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Republicans Are On the Wrong Side of History—and Everything Else!

having done the same coursework, you’d be amazed at how many PhDs don’t get beyond Democrats good, Republicans bad.


The author says,

It’s not that Democrats are always good

Gee, i hope that concession didn’t hurt him too much! Really, given the readership of CD, most of whom seem much better informed and perceptive about American politics, this article is pretty weak fare.

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This is a great article to keep handy when arguing against conservatives.

This article isn’t differentiating based on party but by ideology between conservatives and progressives. The neoliberals don’t really figure into this conversation, but if you wanted to include them, they’d probably be lumped with the conservatives most of the time, since they’ve tended to be obstacles to progress more than they’ve been facilitators.

Sorry, I misspoke. My comment was based solely on memory, and what I took from the article was a progressive vs. conservative comparison, but upon reviewing the article, I see that it does distinguish by party in many cases.

Republicans are corporate wolves in wolves’ clothing. Democrats are corporate wolves in sheep’s clothing. Both parties are corrupt beyond repair. Watching the partisan “fight” is like watching two people argue like hell in a car before it drives off a giant cliff.

Liberals are usually defeated by conservatives (or the Tea party) because they never come together to push a comprehensive progressive agenda…which requires global as well as national priorities. They/we failed at achieving the 'measurable, affordable, and achievable" 1990 World Summit for Children Goals for the year 2000, the Millennium Development goals for 2015, and are now off track for achieving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals by 2030…because they can’t see that it in their collective interests to collectively come together to create the political will to tap the $32 trillion in offshore accounts…for both domestics and global human rights protections. We will never get them enforced. But we can fund them. But that would require a movement of movements…they have all resisted since Naomi Klein called for one at the 2014 Climate March in NYC. If Covid19 doesn’t bring them together for this fundamental transformation of national and global policies… liberal policy makers will never come together and life as we know it will cease. And we won’t be able to blame conservatives. At least they know how to work together.

You’re just so know it all aren’t you?
This is why I hate hanging out with progressives.
You’re more than happy to argue with anyone.
Rebublicans don’t argue with each other.
They stand behind each other. That’s why they keep winning.
So, by all means, why don’t you keep losing by pissing off other progressives by telling them how wrong they are about everything? I bet you can’t apologize for being an insufferable ass any more than a conservative can.
Personally, I think you entirely failed to understand the point this author was making. Perhaps you should step down off your horse. Or write some articles of your own and “tell us what we really should know” since everyone is wrong in your view. I agree with the author- conservatives are historically on the wrong side of history. Conservatives weren’t on the side of the Continental Army.

I’m pretty sure my ancestor did not fight in the Continental Army for that reason. But since you’re always right. Please tell me why my ancestor fought in the Continental Army since you believe I don’t know my own family. I really would have preferred to have gotten along with you but I don’t see you trying to get along with anyone.