For example, he said he read that Obama was wiretapping him in the National Enquirer. As another example, he got his economic philosophy by reading the side of a tube of toothpaste – the part that says “Squeeze the bottom and flatten it as you go up.”


Oh, I liked your post. The hypocrisy on this one though . . . well I'm not sure the word "hypocrisy" even captures what they're doing. This is the craziest, most uninformed, obviously loaded process I've witnessed. They literally are crafting a bill in the dead of night and pushing it forward without amendments and any formal committee hearings. The ACA had 79 hearings in the House alone!

Anyway, if you live in a Republican district, I urge you to call your legislator.


Comment deleted due to incorrect information - for now.


I was watching "Redacted Tonight" with Lee Camp and he was listing all of the countries that offer some kind of national healthcare. As he said name after name, even small countries, I felt increasingly ashamed of this country and the scumbags who are pushing this piece of shit, the "American Health Care Act" on us. The heartlessness of garbage like Trump and Ryan is just appalling. They know perfectly well that 10s of millions of Americans will lose their coverage and they DO NOT CARE. Screw everyone who gets in the way of extremist Rethug dogma. Plus, these assholes and their fellow shitheads in Congress will keep pushing for this despite the analysis of the CBO and others. Trump makes up his infantile mind on something and, even when he is deeply wrong, he just doubles down on it. In his pathetic narcissism he is never wrong, facts be damned. He is The Donald and as he said "I'm the President and you're not!"
If this POS is passed and if the loathsome Gorsuch becomes the next Supreme Court justice it will further signal this country's deep and tragic decline. I will repeat - the so-called Republican Party ( "We're the party of Lincoln!") is the greatest threat to what is left of this country that I know of.



How in the hell is it the left’s fault that the Democrats chose a horrific candidate that ran a horrible campaign, was historically unpopular and lost despite outspending him two to one? We tried to warn you. In no way can you blame this on the damn left. Blame it on your horrific candidate, the DNC for supporting that horrible candidate and the voters in the primaries and the Superdelegates for buying into their propaganda. What a pathetic thing to say.


Do you know what planning and strategy is? If you are in DC and want to go to Maine do you go north on I-95 or south on I-95. When you start seeing palmetto trees, do you think that Portland is just ahead? All progress - including Single Payer, depends on working from an existing status quo. That depended on a president who would continue to veto anything the lunatic Republicans put out - while also maintaining strong regulatory agencies. the left's well-founded dislike of Hillary Clinton did not change the need to vote to produce this result in the least.

All fights for the next couple decades (when I'm long dead) from her forward will be merely to get back to the unsatisfactory status quo of 2016.


Your answer to her is not convincing at all and the truth is that there were many factors that resulted in this pile of shit, Trump, being handed the presidency. Don't dump this catastrophe on "the Left".


To sort of add to your point, I think some progressives are completely overlooking why Mitchell McConnell gambled on not giving Garland a hearing--he knows the Court will cap anything a future Congress and President will do. What appears constitutional to us may not be to an activist right wing court. Multiple states passed minimum wage laws in the progressive era, but the conservative Taft Court ruled these laws violated the so-called freedom to contract. Any progressive who thinks this wouldn't repeat itself has an awakening coming.

I voted for HRC for the above reason. I will say I think some progressives should have followed Bernie's lead, but there were other reasons she lost too.


A whole bunch of nothing. Once again, how in the hell is this the left’s fault? How many people here support single payer but none the less oppose the right wing dismantling the ACA? So, who the hell are you lecturing? The 10% of the left that you claim is “the left”? Besides, pardon me if I won’t bother listening to the non-leftists while they lecture me about how to achieve progress. The economy has been getting progressively worse for working people and the poor for decades now. Inequality and private debt has exploded in recent decades, real wages for the bottom 50% of the income distribution haven’t grown since about 1980, the environment is in a state of collapse, our infrastructure is crumbling, our schools are being dismantled and it is you non-leftists that have been in charge. We on the left have been right about a hell of a lot, and you all have destroyed the damn country. The left was right about global warming, austerity, the Iraq War, NAFTA and financial deregulation (thank you Bill Clinton), mass privatizations, many of the negative aspects of globalization, and of course Hillary freaking Clinton.

Besides, flesh out your argument as to why this is the left's fault and use data. This last election was the left’s fault because…You can’t, admit it.


I don't believe the Left can be blamed for Clinton's loss. She was not the cartoonish monster portrayed by both the Left and the Right, but she ran a bad campaign. There were issues given to her on a silver platter, conditions begging for passionate commitment not plodding caution. The world had moved beyond her husbands policies and certainly many of her own. No the Left didn't cost her the election, nor did Comey, or putin, or Assange. She lost it. If the Left may be said to include Sanders and Ellison then a real effort to rescue that campaign was made.


Good points JoanRobinson.

It's getting tiring, on this "Progressive" site, to have threads consistently infected with Windy DNC Trolls.


We are and have been continually moving to the right, either slower or faster. Working from the "existing status quo" was only helping the neoliberals, as well as those farther to the right, cause the country to creep farther to the right, benefiting corporate causes. Maybe a jolt by the crazy far right will wake up enough people, finally.

Do you honestly feel like we have maintained "strong regulatory agencies"?? I see constant compromise that benefits industry of all types and drags out "protection" for decades with countless exemptions and exclusions.


You sir, in the Oval Office, The United States of America will not, and never will, be your private business. Signed, Bob Zavoda
p.s. Nor anyone's business,period. We are Family. Not your peons or employees, to rule over.


Um, I don't know if you noticed, but a whole bunch of healthcare provisions are under the knife at present that represent a significant shift to the left. For example, the ACA actually requires insurance companies to cover the policies they advertise and limits what they can charge you for them (age ratio bands). Taxes have gone up on the wealthy, we've increased CAFE standards, implemented renewable energy tax credits, expanded Medicaid, expanded SCHIP, issued fiduciary regulations, regulated and enforced disclosure requirements on credit card companies, just to name a few other things. On the environmental side, where I work, there's been a host of smaller initiatives, like expanding the energy star program at the EPA, that aren't big and sexy but important nonetheless. Obama wasn't perfect, but on many measures, he moved the ball in the right direction.

Sometimes I think progressives get lost in the big sexy stuff too much.


Pence and Ryan are next in line? The country picked Trump over Clinton2. To get Pence? Maybe, the oligarchs may have planned for this. Both are at least as dangerous to Planet, People and Peace, as anyone could imagine - my sense.