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Republicans Aren't Hypocrites: A Lesson in Power in the Aftermath of RBG's Death

In an earlier comment above ~#7, you mentioned PNAC. What can their fascination with that cluster fuck be (the One Hundred Year Reich that never was but still is) but a perverse and opportunist long game? Glad to see that someone besides me remembers it. I managed to save some of the key documents before they were taken down.

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Says it all.

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Well said! And the imprimatur from “Skeptic” is not to be sneezed at. Your comment is as straightforward as it gets, and “fair and balanced” NOT in the Faux News sense.

There are a lot more of us out here than one might suppose. I have a friend whose mother was a stalwart of the Democratic party in NOLA for decades, passing away just a few years ago. He has always voted Democratic and understands why, until Kerry’s fold in 2004 on the heels of Gore in 2000, since which time he has voted Green. I am a lifelong independent, but can’t remember ever voting for a Republican candidate, changing my registration for a couple of months for Jesse Jackson in the primary and a couple more for Kucinich for the same reasons. I also voted for Ross the Squirrel in '92 on the premise of None Of The Above. I may still have the button.

Both of us again voted Green in 2016 on the premise of a possible LOTE. We were wrong. We are both back to a coin toss on the premise that Bidenhistime just might be worse than T-Rump, as barring Divine intervention in the form of the emergent phenomena of complex systems, the chance that MGT rise under either candidate can be held to less than an apocalyptic 2.4 degrees C above historic levels are slim to none. Yes we are both seasoned science geeks.

Keep the faith.