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Republicans Hide, Plan 'Sham Town Halls' to Duck Angry Constituents


Republicans Hide, Plan 'Sham Town Halls' to Duck Angry Constituents

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

While some Republican lawmakers have faced angry crowds at town halls this week, many are going out of their way to avoid meeting constituents face-to-face during April's congressional recess.


Brave war mongers are afraid of ordinary people.

We the people are cosmic powered biology with roots as old as the oldest stars and galaxies.

Pentagon and CIA propaganda evaporates like a soap bubble when we focus our distributed intelligence using autonomous democracy.

Fortunately only republicans are war mongers who hurt the environment. Democrats are ordinary people who are against war and would prefer to spend tax money on schools and medicare for all.

Luckily democrats have been opposing wars and expanding medicare for all since ww2. Just think where we would be without the peaceful environmental democratic party.


These are interesting times. In the past, a lot of anger was directed at a particular party, or an ideology or some sort. Not the case now. Now, people are angry at a specific set of policies, the dominant economic model that the elites in both parties have been backing in recent decades. Some that are angry call themselves conservative, and call these policies liberal, some call themselves and these policies something else, but most people are angry at the same things and want the same things. Since neither party currently offers any real alternative, anyone that wants to maintain these inequitable, undemocratic and environmentally destructive policies is in the crosshairs. It’s good to see. Now, the left has to just focus on creating coherent alternatives, which do exist, but the left isn’t currently rallying around any in particular. All social movements of historic importance had that, a vision, and the Democrats certainly don’t currently offer an alternative vision.


You're $hitting us, right?

About the Democratic Party Establishment being 'Doves.'


Yeah. Here's another article blaming the republicans for what democrats and republicans do together. I quit voting for the duopoly after Lyndon Johnson promised American boys would not go fight for the freedom of Asian boys but sent the military to stop the domino theory of countries falling into dreaded communism.


We are so caught up by names, places, he saids and she saids that we miss the point and our message to the reader misses the point. The point is Republicans are extremely antisocial as are the corporations they represent. Both Republicans and corporations are out to cut the public down to the size they want in one way or another. Their intentions are wholly psychopathic, no you say they are sociopathic or narcissistic. Who cares what they are they are hurting people They all confess to reading and treasuring the writings of the Russian Ayn Rand whose writings are the philosophy of a psychopath. Psychopathic Republicans, psychopathic companies, psychopathic President, psychopathic administration. Republicans do nothing for regular people who pay their salaries and pay for they endless wars. They finance the corporations and obey their demands.
Enough discussion as to whether their policies are good or bad They are AGAINST REGULAR PEOPLE they are Antisocial therefore they don't not act with humanity toward humans so are they human? Republicans must have the yoke of the antihuman -ness slung round their necks - locked on them like a chastity belt We let them buy the elections, we let their sponsors purchase our democratic rights, while they brainwash us every moment. They have gerrymandered all the voting districts, they have created every law they can against us and we enter into discussion and write articles and pass comment on these people haters. Why do we give them credibility? They want to WIN, WIN, WIN at everyone's expense. They are not in politics to win they are there to serve the people They want what they want and they will they destroy the nation to get it.They are psychopathic - they a wear mask of sanity, they claim they are fighting for us but it is the opposite of what the do. They rely on political correctness and the old boy routine of politeness and talking it over but they wear a mask of sanity because they are psychopathic, sadistic and laughing all the way to power and the bank They have the public fooled because the public listen to their claims and trusts them because they have no choice - Republicans and Democrats deceive the public for their own ends. The Republicans do not even attempt to serve the people - we are their sacrifice to mammon and neoliberalism Do not be be distracted the Republicans are ready to forfeit our very existence to the madman Trumps psychopathic ideas on war, coal, climate, pussy grabbing, healthcare, bigger defense budgets, tax the poor, kill the moslems, destroy the world. Think Bundy, Dennis Rader, Jeffrey Dahmer in a white collar smiling as he kills the world. The psychopaths are in charge and we fail to recognize them and we treat them like just people with a different mind set but they are people they are psychopathic and we are their prey - so pray.


Huh? Democrat party has their war mongers who side with republicans. How many democrats stood up when any war and/or dropping of bombs or drones were used to kill enemy and civilians?


I know. So many articles single out republicans as the problem that my cynical side bubbled out. You are correct about democrats being equally murderous in the continuing US holocaust that has brutally wiped out roughly 20 million innocent people since 1945.


I'm a Bernie Sanders Liberal and take issue with your interpretation of history. Roosevelt was the one who got us into WWII while the Republicans were isolationists at that time (not arguing here right or wrong, just pointing out the facts). Our involvement in the Korean War was Truman's doing while Vietnam was all Johnson's. Clinton had his little engagements, too. And now we see that a lot of Democrats are in agreement with trump, so I would hardly say that Democrats aren't war-mongers, too. The truth is that the military-industrial complex was what got us out of the Great Depression (nothing like a war to create demand for something meant to be destroyed while destroying) and Democrats, such as Hillary Clinton, have been pushing forth the same mentality that you accuse the Republicans of having because it benefits them politically as well as financially. Both parties are equally guilty of promoting war. What we need is a draft so that the American people all have some skin in the game...then perhaps we will put the political pressure necessary to get us the hell out of the Middle East--where there is no reason for us to be. If terrorism is our concern, all the more reason to get out of there since our presence GUARANTEES a steady supply of terrorists looking to make us pay for killing their people. Nothing hard to understand about that, just a bunch of people over here that get lost in the BS put forth to justify our continued involvement.


Interesting how your perspective changed from what you posted above. First, you stated that only Republicans have been war-mongers since WWII, and now you concede that both sides are guilty and even acknowledge that Johnson was one of them. What gives?


Proof that republicans are frauds and corporate lackeys who do not represent the voters....They only serve corporate bosses and big money....Why do voters keep voting these charlatans back in....defies logic...I guess republican lawmakers just like republican voters are to stupid to know anything.


Sorry. Yes. I was being sarcastic about all these articles with titles blaming repubs for bipartisan havoc.


And you know that sarcasm is momentarily receiving positive news about good side effects found in current research. For example:

  • Sarcasm is an instigator of conflict but also a catalyst for creativity.

  • General forms of sarcasm promote creativity through abstract thinking for both expressers and recipients.

  • Expressing sarcasm to or receiving sarcasm from trusted others increases creativity without elevating conflict.


Far too many people (in the USA) seem to treat sarcasm as something as almost hateful, possibly due to our puritanical history. But I can almost guarantee those people are not well read in literature whatsoever, and probably not studied in any other art as well, or they would understand it as just another poetic/literary trope, to be used whenever fit.

In fact, they probably hate Bugs Bunny, a master at it.

No need to take literary tropes so personally people. Just the color of brush some people often use for humor. Not everybody loved Don Rickles endless personal insults, but they kept coming back for 40 - 50 more years. (RIP Don)

And your sarcasm did clearly make people stop and think from a different angle. Cheers


Sorry I didn't pick up on your sarcasm. You are right in that regard, the mainstream media does us no favors in that they don't hold the Democrats accountable.