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Republicans Don't Want Your Vote to Count


Republicans Don't Want Your Vote to Count

Jill Richardson

Wisconsin Republicans have made the news again. After losing the governor’s race (but maintaining control of the state legislature, thanks to gerrymandering), Republicans have passed a series of measures to limit the power of Democratic Gov.-elect Tony Evers.


Meanwhile Democrat’s push for more people’s votes to count, while simultaneously taking actions to ensure that progressive and 3rd party candidates are not on ballots and vehemently lashing out at folk who vote for any of the few progressives and/ or 3rd Party candidates that manage to get on the ballot.


And Democrats, like Republicans, also systematically disenfranchise millions of poor, disproportionately minority, voters – only they do so in their primaries, rather than in the general election: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3miskt9ssQk&t=2s

The investigative journalist being interviewed in this clip is Greg Palast, who has spent years documenting the election fraud and voter disenfranchising efforts of the GOP, primarily, but he has the integrity to cover the Democrats’ shenanigans, also.

What it boils down to is both parties pull out all the stops to make certain that their vote-suppression paves the way for the furthest right candidate available – no matter how many polling stations need closing or how many Americans they have to disenfranchise.


Oh, there’s no doubt about it, if they get away with is in Wisconsin and Michigan, this tactic will be imported to every state with a repug majority. You can but that in the bank.


There’s a Fucking felon in our White House.

Are We really going to allow him to soil the sheets there any longer?

I don’t know about you, but my parents are rolling in their graves right now.

We cannot allow this to continue.

History will not look upon us well if We do not act. Soon.


Do have to radicalize, or are we sufficiently whipped up already? Let’s check the arsenal so far. You have the long blade, I have a long gun and a side arm and my Buck Knife that I use to clean my finger nails and open letters. Anybody else gonna sign on?


You two start anything without me, I will be pissed. I still have a few skills that could be helpful.


Well, it appears that we now have a well-regulated militia.

Next step, expand our recruitment process.


They do not believe in democracy.
Thom Hartmann maintains that they have not legitimately won a presidential election since Eisenhower.


Paul Weyrich’s " goo goo government types " speech is just as prescient today as it was in 1980. His professional work; start with The Heritage Foundation and go to the Moral Majority and ALEC, they’re all cut from the same philosophical and weird zealots’ cloth. And, it is in charge of the Conservative Movement and the Republican Party. In case you didn’t know, that’s all 3 of our Congressional & Executive Branches, and now the SCOTUS, as well.
T. Hartman is right but this isn’t a groundbreaking story. Living and fighting through the last, almost 7 decades, it has been painfully obvious what the Republican Party is really all about.
The Dimocratic Party is corrupted but the Republican Party is an unpatriotic, treasonous and murderous illegal enterprise.


How wonderful, then, that it gets away with it, decade after decade. With The Don especially, the long-standing, deep streak of Republican sadism is front and center.


It makes more sense if you’re humming Onward Christian Soldiers & Nearer My God To Thee with a white hoodie on, while reading Trump’s tweets.
Try it if you dare.