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Republicans 'Fear' Green New Deal, Argues Naomi Klein, Because It's a Viable Alternative to Free-Market Failure

All that finger pointing at Texas is a “there but by the grace of God” exercise. To me, Texas is a cautionary tale for us all. Here’s a phrase that disturbs me on so many levels: “Largest electric utilities in the U.S. as of April 2020, based on market value(in billion U.S. dollars)”. The second largest on this list is my own power company, Dominion Energy, My state Senator, “Monty” Mason, is one of many legislators saying Dominion charges us too much and demands a refund for its customers. Clean Virginia says Virginians pay the sixth highest electric bills in the country. They say Dominion was also the largest political donor last year.

Stories like these are far too common across the country. Our utility services are provided, in the main, by profit driven monopolies that contribute to the very campaigns of those who are supposed to regulate them. Same as in Texas. And though they are raking in insane amounts of money, we all know our infrastructure needs a coast to coast overhaul. Extreme weather has caused blackouts across the country for decades now, Remember heavily regulated California cut power to customers to prevent wildfires last month. More than 21,000 Oregon customers were still without power in northwest Oregon this morning after ice storms in the region.

We need to get past sensitivity to that “socialist” label for all policies for the greater good. I’m all for folks making a buck but only after all the basics are covered. It’s not just the infrastructure that needs an overhaul, so does our society.


Sorry my post confused you. The “policy” is referenced in the headline as “The Green New Deal”—look it up. I don’t see the 1% doing anything other than attempting to discredit any effort to improve America’s rotting infrastructure and antiquated energy policies into the 21st century. In essence, maintaing the status -quo regardless of any suffering it may cause those less financially endowed. Furthermore, I believe the 1% current resistance to change highlights that they are only interested in acquiring more wealth regardless of whose sweat it requires. I agree the 1% profit from the sweat of others labors. However, IMHO, I believe it is imperative is to ensure the survival of the human-species. As such, I am suggesting that everyone would benefit if the enriched minority would move past their short-sighted capital gain strategies and embrace a long-tern investment policy that benefits humanity as a whole. Sort of like Jesus, but more contemporary. Thank you for your thought-provoking query.


Headline correction: The Duopoly ‘Fear’ Green New Deal, Argues Naomi Klein. . .


What is it that allows old wealth and the power of the fossil fuel conglomerate, chemical poison industry, predatory banker/Wall street profiteers and parasites, health care insurance and big-pharma to dictate the direction for an entire society and nation rather than new sustainable tech, ideas from scientists and innovators ? Vulture capitalism and the corruption of politics is the answer.
Old money has the resources and connections to thwart and in many other ways sabotage any change that will interfere with their dominance and sinecures. Their profits and positions can and do control politicians, elections, the legislative processes and legislation to protect their positions and the industries they control regardless the destruction and direct linked dangers to the health and safety of the public and planet - our fragile environment and weather patterns - only humans defecate where they eat and poison all around them in vast ignorance, arrogance and criminal negligence… The truth is the health, sustainability and safety of the 99% means nothing to the greed-driven mindset. The “free market” is only a talking point when those that control it call the shots, all else is rigged, savaged and smashed by greed and self-interests.


PaulK. The annual 40,000 traffic deaths in the US is atrocious, but AV “autonomous vehicle” tech (automation) cannot reduce that death toll. The “compromise position” is that most of its safety features are possible only at Level 3. High speed “mass tailgating” at any level will never be safe. Level 5 “driverless” AV is a lie you’ve been propagandized to believe possible by pretentious environmental organizations like McKibben’s 350org.

“Suspension gondolas beat a track from below. Zip lines can have switches that allow individual automated gondolas to travel all over town.” No. You’re wrong. Stop spreading corporate BS.

It worth noting that both the CCF here in Canada and Eugene Debs and his movement down in the USA were suggesting all the measures you alluded to had to be done or we would end up where we are today.

This was over 80 years ago a little longer then you have been on this Earth. This not to detract from what you are saying or diminish it but only to point out people have known a long time as to where Capitalism would lead us yet persisted in forcing Capitalism on us and other peoples of the world because some small few profited from it.


Not quite sure, which of my “predictions” you see as all that speculative. But given API’s president’s “time is running out” speech, in 1965; Exxon’s incredibly precise 1978 chart (published 1982) of atmospheric carbon, NOW. I’m not really doubting extrapolation of our oligarchs’ tag-team kleptocrats’ response to Mr Market suddenly being on “our” side. I’m guessing “Biden’s cabinet choices” are indicative of bailing out the fracking pyramid, 96 SCARY old reactors, airlines, GE monoculture/ CAFO agriculture, water cartels, “clean coal,” all sorts of cynical diversions like carbon sequestration, swaps, geo-engineering scams… basically, each and every shuck, jive & diversion billionaire sponsors like Bloomberg, Gates, Bezos, Musk… wish us to subsidize to avoid the inevitable, until it’s too late?

