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Republicans Are On the Wrong Side of History—and Everything Else!

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/05/11/republicans-are-wrong-side-history-and-everything-else


Not a very informed article.

The Colonists of the United States of America entered into a war against the Crown in order to PRESERVE slavery , an institution under threat because of the Somerset decision. I do not see this as being “progressive”.

They also entered into that war against the crown so as to ensure they could freely migrate to the newly acquired Ohio Territories which had long been under dispute with the French Crown. After New France fell the British were to stop migrations to these lands. The Colonists wanted a free hand so as to remove those restrictions and steal more lands off the First Nations peoples. This was not progressive.

The preservation of Slavery and the theft and genocide against the First Nations peoples was pretty well a bi-partisan affair. The reason behind those actions was not because of “Conservatism” it was because of Capitalism and Empire which the same reasons the Democrats under Obama destroyed places like Libya and supported coups in Central America.

The support for wars , fought for some 90 percent of US History , Including wars on places like Vietnam and Iraq, were also distinctly bi-partisan affairs and hardly ones initiated just by “Conservatives”


The Republicans are on the wrong side of history–true. And so is the Democratic Party, which is completely controlled by the corrupt players who rigged the 2016 nomination for Hillary, and have rigged the 2020 nomination against Bernie Sanders.


Awesome rant!


And this is some good news:

"More than 1,900 former Justice Department employees on Tuesday repeated a call for William P. Barr to step down as attorney general, asserting in an open letter he had “once again assaulted the rule of law” by moving to drop the case against President Trump’s former national security adviser Michael T. Flynn.
The letter, organized by the nonprofit Protect Democracy, was signed by Justice Department staffers serving in Republican and Democratic administrations dating back to President Eisenhower. The vast majority were former career staffers — rather than political appointees — who worked as federal prosecutors or supervisors at U.S. Attorney Offices across the country or the Justice Department in downtown D.C. "


That top photo…I’m blinded by the light! And the, er, maleness. As for the article…The alleged Progressives are also guilty of genocide, land speculation, chattel slavery that converted to slave wages, the transportation development that led to environmental degradation-from the wagon trains of the Holy Road(Oregon Trail) and various other trails to the railroads to the interstates and car cultures. We’re still eating meat that’s not inspected, regardless of the USDA(please read the article by Pete Daniel titled USDA Approved-The Mark of Discrimination in Twentieth Century Farm Policy).
Sorry, but any true Progressive movement in the US of Abuse has been sporadic and then died out to a whimper. Civil rights-DOA. Equal Rights for Women-DOA. Workers Rights and Protection-DOA. Social Security and Medicare-extremely endangered species.
And now with the President MIA from the Covid-19 mess, leaving in a huff because no attention is being paid to him anymore, we’re left with 50 states and various territories to deal with it on a state-by-state basis.
Yes, the Conservatives have always been on the wrong side of history. But so have the progressives…case in point-Bureau of Indian Affairs.


The problem with the article is that the author does not understand what a “progressive” is. He seems to think that as long as they not Conservatives they must be progressives.

He apparently has a PHD in political science and should know this.


I don’t know exactly how many guillotines we’ll need, but a half a dozen should be enough to get started.

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The headline tells me all I need to know that the author is purposely leaving out half of the equation as to who is on the wrong side of history. Not one mention of neoliberalism in the article. Only conservatism is bad. Why can’t folks who write this biased nonsense at least have a semblance of understanding just how bad the Democrats are as well. Both parties are now wholly owned by their corporate masters. There are no political parties in the USA other than the Greens who are progressive and we all know just how much support they have. I just shake my head when authors like this talk about how progressives are going be the savior of our future when there is no real party in power that has any intention of going that direction. I am so sick and tired of reading articles that imply that somehow the Democrats are going to be the party that is going to magically save us. Both parties have agendas which will end up in burning the world to the ground as they continue to eviscerate the poor and middle class on behalf of their corporate masters. Articles like this only enable the ongoing destruction of the average citizen by encouraging us to choose one of the two criminal parties over the other one. The USA needs at least a third party to confront the other two. Short of that, nothing is going to change politically in the USA.


So, you’re trying to say the sole reason the colonists had their revolution was only to preserve slavery?
Normally, I have high regard for your comments but not this time.

