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Republicans Declare War On Higher Education


Republicans Declare War On Higher Education

Jeff Bryant

The purpose of the proposed changes contained in dueling GOP tax plans is aimed solely at finding revenue sources from higher ed in order to offset huge tax deductions given to wealthy families and corporations


It’s funny.

In any discussion of the tax code, everyone wants to see “loopholes” eliminated. Except of course for their own loopholes.

Are those whose children attend school for free, or get tuition in exchange for grad student work receiving “income”? Of course they are. If the tax code were not structured the way it is, they would be compensated and then turn around and pay that money for tuition.

Same issue with the mortgage deduction, or state and local taxes. They’re all loopholes that someone happens to like and benefit from.


It may just be the R’Con trump regime knows full well they will not get re-elected, or maintain power in Congress, and are doing all they can to screw the American people, gift the super-rich, and destroy as much as they can before being run out of town on a rail! After screwing and alienating so many different demographics groups (except the usual Quisling suspects) how could they hope retain power - the electorate would have to be uninformed, ill-educated, idiots, right?..

The problem is that the corrupt/complicit Democratic Party elite/establishment - the “opposition” - are in thrall to the same major powers, greed and usury as R’Cons, just with a “kinder and gentler” MO of screwing the 99%.

The only way we might possibly win our way out of this Tweedle Dee - Tweedle Dumb duopoly manipulation is thru the internet and progressive media - of course the enemy is trying to destroy the mechanisms that might lead to their well-deserved demise - the internet, education, media, electoral reforms, voter registration, etc, etc.

A very popular and vocal champion who speaks to both coasts and middle America, like Bernie Sanders, who is shining a bright light on the massive corruption, theft of resources, financial usury, and corporate piracy/tax evasion, and non-partisan redistricting among other crimes…such principled leadership plus an aroused and infuriated electorate pushed to the edge of tolerance by the PTB may possibly be able to end their reign of corruption…


NO, that’s NOT its sole aim.   It’s an integral component of the dominionist “christians” – Betsy DeVos and
her ilk – plan to undermine critical thinking and replace it with their theocratic bullshit, in addition to replacing real science with pro-corporate technology:

Ah-yup!   Eliminate rational thinking, history, philosophy, etc. – anything that could possibly lead to criticism of the coming “christian” theocracy – and replace it with brainwashing and pure application of technology. "Don’t need none o’ them big-wig scientifuckers wastin’ gummint time & money a-messin’ around with that Chinese ‘Global Warming’ hoax . . . "


Higher education is the Republican’s worst nightmare. It is all about institutions dedicated to the pursuit of truth. And these instutions have the support of millions of alumni. Along with the press, these instutions are formidible obstacle to the Republicans goal of spreading ignorance across the land. Ignorance equals more votes for Republicans.


Exactly…, Every time I hear a right winger complain that the university campuses are full of “leftists, subversives and ‘anti-Semites’ (meaning critics of Israel)”. I ask: “Might that be because universities are full of smart and inquisitive people?” I mean, through my long engineering/scientific career I’ve never met a right-wing scientist in any discipline. Sure, there was some I never met like Edward Teller, and William Shockley but that’s the only ones I can think of.


I work with some smart, but pretty right wing folks, from engineers to biologists. And I’m in California, albeit a red part, and work in an even redder part. They listen to Limbaugh and watch FOX for their political news.


I think the main point is that the Repuublicans are now very dependent on people without college degrees for winning elections. In the Alabama race for the Senate the Democrats are going after suburban Republicans with college degees to get votes. Trump never would have won without getting so many voters who didn’t attend college. The more problems colleges have the better it is for the Republicans.


Who benefits when Americans become educated?

The student puts in well over 40 hours a week of study to get educated, and for several years forgoes the opportunity to be working elsewhere for financial compensation. Studying is hard work. Is it only the student who benefits from that work?

It seems to me that society and employers benefit when Americans become educated. Employers seem to want, mostly as much as possible, for someone else to have educated their workers before they are hired. I also suspect that employers are happy with a “guppy system” of graduating more educated students than the employers need so that the employers can get these graduates at a lower rate because of the laws of supply and demand. Who pays for educating all of these graduates? Who benefits? Who benefits when these “guppy” students have to bear more of the costs? It seems to me that society and employers should be paying more to support education because they benefit by having their workforce and citizens trained. It seems to me that the students of higher learning should be properly compensated for their time. Studying is work.

You ask

and I respond yes, they sort of may be receiving income, BUT! … and I ask are the students who put so many hours in study getting adequate compensation for their time? even with these benefits? Mostly the answer is — no. And mostly the student is required to carry a loan to pay for the education. Who benefits? I mean besides the banks who get revenue streams from students who have to take on these loans to finance their education as they are not compensated for the time that they spend in study.


My impression of engineers and engineering students is that they mostly tend to be conservative. People in the other disciplines are more apt to be left-wing, but when you get beyond the divisive issues there is a fair amount that can be agreed on.


Are they scientists or engineers? In my federal government workplace, most of the engineers (civil and mining) love Trump, but the scientists (chemists and physicists) and of course the low paid GS-5 or 7, mostly female lab technicians despise him practically to a person - it’s that stark.


It’s a bit of a mix, but I’d say it does lean more along the lines you identified. Gun ownership is a big constant among all. To a “T” all are white males too. When I think about it, it’s women that kind of balance things out.


Bingo, fucking bingo! With an undergraduate degree in physics and graduate degrees in engineering, I’ll say it again–Bingo. The pureness of science doesn’t tolerate any bullshit.


They think most professors are “communists” their worst enemy.


I live in a blue state, and unfortunately I have met some people with careers that require a college ed, and they voted for Dump. No rationality- they just hated Hillary.