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Republicans, Either Cowed or Clueless, Are Useless After a Mass Shooting

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/08/republicans-either-cowed-or-clueless-are-useless-after-mass-shooting


Ohio State Representative Keller blames mass shootings on gay marriage and drag queens? Yeah Candice, guns are not the problem; I guess people like Pete Buttigieg are the real problem. Eliminate gays and drag queens and the problem of mass shootings solved!


They are not cowed and clueless, they are white supremacists and fascists in power at the top and bottom of the state. Why do the words “racist” and “white supremacists” not appear in this piece? As for the behavior of congresscritters,


I’d be willing to bet everything I possess, that if we eliminated every Republican, most every problem that exists in this country, would be solved.

Except of course, we’d still have Republicans that pose as Democrats.

We could eventually weed them out as well.


The observation that other Countries have many of these variables yet do not have that same scale of mass shootings as apt and the most important take away from the article. Far too many studies done in the USA , be it on video games, SSRIS and prescription medications , violence on TV, mental illness or whatever simply refuse to look outside of the USA as comparisons. As such these studies tend to be flawed and tend to reflect a bias from those reporting on them. They want to find the root cause to be one of these things so ignore data from other Countries.

This bias and this flawed methodology shows they are really afraid of the real reasons as those real reasons do not fit the narrative they try and maintain.

One headline I read from what is obviously a person that is pro-gun reads “Mass shootings all have one thing in common and it not Guns” or some such.

I mean if it a mass shooting it must involve a gun so how on earth can anyone conclude that the gun does not play a role in each of those mass shootings? This type of reasoning boggles the mind. Read into it further and it rants on prescription drugs as the USA the only country on Earth that has people using these drugs.


The Republican Party is an anachorism an old school organization that needs to go the way of the Whig Party.


Please allow me a slightly different take.
What does the gun allow the owner to do?
It allows the owner to hide behind the gun for all issues they do not want to contend with. It is an ownership of thoughtlessness, much like religion. With western religion, you can simply life to one book that you can stand on for all solutions. The gun is not different - it fits into the same mold of thoughtlessness…

What do white supremacists least want to contend with?
Their own weaknesses as human beings, which they want to keep separate from their race, but can’t admit to as failings, because it might be ascribed to their race. They don’t have to discuss anything in detailed nuance or informed way. Once it goes beyond three layers, introduce power and mindlessness, and hint at violence.

Much like Scott Peterson does.
The republicans pick up on this thoughtlessness in every aspect of life, and keep the simplicity of the two rails alive in Every discussion. These are easy lines to draw for the low information and the thoughtless.

Getting nuance into any discussion dilutes their power, their stranglehold on those that hold these values of simplicity. They are terrified of approach anything in a non dual mindset and must point the finger away from from easy feelgoods that feeds their base.

Point out this co relation between simple power grab and the guns/religion in every discussion. All of them.Whether it be about foreign policy or baseball. Show these people for who they are.


Very profound.


Look into the eyes of Rep. Keller, and you see the essence of cruel, vacuous, irremediable stupidity. She puts the butt in Butler County, Ohio.

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And here I thought it was the price of tea in China that caused these mass shootings. So, glad the republican propaganda set me straight. How stupid do they think I am? Stupider than they are? That’s getting rather stupid there.