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In stark contrast, conservatives supported British colonialism in opposition to American independence;

Look, I’m not the only one who understands this fact of history. Its too bad so few progressives really understand who the conservatives were when the colonists had their revolution. Its a fact of history that progressives should constantly remind conservatives of today. In fact, beat them over the head with it!


I did not say they were the ONLY reasons but the fact remains the preservation of slavery and the ability to move into the Ohio territories were two of the major reasons.

Please detail the others?.

It most certainly was not taxation as they ended up paying higher taxes after the war then they did while under the British Crown. In fact the Loyalists that ended up moving to Canada did not join the American invaders in 1812 for that very reason. Taxes were lower.

It was not “freedom and liberty” as neither of those were granted to the poor, to women or to the slaves nor was it granted to the First Nations peoples. The underground railroad was formed to get slaves out of the USA and up to Canada. Tecumseh joined his forces to the British Crown in the war of 1812 because as bad as the British had been when they were running the Colonies he deemed those that took over after 1776 as far worse.

It was not for the sake of “Democracy” as the framers of the Constitution wanted a Republic and not a democracy .

True progressives in the USA are separate from “Republicans and Democrats” just as they are from “Liberals and Conservatives”. Abraham Lincoln was a Republican and Woodrow Wilsons joining in on WW2 was with a Government deemed “liberal” running things. Eugene Debs was opposed to that war and was neither Democrat or Republican.

The only person of the revolutionary period I deem as progressive was Thomas Paine but those that took over after the revolution marginalized the man which is why he ended up living in exile.


You entitled to whatever opinion you want. but its just an opinion. Not a fact.
I get disgusted with the political trivia so many of y’all play here on CD.
Y’all can’t approve of anything anyone does unless its absolutely perfect in every way.
Very tiresome. If you don’t want to use the ammo available to fire back at the powers that be, then by all means remain on the losing side of history. Who cares if you are on the right side of history? But then who’s saying progressives are right?

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You keep your facts I will rely on mine.

I have much more evidence backing my “opinions” then you have yours and have presented that evidence many times over.

Allowing slavery to exist after independence for nearly a century is hardly “political trivia” just as it not “political trivia” to point out only white men with property could vote.


Calling the GOP and its operatives “conservatives” became a bald face lie when Ronny Raygun ran up more debt and deficit in his 8 year regime than his 39 predecessors COMBINED during the previous two centuries. Most of that spending was for corporate welfare with the military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC) then as now receiving the most welfare.

Despite Ronny’s dismal record the GOP and some Dimcritters continue to brand him as the father of “small government”. Obama and Clinton compared themselves to and praised Ronny more than they did any other POTUS during their campaigns, while pretending that the mid-century Democrats in the White House from FDR to Carter never existed.


The terminology used to describe “Conservative” , “Liberal” and “Progressive” is all over the place in articles such as this. A better way to look at these groups is do their policies promote the interests of the 1 percent or do they promote the interests of the working class. The Democrats are deemed “leftist” and “liberals” yet just like the Republicans (deemed conservative) , work in the interests of the 1 percent.

When it comes to woman’s suffrage just as example the Susan B Anthony Anthony amendment was introduced by a REPUBLICAN. It was a Democratic administration that had a number of women arrested at the White House when they were demanding the right to vote in 1917. The progressives were not necessarily tied to either the Democrats or the Republicans.

In the USA the administration of Theodore Roosevelt was often seen as “Progressive Conservative” just as that of Benjamin Disraeli in the UK. Canada itself had a “Progressive Conservative” party for much of its History before it lost its progressives when it joined with the Reform party.

At the end of the day in order to deem whether a group Progressive or not , be they Conservative or Liberal, Democrat or Republican , the only real measure is the Policies they pass and promote. Neither the Republicans or the Democrats in the USA can be deemed “progressive” in their current state.


Short of ranked choice voting, that will never happen.

Perhaps. But I care a lot more about what the future may look like. And I don’t believe in predestination.

You can not have a future unless you understand the past. One i8s always predicated on the other.

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In the article the author provides a list of progressive issues. Almost everything in the list is opposed by the majority of house and senate democrats yet the author continues throughout the article to site the republicans as the sole problem. And, he supposedly teaches political science?