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Republicans Are Trying To Buy Off Americans For Peanuts

Republicans Are Trying To Buy Off Americans For Peanuts

John Atcheson

Unless Democrats champion a progressive agenda, they wont succeed.

"The polls overwhelmingly show that people strongly favor progressive policies designed to rein in Wall Street and big banks; reduce or eliminate the influence of money in politics; end subsidies to oil and gas companies; support single payer health care;… this list could go on and on." (Photo: National Nurses United/flickr/cc)
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I don’t see how the Democrats could have done any more to stop this bill from passing. All the polls showed it was unpopular with Americans. The Republicans were determined to pass it no matter what the public thought. Probably because their donor support was drying up and they had to give them something. One thing going for the Republicans is their base has shifted so far to the right that economic issues have become secondary to their voters. The center of their based seems to revolve around hate groups. But they also have groups like the constitutionalists such as the Bundy’s who don’t believe the federal government has any authority to own land and that the highest level of law enforcement in the US is the county sheriff. And many people will keep voting for Republicans because most favor pro-life on the abortion issue and then there are the people who are convinced the Democrats want to take away their guns. Most of the people who vote Republican are looking for a strong authoritarian leader and for that reason will not vote for a Democrat because they support continuing democracy. The one thing in the Democrats favor is many people who don’t vote because they think voting doesn’t matter now realize that who is elected does matter. This could result in much greater turnouts, particularly in minority communities. What just happened in Alabama may be an example. The Democrats don’t particularly need a more progressive agenda than they already have but they need to get a better turnout in the cities in surrounding suburbs where most of their voters live. I think by now it should be pretty obvious that rural areas are filled with a lot of “crazies” that support almost any extremist right wing agenda so it is imperative to out vote them.

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Excellent article.

It is the same play book that GW Bush used. He started by giving everyone a check and told them all to go buy homes. It wasn’t until later that millions lost those homes and still remain in longterm debt. Perpetual war without a tax increase so the entire country is debt poor, well except for the people making money from these wars.(which is not you) Cuts to Social Security and a few other things. But people remember the $300 = $600 they received.

Note Medicare for all is potentially another, look at everything you get not everything you lose.

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Democrats have been worthless for a long time, there is plenty they could do if they only had a spine.

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OMG…!..rurals areas. …are NOT …full of crazies. Okay …we have our share… Bit PLEASE …do not stereotypes us all in the frame work …I am so far left …most of the people round me …find it difficult to talk with me.

Then there are those who cannot be bought off - not for peanuts - not for millions.

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I expect the current tax cuts to apply some of the same gimmicks Dubya’s 2001 tax cuts did to make average Murkins feel like they were getting something.

Recall that Dubya gave everybody (who paid income tax the previous year) a check ranging from $50 to $500 depending how much tax they had paid. No direct deposit was allowed…you had to take a check so you could feel it in your hands. Every department store then had a 20% off sale if you cashed the check at their store.

You jest! Your DNC boilerplate response to almost everything is becoming tedious and banal. I’ve lived most of my adult life in Chicago, I now live in a smaller northern Illinois community, and there are no more crazies here per capita than when I lived in the great city of Chicago. I don’t like the crazy designation in the first place, many so called crazies are disillusioned with decades of unfulfilled promises from the two major parties.


The Democrats lost the messaging war back when the avuncular and demented, St Ronnie, put the southern strategy on steroids.

And as the years have gone by, the Democrats have become a party that stands for nothing by continuing to play on St Ronnie’s terms. But hey, at least they can take credit for:

Throwing 10 million people off of welfare
Putting a million more behind bars
Enacting RomneyCare
Standing lockstep with Republicans on endless war
Blaming liberals for everything

Gee, I wonder why they’re on an epic electoral losing streak featuring holding the fewest elected offices since 1926?


So you now openly write off votes from progressives and rural crazies?

Hope you like winning the vote total and losing the electoral college. Again.


The Democrats could start being honest by telling how those DNC emails got to WikiLeaks.

Russia had nothing to do with it either.

But if “that” truth ever came out, the Democratic Party and the Deep State would both be sunk.

So, since that will never happen because 100’s if not 1000’s would go to jail for their part in it, the lie goes on.

Yeah, I’m not sure why that is so important. I think it is a smoke screen, better to keep your eye on the ball. Honestly, I don’t get that.

I have had so many interactions with folks joyfully using whatever articles were published BEFORE the bill was even completed to calculate that–OMG–they were going pay $500 to $2000 less in taxes next year–and refusing to even consider the long-term pain they will feel because of that short-term gain. It’s been like talking to…little kids who are asked “Do you want a cookie now or wait until tomorrow and get 2 cookies? " Answer: cookie now. Ask :” If I give you a cookie now, you will owe me 3 cookies tomorrow. If you don’t take the cookie, you will not owe me anything." Answer: cookie now. it’s always cookie now, the hell with the consequences.

the GOP has a pretty good idea of how desperate millions of people are. they should know–they’ve done the most to help make them that way.

i’m not going to bang on someone who has to make that trade because it turns out the cookie today is what saves their lives and the three later come too late.

when you’re poor, you can’t–and really shouldn’t–think in long terms when it comes to money. your job is to survive the day, whatever that takes.

“Unless Democrats champion a progressive agenda, they won’t succeed.”

This needs to be hammered over and over again to the Clintonists who are running the Democratic Party. Their lack of progressiveness is probably the main reason that drumpf is in the WH today and we are on the verge of a nuclear war having already mushroomed wars that we were already involved in. And the reason that Obamacare is being given a series of body blows and SS, Medicare, and Medicaid are on the chopping block. Culpability isn’t just for actions taken but also for refraining from actions that could have prevented catastrophe.

Another thought is that a majority of people thought that Obama’s tax cuts actually increased their taxes so there is some possibility that people won’t realize that they are getting a break. And even if they do see it, it will be so small as to be unnoticeable.

There may be some rural areas that aren’t full of crazies, but all the ones I’m acquainted with are (Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Texas). And when you say that “most of the people round me find it difficult to talk with me,” does’t that imply that there are a lot of crazies around you?