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 Republicans Cannot Claim a Mandate When Hillary Clinton Has a 2-Million-Vote Lead


 Republicans Cannot Claim a Mandate When Hillary Clinton Has a 2-Million-Vote Lead

John Nichols

The 2016 presidential-election campaign was long and arduous. And so too is the ongoing process of counting the roughly 135 million ballots cast in a relatively high-turnout election where most Americans did not vote for Donald Trump.


But they will anyway.

All votes are created equal.
But some votes are more equal than others.


"This election offered a clear indication only that the United States is a divided nation."

Very divided. Urban versus rural. College educated versus non-college educated.


1% verses 99%


Nichols sez: "(E)specially in an era of fake news and hyper-partisanship, getting state and national counts right is crucial."

Unless the Supreme Court sez it's not crucial.


Good luck reminding Republicans of this popular vote Clinton margin. Don't waste your time. Many of the Republicans I know attribute it to voter fraud, just as some Democrats are peddling voter fraud and hacking to claim Trump stole the election. And then these party loyalists wonder why such a large percentage of the public didn't bother to vote.


Who gives a fuck about any of that? Trump won, Trump will be the president. What does a mandate have to do with anything?


Did Mr. Nichols write this headline?
In case you haven't noticed, Republicans can do whatever the f*ck they like, and repeatedly get away with it.


"Republicans Cannot Claim a Mandate When Hillary Clinton Has a 2-Million-Vote Lead"

You forget they they have majorities in both the House and Senate.


Yea, the 1% of voters for Jill Stein versus the 99% of voters for someone else.


Very true. The margin of victory will not affect his presidency, since he has a strong majority in the House and a slight majority in the Senate.


The Democrats also got more Senate votes and gained two seats. The House is so gerrymandered to favor Republicans it should be a scandal.


It is obvious there were no Clinton coattails in the House and Senate elections.


Two million votes is far from a rounding error. It is about 1.5% of the vote. Given how polarized the electorate is which pretty much prevents landslides like those that used to occur every once in awhile that is a substantial margin. It means the Trump should not be trying to impose his program on the rest the country because the majority of people do not want it and will resist. What changes he makes should be limited or there will be a lot of conflict.


We are a "Democratic Republic." And we will put a stop to this absurd and outdated electoral system.


It's only gerrymandering if you lose. You know kinda like taxes. If it's something you can use it's a "tax break", if it's something someone else can use it's "tax loophole".

Dems gotta get their shit together and think long and hard about their priorities to get back from this.

BTW, the only reason Hill's got 2 million votes lead is California. She's got something like 3 million lead there.


Since when do Republicans proceed logically from a rational premise?
They will claim whatever they fancy, and the Dems will signal their degree of fearless resistance by making Charles Schumer the Senate Minority Leader.


Gerrymandering is gerrymandering win or lose. If means drawing district lines to make sure you have a large majority no matter how crazy those district lines look on map. The Republicans went overboard on this in 2010 creating so many conservative districts that even when the Democrats won the most House votes the Republicans won more seats. Last time I looked most people in California were Americans. The fact is that more than 2 million Americans voted for Clinton than for Trump and that number is expected to grow to 2.5 million. And California voters should be respected. Most believe in climate change rather than believing in a web of lives like many people in some other states. The voters in a democracy should be well informed, not ignorant people who are dupes for the latest demagogue to come along. The stupid side may have won the electoral vote but the popular vote was won by the well informed responsible citizen side. To me that does matter in thinking about what occurred.


Please let off this 1%/99% stuff. It is complete nonsense. The capitalists and their coordinator class, petite bourgeois class and idiot lumpenprotelariat stooges amount to a whole lot more than 1 percent - more like slightly less than 50 percent - as reflected by the election outcome.


Oh, so Californians are, somehow, less than full citizens with regard to counting of votes?

(Disclosure: I'm not from California)