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Republicans Can't Face the Truth About Iraq


Republicans Can't Face the Truth About Iraq

Eric Margolis

Gov. Jeb Bush repeated one of the biggest falsehoods of our time during the recent presidential candidate debate: “we were misled (into the Iraq War) by faulty intelligence.”

US intelligence was not “misled.” It was ordered by the real, de facto president, Dick Cheney, to provide excuses for a war of aggression against Saddam Hussein’s Iraq.


The Republicans can’t face the truth about anything. Rather than engaging in meaningful and realistic debate about anything, they have chosen to honor their message (remember RR’s “aphorism” that the only sin is a Republican speaking ill of another Republican). Their groupthink newspeak is at once revolting and highly dangerous due to its contagious character. “Bullshit Mountain” as Jon Stewart named it.


Eric Margolis is out front in his excellent choice of words and description demonstrating many American’s, and others’ around the world, frustration with the United States government. Words like odious, phantasmagoria and “Bull Shit” mountain roll together in an upheaval against the “official” propaganda spewed daily from the MSM for nationalistic and unconcerned citizens consumption. However, “Bull Shit” Mountain will soon collapse under its own weight unless Americans wake up and create a new pasture free from the stink of our ever fouling odor of today’s world.


Don’t be naive! They know the truth. They lied to manufacture this and other invasions in order to keep their benefactors, the weapons suppliers, happy. Oh and to create more enemies to battle, to keep the Pentagon in business.


“For example, I was immediately dropped from a major TV network after daring mention that Israel supported the 2003 Iraq war and would benefit from it.”

This is the same Israel that is currently having AIPAC and other groups in the U.S. do a full court press against the Iran Nuclear agreement.

With friends like these who need enemies?


There are more than a few Americans who believe that the US government only goes to war reluctantly, to safeguard human rights, democracy and national security. These people are so caught up in delusion and illusion, they probably believe in Santa Claus and the tooth fairy. Eric Margolis reminds us of what really happened: the Bush junta went to war for the simple reason of a naked power grab. Bush had designs to invade Iraq, Iran, Libya, Syria and Pakistan. Who the #&*# does he think he is, Alexander the Great? Bush (the greatest idiot and barbarian in US politics since Ronald Reagan) could not even locate Kentucky on a US map, yet he was going to be the emperor of a good part of North Africa and Western Asia! Talk about delusional thinking!!

Republicans have no interest in truth or in anything that conflicts with their twisted world view. Many of the people pushing for war with Iraq just assumed that the United States occupies the moral high ground, and that it’s right and fitting for the US government to be the judge of other nations. This is ludicrous. Many many people across the globe easily recognize the US government as the greatest threat to world peace and as a leader purveyor of state terrorism. The US and its pit bull, Israel, are the true rogue nations: they do what they want, when they want. Republicans even boast in the US Congress that the US government refuses to be restrained by international law or international treaties. The mantra is US “national security” is the number one concern, more important than, say, the Geneva Convention on the treatment of prisoners or the laws on “Pre-emptive” aggression.

Americans should ask themselves. Why is the Iraqi possession of WMD a cause for war when the US has an unparalleled arsenal of these weapons which allows it to intimidate any country on earth? Why is the US allowed to have thousands of nuclear weapons and Israel allowed to have hundreds but Iran must not have one? Why is the US allowed to bomb and torture civilians and innocents but Assad in Syria must be removed from power for doing the same? Why was Ghaddafi intolerable but the brutal fanatics who run Saudi Arabia, a leading promoter of terrorism, are perfectly acceptable? Why are the Necons allowed to present Israeli interests as though they were the interests of the United States? How long must the Palestinian cause be allowed to fester so fanatics in Tel Aviv and the United States can play out the fantasy of the “chosen people”? When will Americans wake up from the nightmare that is consuming the world?

I agree with Eric Margolis that the faulty intelligence defense concerning WMD is all so much bullshit. I fail to see how the United States can present itself as the guardian of peace and order. Can anyone enlighten me as to how that is possible?


Republicans don’t have to face the truth. They frankly own the place.


It interesting to note that when the USA supported the British via the offices of Kermit Roosevelt and the CIA in 1953 when they orchestrated a coup in Iran part of the internal rationalization used was that the British needed the revenues from the Iranian oil fields so as to rebuild their economy which had been devastated by the war.

It was in reality Colonialism and those first Colonies the British formed in the New World were in fact Colonies formed by Corporations. The bankruptcy of the British Empire , even as its wealthy few grew even richer, came about due to Militarism.

This latest venture in the Middle East and now into Africa under the guise of “fighting terrorism” is more of the same.

The US empire faces collapse and needs to ensure it gets control of the resources of the third world so as to prop itself up for a few more decades. Just as The British drained the wealth of its Colonies and British Corporations drained the wealth of Iran , the heris to the British Empire seek to do the same.

It is nothing more than “our wars and military spending have bankrupted us and you have resources that we want so we can continue the same”.


Are you suggesting that a government would actually lie? That the USA would be untruthful? I am shocked.

Yes here is the key to enlightenment.

They lie.


The U.S. will never engage in a war with a military that can actually fight back. Iraq and Afghanistan have no Air Force. No anti-air defense, no missiles, no true military thus an easy target.


If Kerry was misled then he has to be one of the most ignorant and politically stupid people in the world. No John, not misled, complicit and guilty of treason!


Holy War–the GREATEST lie/fabrication ever devised. And it’s the immoral “gift” that keeps on giving:

“Prior to the 2003 invasion of Iraq, polls showed a majority of Americans believed Iraq was threatening the US with nuclear attack and was behind 9/11. Amazingly, a poll taken of self-professed evangelical Christians just before the US attacked Iraq showed that over 80% supported war against Iraq. So much for turning the other cheek.”


