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Republicans and Corporate Interests Exploit Coronavirus Crisis to Erase Companies' Liability

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/05/27/republicans-and-corporate-interests-exploit-coronavirus-crisis-erase-companies

In 1914 the USA had a population of 100 million.

Approximately 20 percent were too old or too young to be in the workforce. The participation of Women in the Workforce was very low as that number did not start growing until the 1930s and 1940’s. (Just as example labor force participation rate in 1954 was at 50 percent total)

What this means is the number of people working of that 100 million population total was around 40 millions.

As per “The Peoples History of the United States” 36000 workers died on the job in 1914. Added to that 700000 were injured on the job. This was all before a number of regulations were passed to protect the workforce, regulations which the Republicans in the USA want to get rid off as they cut into profits.

Do the math. The number of people in the workforce prior to the pandemic down in the USA was around 16000000.Were the USA to go back in time and gut these regulations you are talking 144000 dead each year killed on the job and 2.8 million injuries.

Now the nature of work has changed dramatically since 1914 but even at that these regulations are saving lives and are preventing injury. With the regulations as written today there were still over 5000 US workers killed on the job last year. Trump , in his goal to “make America Great again” wants to get those numbers back to where they were in 1914.

For profits sake.

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Hi SuspiraDeprofundis:
We are moving as a world into a dystopian one. Return of the serfs? When workers are not protected , and there is no public health----we are back in time when heath care was not provided to workers, and children worked the looms in the mills.
Strangely, the powers that rule seem not to realize that to have a prosperous economy, a nation must have livable wages----and another way to have a prosperous economy into have a healthy nation.
If this sad future is our path -----then dynasties will not recover and states will fade away into their own separate universes----and the world’s next major power will own us all. I wonder why the overpaid in the government do not see this?

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