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Republicans (and Even Some Democrats) Trying to Scare You Away From Medicare for All Are Peddling Rubbish

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/11/20/republicans-and-even-some-democrats-trying-scare-you-away-medicare-all-are-peddling

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Not even Reich separates Sanders from Warren on this issue. Makes it sound like hers is just as good as Bernie’s. Pathetic…

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I am over 65 and glad to have Medicare and think everyone of every age should have the same basic medical coverage. The best argument for Medicare-for-all is simply to remind every family of how well people in that family over 65 are covered. The remaining problem is the expense of many of the non-union supplemental policies that kick in to cover the 20% of bills not paid by Medicare.

Beyond this money issue which is clear to any non-wealthy working person is the other reality - that of horrible medical treatment no matter who pays for it. Every working family has members who have been tortured and whose lives have been shortened by treatments supposedly designed to treat cancer, kidney failure, lung failure, heart problems, strokes, diabetes and so many other diseases promoted by the capitalist economy. Nobody lives forever but way way too many people spend their last years in utter misery. I’ve been closely involved for years with people I love dying of bad food, booze, cigarettes etc so I have no illusions that simply paying for the lousy treatment they got would have been enough. It’s better than having to pay for it, but until the whole medical system is socialized with a focus on public health and prevention will people have a chance at good health. Call me a fanatic but I’d like to see the makers of cigarettes, booze, dope and crap food put out of business. Hey, I’d start with the latest addictions, vaping and marijuana, and work my way down to the more classic poisons.

I can’t stand my health insurance company and my plan. Like my doctors okay but would love the narrow network I’m allowed to get my healthcare to broaden widely. I’d love to not have to pay premiums, a huge deductible, co-insurance, etc. which are far more than any payment I’d have to make to the government in the form of a fee or tax.

Would love M4All.


Funny, in an American Way; that we should worry about the
cost of Medicare for all, but not the cost (human and earthly),
of permanent wars, torture, and the loss of freedom of speech
(Julian Assange).
Laughing myself sick.


What is left out of the equation with the Biden version is that as a sop to the Health Care industry via taxpayer dollars , this acts as encouragement for that same industry to raise fees faster then the rate of inflation. If you want an example of how that works look to Military spending where the costs of an item billed to the Government is increased several times over just because the Government deemed to have bottomless pockets.

Also sick to think of Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning in prison when we have war criminals, Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld free to live the good life.
As for Medicare for All, we seriously need it and it will be far less expensive. My husband and I are both retired. Our supplemental health insurance is a very good but very expensive policy. It uses up more than $700 of my $900 someting teacher’s pension. I heard from my dentist that I need a root canal that will cost $1200 and will need a crown costing $1400. That is just one tooth out of the more than 40 teeth my husband and I possess. That $2600 is an unsustainable expense. The wealth created by working people in this country is going directly to the already wealthy. Framing the situation as taking something away from the people at the top and giving it to non-deserving workers is just a diversion tactic. Who shows up for 40 or more hours five days a week for fifty weeks a year? And then can barely, if at all afford a vacation away. Contrast that with the lives of those at the top who can come and go as they please, consult with experts to advise them on business decisions, get chauffered around town, can take as many vacation days as they feel like having and never have money worries; live in large beautiful houses, have housekeepers to cook and clean, nannies to mind their children and financial advisers to make sure that their way of life will continue to be assured. Their workers accept this because this is the way it has always been. Things ought to be fairer. They can be fairer if we use our votes sensibly instead of fearfully. I hear too many people expressing fear of new ideas or proposals by candidates who are looking to change the status quo. Too many voters are more worried about the rich being asked to pay higher taxes than themselves having to deal with price increases across the board.

The history of working people shows that we have very little to lose because the rich already have way more than their share.


The US has 18.6 million millionaires and 627 billionaires.

Reich’s figures for a ‘typical’ family sound seriously low balled.

And way too few guillotines.

My mom was on Medicare for well over 25 years before passing away. I helped her manage her money for some of that period. She has emphysema ( 50 yrs of smoking and stopped too late) and glaucoma. That’s it. Her out of pocket costs for Medicare and things Medicare and her supplement and what that didn’t cover were fecking enormous.
It’s better than nothing yes but it’s NOT a great program…
I am still cogitating on the MFA proposals but it still seems to me, from my travel and talking to others abroad that a totally government run system is better. All docs paid a salary by the government and all hospitals and other medical facilities owned by the government works better and easier. Of course in the countries that have or had that it is constantly being attacked and chipped away at to make it look like it doesn’t work well. It does it you fully and properly fund it. I know it will never happen with the idiots ensconced in power and the idiot citizenry but still- THAT should be everyone’s gold standard and we should never stop pushing for it…

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I think your reply is better written than Reich’s. I also think you should take over his job (writing articles) as he seems a little confused, especially equating Bernie and Liz.

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That is the ‘american’ way isn’t it? Money only matters when it is for the good of the people. But when it come to bombs, destruction and loss of freedom, money is no object.


Yes, blue and it’s putting us both in the dumps. Thanks
for taking the time to reply