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Republicans Have Put Our Country on a Path of Warp-Speed Decline—And They Want You to Think It's Worth Cheering For

Republicans Have Put Our Country on a Path of Warp-Speed Decline—And They Want You to Think It's Worth Cheering For

Thom Hartmann

Listening to Republicans, it’s apparent they don’t have much respect for the intelligence of the American people.

Over 70 percent of Americans want a national health care system like every other developed country in the world has, but the GOP tells us that we just aren’t smart enough to make it work. It’ll be too confusing and complex for average Americans, they say, and, besides that, if the government “takes over” our health care system, we’re on our way to tyranny.


If the majority of Americans re-elect Trump next year, they will be as dumb as the Republicans say they are. They’ll be just as idiotic as former POTUS George Warmonger Bush that pronounces nuclear nuke-you-lar. If they elect pro-Wall Street, pro-war, pro-Nutty Yahoo Democrats, they’ll be just as spineless as Clinton & Ehud Barack Obama.


The USA is not the village idiot, the village idiot[s] are the 95 to 97% of the voting electorate that votes for Democrats or Republicans each and every election.

I’m sorry folks, you can call me a purist or any other name, however, I refuse to vote for any political party that normalizes war, poverty in our own country, and allegiance to billionaires, corporations, and corrupt politicians over serving the masses who look to them for representation.

Tell the truth. Is voting for politicians that serve the big money interests before throwing you the crumbs worth it?

"People, Planet, and Peace Before Profit."


Thom Hartmann continues to play the nonsensical game of blaming the GOP for the overwhelming majority of our political corruption when both parties are thoroughly complicit, the primary business of each being to craft and sell legislation to the rich.

Obama and the Dems turned 2 wars into 7, made the Bush tax cuts permanent, gave us a right-wing health care plan, did nothing to protect the vote, vastly expanded the U.S. military in Africa, sold record arms to Saudi Arabia, destroyed Libya and turned it into a terrorist haven, signed the fewest Executive Orders in a century, let the GOP steal a Supreme Court seat without paying any price at all, lied to us about card check, let the banks get even bigger, refused to use the US president’s vast antitrust powers, ended habeus corpus for the first time since the Civil War…, on and on.

Obama also signed 32 Executive Orders a year, the fewest in a century. FDR signed 350 a year. Had Obama wanted to get around GOP Congresses, he could have gone much, much farther than he did. The president also owns formidable trustbusting powers, which Obama rarely exercised. The sad, sad truth is that Obama governed much as he wanted to, as a Reagan Republican on an overwhelming majority of issues.

Another test of the Obama presidency was, when it came to working on behalf of everyday Americans, why is it that he almost always ended up doing the least it was possible to do? Where, for example, were the missing 318 Executive Orders he could have been writing on our behalf? Answer: He didn’t want to.

Or, rather, his owners did not want him to.


Hey Thom, you forgot to mention who else is against these ideas - corporate democrats. You know, the ones who wish Bernie and AOC would just go away; the movement your buds over at MSDNC and all other mainstream media consistently either ignore or undermine.

At least you were smart enough not to mention the war machine and surveillance state. Even the most casual observer of D.C. would have smelled that rat.

But abortion, gender neutral bathrooms and other identity politics? We’re the team! FTR, I support these policies too. But I’m more interested in systemic changes to our financial system and the capture of republicans and corporate dems by capital.


Sorry to agree, PonyBoy. It was with a bitter hilarity that I observed how many Clinton voters looked to stand on the moral high ground as they cheered on their war criminal candidate. As obviously unqualified as Trump was, Clinton managed to be uniquely unqualified for the presidency, having failed at every major task she had ever been handed.

Only in the U.S. could someone refusing to vote for a candidate promising more war crimes and crimes against humanity be described as a “purist.” Only in the U.S., to my knowledge, is the game of “blaming the voter” played with such eager viciousness.


Nothing says celebration of regressive premises quite like the image of a maga-man taking a deep drawn sucker on a carcinogenic stogie.


Yes, if only those pesky republicans would let the moral pillars of the democratic party work for the common good…


You make excellent points Thom, but you never mention that the Dems are equally culpable. Every time the Republicans shift the Overton Window to the right the Dems move further right. The centrist policies that Bernie proposes are considered extremist by both parties; the Dems propose neoliberal, incremental solutions to catastrophic problems, and we get nowhere. They live in fear of being called “socialists” by the GOP and meanwhile tens of millions of Americans suffer. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are the same as 1980’s Republicans. Nothing will change until everything does, and currently our only hope is Bernie 2020.


I suppose it will all come down to whether or not the Dems will steal the primary from progressives and give it to an unlikable centrist. Spoiler alert: They will.


One main theme I see in the proceeding responses is that centrist, corporatist democrats are just as guilty as the GOP for hair-brained policies geared toward big business and the wealthy. The old democratic leadership has to go. Until then they will stifle any progressive legislation coming along to please their rich donors. Profit before people is their motto, just like the GOP. We all deserve better. Time to usher out the old for new progressive leadership because time’s short to save Earth from the ravages of industrial capitalism.


It will be Biden- you watch.

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The US is the Village Idiot for taking down the global economy.


When I was a kid in public schools in the 60s, we had to learn a foreign language. I picked French. So, I say, with all my heart, “Vive la revolution!”


As the great Emma Goldman said - “If voting could really change anything they would make it illegal.” Remember how the “Blue Wave” was supposed to be the big change we were waiting for? Well, as a symptom of just how broken our “democratic” system is, while a record 110 million mid-term election 'Merkins DID vote last November, 120 million eligible people did not. I consider these insufferable, multi-billion dollar dog and pony shows to be a massive distraction. I also liked the description by a D.C. insider about the hugely powerful and deeply connected people who run the country despite whatever administration is in power. He called them “The Blob”.
Read the report on Congress by political professors Gilens and Page for an analysis of how the Congress doesn’t give a shit about what the majority of people in the U.S. say they support.


Ugh!!! The same old same old from this establishment DINO-saur.


Those centrists (like Hillary) are important for the DNC to keep their very rich donor base happy.


Hope he ( Biden) disappears and makes himself invisible- a very ignorant man.


Good article Thom. Makes me think of an anonymous saying. Republican motto: There’s been enormous progress in this country over the past 70 years, and we’ve been against all of it.


The two-party system has to go.