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Republicans Around the Nation Push to Criminalize Civil Disobedience


Republicans Around the Nation Push to Criminalize Civil Disobedience

Nika Knight, staff writer

Republican lawmakers around the country are pushing legislation that would criminalize and penalize nonviolent protest, apparently anticipating an upswell of civic engagement during the coming Trump administration.

Spencer Woodman reported at The Intercept Thursday on the anti-protest bills proposed in Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Washington, and North Dakota.


No surprise there.

"Protest-resist" meme is broken - and meme seems an appropriate word - a meaningless expression from an ultra-progressive world which is heading for oblivion.

The United Nations is now our only hope.

Just as in climate change, where they are the only sane voice, the biodiversity wing is in the works.

I would hope for a resolution to set aside half the Earth as a nature preserve, E.O Wilson's recommendation to save 85% of biodiversity.

I think "Rights for the Environment" should mature as an ideology as well - see "Should Trees Have Standing" by Chris Stone, 1972.


I'm starting to think that a nationwide boycott on products and services provided by corporations who are supporting politicians endorsing these new laws, lasting a week, a month, a year, possibly indefinitely, be in order here. Any ideas?


Well, now you really get to see totalitarianism up close and personal. Just like Nazi Germany. Hitler started small and everyone thought he would be controlled, by the Reichstag, by the courts.
* When Hindenburg appointed him Reichskanzler and the German 911, when the SS burned the Reichstag and blamed a Dutch communist, Hitler's Patriot Act, the Enabling Acts was immediately voted in, which canceled the Weimar Constitution and the civil rights of the people.
* Protest was quickly made a criminal act. It was not long before concentration camps were constructed and filled, then the death camps and the rest is history.
* Note: Bush II had the concentration camps built, just in case. They are still there.
* Tragically, here we go again. Welcome to the Fourth Reich as it consolidates its power.


Its Not Fascism When We Do It................

R'Con and trump regime extremism ("terrorism" can also be accurately used) is a deadly un-American threat to all Americans - many don't realize that yet, but they will! If there isn't justice for all, there isn't justice for any!

We saw how the National Guard repressed dissent at Kent State May 4, 1970 killing 4 - these proposed laws are designed to instill fear and silence dissent and protests against fascist repression and the madness of the trump regime!

There ain't no justice, just US!


Those who make peaceful revolution impossible
make violent revolution inevitable.
-- John F. Kennedy


The Establishment suspends elections temporarily which is of course a lie for the good of the masses and then installs martial law. Game over.


No surprise that the Republican Party power structure is working on criminalizing non-violent protest as "economic terrorism."

No doubt they felt a little out done by the Democrat Party establishment's creation of the new Ministry of Truth (Global Engagement Center), efforts to confront "information terrorism", and declaration of critical factual reporting by WikiLeaks as "Weaponized".

More evidence of our need to engage in community based organizing.


Hatred and downright mean spirited people are driving this legislation. They are pushing us to act people. Do not give any politicians or corporations supporting them any of your money. Ever again


Interesting that its not nation wide. Lets see...most if not all states listed have Native Americans that participate in protesting. Gee, funny how that works.


Hardly surprising. It would appear as if stealth monkey wrenching will have to become the order of the day.


If you look at the military equipment called out in Ferguson or Standing Rock, you can clearly see that there is a reason why they've been militarizing the police. Note the conflation of "terrorism" in the term "economic terrorism." Homeland Security. That's about US. They understand that, as things get worse and worse, there will be mass demonstrations. And they have made clear that they will use force just like they would against an enemy army.


Here's one idea. Boycott Amazon. Jeff Bezos 600 million dollar contract with the CIA and his endless attacks against Sanders should be reason enough.


Foreign wars are coming home - military goons that delighted in killing people are entrenched in police mindset and "training" - the ease with which cops kill black, Latino and poor, people has been desensitizing and will spread to the new political "perps".................

"It Can't Happen Here?" .....already has in many respects!


Not blowing my own horn, but I predicted a long time ago that since U.S. foreign policy was a fascist, totalitarian policy, it would just be a matter of time before U. S. domestic policy would become the same way. Many laughed at me, but many of those same people are not laughing now! Too bad I was not wrong!


" Foreign wars are coming home."
Great point!


As a matter of fact, we should all BDS the corporations of the Oilagarchy. The whole spiderweb is there to see. BDS all of the corporations and products made by them.
* BDS works! Look at Israel. They're screaming like a stuck pig and trying to get legislation passed in their client states like the US Fourth Reich to make BDS, and criticism of Israel illegal.
* We definitely need to "shut 'em down!" Those missile sites on the hill overlooking the Native American settlements are just a harbinger of things to come.
* Classifying every form of protest as some sort of terrorism, with fines and imprisonment is just part of the picture. Then comes enforcement and martial law.
After that comes body bags and concentration camps, possibly summary executions.
* Looking at the current crop of staff being railroaded through the Senate reminds me of Goering, Himmler, Goebbels and a host of others with similar viewpoints being appointed by Hitler.
* I remember as a kid, what we went through in the forties to get rid of Nazism and fascism. Now in the sunset of my life, I am seeing the same thing rising here, too "up close and personal". Who will stop it this time? Hopefully, us.


Great idea Philip! Everyone on board with that idea, Boycott 'Amazon'? How long? I suggest that we make it at least one month. Any other ideas folks? We must use all avenues available to us to spread this news. Hit em in their pocketbooks!


The playbook was written a long time ago and soon Trump will appoint at least one more supreme court justice that will rubber stamp all of the actions of the republican party. This goes beyond taking our country back in time to the 40's and 50's. This takes us back to the days of King George. Our revolution just took on new meaning and the lines are being drawn into the sand. A good many people are about to die for what they believe in and a good many more will end up in those Homeland Security prisons that the government denies exist. We are witnessing our worst nightmare as democracy is being subverted by a handful of people. Free speech and the right to assembly are now being auctioned off into a military state where we will not be allowed to question the actions of government and government will free itself from its constitutional duties in order to serve its many masters: greed, corruption, power and money. I fear it might only be a matter of time before we will all be guilty of writing our opinions in venues, such as this. Perhaps we too will be charged with terrorist actions, fined and imprisoned. Nothing that will happen over these next four years will surprise or shock me.


Funny, when I hear the words "economic terrorism," I think of "capitalism."