It’s been WAY too late for quite some time. But being further distracted, gas-lighted or bamboozled is not an option.

According to the US EPA, “transportation accounted for the largest portion (28%) of total U.S. GHG emissions in 2018.”


Perhaps you might consider easing up on the rudeness and arrogance?

Just a suggestion.


Great music. And thanks for the correction, I did ask for it. A college professor no less, impressive, wow.

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As many have pointed out, we’re already in the early phase of late-stage Capitalism. This feels to me much like the death of a star that will slowly fizzle out and one that will explode as a supernova, and we can’t know which until it happens. My crystal ball is cloudy, and my best guess is about 50/50.


Remember, Marx pointed all of it out over the course of the second half of the 19th century. I am not a “Marxist” or even its younger version, a “Marxian.” But the depredation of capitalism was clear even then to anyone who was willing to lift the veil and see it.


By the way an old tweet sent out by Abbot in 2011 comes back to haunt him. He claims he sued the EPA in 2011 to prevent them from messing with the Texas power grid. They were trying to get the providers to winterize their equipment at the time to prevent such an event from occurring.



Is democracy compatible with capitalism?

It’s a question that has been in my mind quite often lately but the answer is not clear, if only because the meaning of democracy and of capitalism shift around so much; everyone seems to have different interpretations of these two terms.


Climate change poses the biggest challenge for the plutocrats – so we have denial, inaction, and time killing cosmetic initiatives. Capitalism will happily settle for one big blaze before we go unless “we the people” protest.
Guess who also fears the Green New Deal? - the Neo-liberals in the Democratic Party!

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My first post on this string began by pointing out the fact that “we drive too much, fly too much, truck and ship goods around the world too much.” The GND as proposed is based on the assumption that modern human civilization may continue increasingly unsustainable amount of long-distance travel and transport. Environmental organizations like “Yes” and “350org” and “RMI” act like Ivory Tower “keepers of the knowledge” dispensing just enough info to inflame emotional reactions. It’s another example of class division, management vs labor. When I present a contrary, credible viewpoint, it’s immediately met with scorn as if activists are being trained to let authority figures frame the debate and make the decisions amongst themselves.

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Your initial post on this topic stated:

As a democrat and career transportation system planner, I am disgusted, apprehensive and even horrified that a GND should pass congress as proposed.

The reason you gave for your disgust is your opinion (which may well be true) that there’s too much inefficient and unnecessary travel/transport.

I pointed out that a GND, even the current proposal, is needed because anthropogenic climate change is real and we need to address it now. Transportation is important, but it’s only one source of GHG emissions. We can’t wait for a perfect GND.

Then you turned abusive. You didn’t respond factually; you unnecessarily made things personal. Now you’ve become defensive and paint yourself as victim.

Not buying it. Apology not accepted.

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Fly too much. Like f16’s and Apache gunships. Bomb too much. …

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Global warming is due more to personal travel (cars, trucks and airplanes) and commercial transport (trucks, ships and freight trains) than to the US military by at least 500 to 1. The US naval fleet, road transport vehicles, air force jets and bombers are comparatively few in number and do not operate constantly. Yes, we bomb too much, but the civilian death toll in the Middle East increased about 25% under the ruthless pig DJT#45.

I’m not apologizing. I’m defending the credible viewpoint - with factual information - that the GND as proposed will fail, whether individual activists or authoritarian environmental organizations agree or not. My perspective has been censored by many websites. Most of my emails to private organizations and public agencies are either unanswered or lightly dismissed. We have to consider this admittedly counter-intuitive perspective to ultimately achieve a successful GND.

BMW/Daimler BEV freight trucks are a crime against humanity! The battery resource to power “1” freight truck could otherwise be distributed to as many as “1000” household plug-in hybrids to form a backup power supply that would save lives in many ways, most obviously in emergency grid failure.
Get used to having your indifference to that fact challenged.

The US Military still consumes more energy and emits more green house gases than the Country of Greece.

It consumes 93 percent of all oil consumed by US Government agencies.

It uses 30000 GWH of electricity a year.

If it were a country it would be the 34th largest energy consumer in the world. 4 percent of all GHG emissions in the USA are by the US Military. They emit more GHG per year then the entire Country of Nigeria (Nigeria has 140 million people)