Mr. Margolis raises plenty of salient points. But what is missing from this paragraph targeting 2 culpable agents:

“For Cheney and his oil pals, conquering Iraq would secure the Arab world’s biggest oil reserves for Uncle Sam and offer a central military base in the region. For Washington’s bloodthirsty neocons, pulverizing Iraq would remove one of Israel’s most determined enemies, crush the only Arab nation that might challenge Israel’s nuclear monopoly, and cost Israel nothing. Invading Iraq produced the slow disintegration of the Mideast so long sought by militant Zionists.”

The answer? The Military Industrial Complex. This machine of death-delivery by 1000 ways and means cannibalizes almost half of the U.S. budget. Those who design and sell arms make a killing! And it happens to be U.S. military adjuncts that in fact ARM most of the world supplying more than half of all weapons sold.

Also, if anyone wants to peel the curtain back further than most intelligent journalists (published ones, that is) dare to go… then they might ask of 911–Cui Bono–and recognize that no one outside of U.S martial insiders had the motive, means, expertise, and opportunity to pull off the multi-pronged aerial theatrics of 911… with an Official gravity-defying Story (to serve as that necessary New Pearl Harbor–straight out of the Project of a New American Century’s playbook) at the ready!


“There are more than a few Americans who believe that the US government only goes to war reluctantly, to safeguard human rights, democracy and national security. These people are so caught up in delusion and illusion, they probably believe in Santa Claus and the tooth fairy.”

The article properly consigns blame to high level disinformation experts and the media that continue to sponsor them.

You, to the contrary, began your comment with the usual–blame THE PEOPLE–inversion of Truth.

And it’s interesting that in the place of an ACCURATE analysis, you did a generic “blame citizens” because so many believe in the tooth fairy while leaving out THIS significant qualifier of WHO those people are:

" Amazingly, a poll taken of self-professed evangelical Christians just before the US attacked Iraq showed that over 80% supported war against Iraq. So much for turning the other cheek."

The Christian Fundamentalists–hardly a group known for challenging authoritarian directives or reading past “The Bible,” represents the largest demographic that supports these foreign wars. And it’s hardly an accident that:

  1. So many church leaders pushed the Holy War lie
  2. The U.S. military–and particularly its air force–is absolutely embedded with Christian Chaplains who do for the young pilots’ consciences what the psychologists who monitor Guantanamo torture campaigns did. Both use their titles to lend legitimacy to lawless, immoral acts.
  3. Generals like Boykin argued publicly that he “Knew his god was bigger than their god” (Allah).
  4. A serial killer like Eric Prince who “found his calling” in supplying private armies answerable to no nation could assert that he was a Christian (and his blood thirst was never challenged against his purported following of Christ the teacher OF peace)
  5. Bush using “Crusades” as MORE than a Freudian slip in the early run-up to war

I can’t recall the source but the insight was that lots of Americans didn’t read and when they read newspapers, they only glanced at the headlines.

But nowhere is that incurious pride in illiteracy greater than among those taught to see intellectuals as suspect, and in place of their “authority” trust faith (and by extension, the fundamentalist preachers who quote the Bible).


It’s a perennial theme of yours that the American people are essentially blameless when it comes to war and empire. We must lay blame where it belongs: with the “high level disinformation experts and the media.” You often criticize others for either/or thinking: can’t you see that you fall into this fallacy when you present the matter as the blameless populace versus the mendacious propagandists? Isn’t it possible that at least SOME of the people are responsible for their own ignorance and apathy regarding the crimes of the American government?

Contrary to what you say, I am not interested in blaming the people. I am more interested in changing the world. Specifically, I would like to prevent the agents of the Empire from committing more crime. The Empire cannot be held to account until many Americans are willing to experience the challenges of critical thinking. In other words, they have to become politically mature, and give up all the old fairytales about "American exceptionalism, " American goodness and Santa Claus. Are you going to maintain that a good number of Americans do not believe this rubbish, partly because it flatters and comforts them to be a member of the “greatest people in history”? We agree that evangelical Christians are a big part of what is wrong with US political culture. The embrace of magical thinking, the self-righteousness, the narrow-mindedness definitely has negative influences on secular governance. On the other hand, the real religion of the US is nationalistic militarism, worshipped by Christian and non-Christian alike. To take on this beast is something more than refuting the mythology of the Bible.

You said that you read somewhere that “lots of Americans didn’t read and when they read newspapers they only glanced at the headlines.” That is exactly my point. What you call an “incurious [?] pride in illiteracy” I would call a shocking display of moral irresponsibility. The American government is waging war everywhere you turn, and SOME American citizens are too apathetic, too morally indolent, to even inform themselves about the basic facts. Im sure these people are knowledgeable about baseball stats or reality shows or whatever, but they can’t take the time to learn something of their world. I mean they are on the Titantic, but they are unable to see any of the massive icebergs right in their line of sight. As I said, it’s time for these people to grow up. Real adults try to confront reality. They don’t live in a make-believe world all the time.

If people are not responsible for their own moral conduct, then responsibility, as such, has no meaning. We all have a responsibility to educate ourselves about the world, if only because we cannot hope to lead children into their future if we don’t even understand our own living present. I think your defense of all Americans is misplaced. Some Americans–the privileged and the educated, in particular–definitely deserve censure for their support of American barbarism.


“No one asked, why would Iraq invite national suicide by trying to hit the US with a nuclear weapon”?
Because the amerikan people are fools who never question anything they’re told on TV or by the government. So when they’re told that Ketchup is a food and tree’s cause pollution, they believe!