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Republicans After Briefing With CIA Chief: Yeah, Saudi Crown Prince Definitely Had Jamal Khashoggi Killed

Republicans After Briefing With CIA Chief: Yeah, Saudi Crown Prince Definitely Had Jamal Khashoggi Killed

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Reasonable observers and analysts concluded weeks ago that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman ordered the gruesome killing of Washington Post journalist and U.S. resident Jamal Khashoggi.

So the life of this “journalist” matters? I can’t keep up with the machinations.


Saint Bush helped to set the stage.


Graham went on to say he will not support U.S. arms sales to Saudi Arabia until all who are responsible for Khashoggi’s murder are “brought to justice.” So, you are ok with this warmongering and slaughter of Yemenis after the perpetrators are caught? What bull shit. You are a disingenuous creep along with every warmonger in Congress. I hope the French uprising catches on here tout suite!


All that has been accomplished here is making Trump look more ignorant than usual as he insists that all is ok in the house of Saud. And so with the house of Putin. I think that’s why brother MB and brother Putin were all giggles and high fives. They made Trump a global chump and on global Television via satellite around the world.

This is a classic Casablanca moment, with Lindsey in the role of the inspector
“Murder going on here in the house of Saud? I’m shocked I tell you, shocked!”


Unimpeded arms sale profits.

“There’s a smoking saw.”

That’s pretty funny Lindsey, that it took you nearly a month to see what we all saw a month ago.


Another cool video, don’t know how you keep finding them, keep up the good work…

Don must be in the studio 23/7. He could give Dylan a run for his money putting lyrics together.

He could indeed, and you can understand every word.

Always fun watching Graham try to stay on the “good” side of djt and worry about his soul at the same time.

OK. Saudis were involved. After all, he was a Saudi talking dirt on Saudi leaders. Next question–was the US involved?

Wait, that doesn’t count.

Moi aussi!

This looks like just another example of limited hangout.
Having the whole thing exposed on tape leaves them few other options but to out the Saudi, who incidentally would never do something like that without Washington’s express permission (or orders).
In order to distract from the ongoing US backed atrocities, and risk a loss of arms sales, they will simply keep harping on about that one dead cia asset to the exclusion of all else until they are certain the public are sick of hearing about it, and of course make certain all the blame lands on Trump, and only Trump.

We can never charge a president with war crimes, murder, torture or anything else down the road, so get Trump while the trail is still hot. It’ almost too late already. Add another butcher president to our list.

The Bushes might as well have been part of the Saudi family. Will we ever get the true story of what went on between them? There is a lot of smoke.

Would the Saudis really do anything like that if they didn’t feel the U.S. would consent in some way? I would hope that is not true but knowing the way the world works - it is very, very ugly.

They will probably do nothing significant but the look good now. Obviously the US can stop selling arms to Saudi Arabia in a transparent market while continuing in a so-called “black” market.

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