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Republicans Aren’t Just Bad Losers—They’re Traitors to Democracy

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/12/republicans-arent-just-bad-losers-theyre-traitors-democracy


In 1776 one third of Americans supported the crown King George----Authoritarians–( a lot of them in NY)–to 71 million Americans who vote for an Authoritarian. The American revolution was about individual freedom-----the compromise was representative gov and a WEAK president-----the real power in this country rests with Congress.


Yes. But executive orders and signing statements have taken the power away from Congress. And they(Congress)let it happen.



I discovered a new way to view the story of Robin Hood.
The story tells of a repressed and over taxed public.
A ruler who is greedy and ruthless.
Well, I can now see where some, maybe many, republicans view the Sheriff of Notingham as a good guy. The sheriff’s men (the deplorables) feel dedicated to serve the king. (dictator)
The citizenry are the losers then, and now.


The old maxim of Republicans can’t govern but they sure can rule applies. This is a good time to read or re-read George Lakoff’s Moral Politics, where he explains how the conservative/authoritarian/ Strict Father/Dominator mind works and how progressive/nurturing parents/partnership minds need to grow a spine.
This is the dystopian world Riane Eisler predicted in her Chalice and the Blade. Where strong-men dictators are esteemed for their ability to dominate everyone else, and where those who wish consensus and partnership are steamrolled to extinction. Those who worship Trump and the GOP are about to have a rude awakening as he makes sure no other strong men wannabes try to challenge him.
This oh-we’ll-still-have-a-peaceful-transfer-of-power don’t know their history. Or are too terrified of what is about to go down. If…and it’s a big if, I grant you, Trump gets the loyalty of the military behind him as he’s reforming the civilian branch of the DoD with loyalists, then it’s game over. If not, and Biden is given a grudging seat in the Oval Office, he’ll have a Fifth Column of GOP, Trumpers, Koch and Murdoch henchmen, and the usual suspects preparing to usurp power in 2024. Oh, if only FDR had arrested and tried the cabal who tried to take him out during the 30’s. That would have served as a grim warning and reminder of what happens to traitors…Which proved, after all, he was just like them.



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Lots of fear-mongering on CD lately about the potential ‘coup.’ Little analysis of the election results or the legal basis (if any exists) for why they are being contested in key states. I say this not to give quarter to one or the other our two corporate parties, only to ask for more reporting and less Dem spin, please, CD. I hope this is not the new normal here.

I would argue that the American Revolution was about securing slavery and white privilege. Everything from awarding additional votes to slave owning men to having a right to bear arms to preserve slavery, this country was founded on a brutal system of slavery and genocide.
Many supported King George because he aimed to abolish slavery as well as not sharing the desire of many colonial landowners to steal more lands from the native Americans and other groups of people. One third of Americans also had no desire for any war meaning is was a minority of people encouraged by the slave owning class to rebel. Hardly a recipe for a functioning democracy.
What America needs is a new Constitution that reflects modern values of social justice and equity for all. A new Constitution is required that would not divide people based on color, race or money, but instead would come about through vigorous public debate and input. But the ruling classes will fight tooth and nail from allowing this to happen, suffocating any forum that encourages self reflection. Let’s drop the pretence that our “founding fathers” envisioned some kind of shared utopia where all men and women from all points of the globe would have respect and support for one another in an equal and just society. Our history is brutal, unforgiving and self perpetuating. Until we face this reality, it is difficult to move forward to a more enlightened and inclusive vision for our country.


I can’t take any of this seriously. The democrats cheated in their primary to appoint Biden. Now they’re crying about the republicans cheating.


Not sure about the King George stuff–this may be a great talking point supporting the crown but somehow I think this one third was benefitting from the crown a lot of those wealthy people you talk about. People were upset when red coats would take over their homes and take possesions-----??? But there was a real fight about power-----the Constitution had a hard time getting ratified-------and think people of that time----not the rich elite but the common people did not want a King. So there was an argument about the mob and the executive and how to create a form of representative government. And what they did is create a weak executive and an all powerful Congress. Why Maine voted for divided gov.

And with Trump the great white elite hope we see this ugly his–story playing out. Reagun won in a landside with the white vote-----Trump got 4 million more white woman than is 2016??? It is interesting that these people are voting for an authoritarian----???-anything to hold power and keep people down???