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Republicans Hustle to Shield Trump as Demands for Russia Inquiry Grow


Republicans Hustle to Shield Trump as Demands for Russia Inquiry Grow

Republicans are dismissing the mounting call to thoroughly investigate the Trump campaign's connection with Russian intelligence, and party leadership is seemingly pushing for members to fall in line behind the president amid growing outrage.

House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) on Wednesday accused Democrats of "politicizing" the issue and told Politico he would not alter the panel's ongoing Russian probe.


What else would you expect? For this extremist party the only loyalty is to the party. The country means nothing, The world means nothing. They are willing to crash everything by denying global warming for the sake of the party. They were on the edge of having the US default on its loans which might have created a worldwide depression. The Republicans have taken partisanship to the extreme. They are now so extreme they are willing to a support a president who is a white nationalist fascist who is going all out to the discredit the courts, the press, and academia. What matters is how many elections they can win, how many governors they have, how many state legislators they control. How to gerrymander districts to retain a permanent majority in the House of Representatives even without majority support by the public. They should not be considered part of the cover-up that is going on to hide the facts about Trump's connections to Russia.


We can have a national virtual town hall: Contact Nunes http://nunes.house.gov/contact/


If one is looking around for inquiry chose one shovel ready. Of course there is a big one in the Clinton foundation where a SOS sold foreign policy to the highest bidder. There is the question of why the Obama administration was using unencrypted communications. Was it to prevent FOIA requests? How is it that one SOS can topple Lybia, attack Syria and create civil war in Ukraine? Investigate that! It might shed some light on Podesta and what pizza and hot dogs are all about.


Any politician opposing the inquiry holds him or herself out as potential traitors.


This Russian phobia smacks of McCarthyism with intelligence apparatus illegally leaking conversations for political reasons which fuel that phobia, as is the Deep State MSM with their Fake News supporting our 20 yo Foreign Policy of Imperialism since the end of The Cold War .

Who says history does not repeat? Only now McCarthyites are on the other side. Orwellian
No fan of Trump but the opposition seems to be taking a path on the Dark Side

MSM is now largely controlled by 6 entities and has led to public support on both sides of the politicsl spectrum for interventions and coups in Kosovo, Serbia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Ukraine , Yemen, Syria, etc and threats against Iran, North Korea , China, Russia and Venezuela at a cost of many trillions of dollars , in addition to trillions more bailing out the banksters influencing and profiting from it all , causing us to skimp on social welfare , infrastructure and environment.

Like it or not, MSM still shapes many people's world views even distrusted as it is. The more stuff is repeated and heard the more it is believed. Thats why MSM has been penetrated by the intelligence community since at least the 1960's . Bernays the father of propaganda has shown us it is so effective. They are basically linked at the hip today much like Pravda was or is.


Basically what McCarthy said


The topic is the TRUMP tyranny. Digging up Clinton and Obama does not add anything to the topic at hand. The overt connex to Putin and Russia under the Trump administration with T-dump and his cronies in very deep, there needs to be an intense overarching investigation into all their activities, Tillerson included.

Give the conspiracy excavations a rest, why dontcha...pulleeze!


The conspiracy theorists are having a field day with this. But so are investigative journalists who are trying dig out the truth. I think the bottom line is we need a through investigation because it is essential to know it the connections between Trump and Russia are there as has been suspected or if the security agencies are making a lot of stuff up about Trump and Russia. Because Trump still refuses to release his tax returns my guess is that the stories about his connections with Russia are largely true and the conspiracy theorists have got it completely wrong.


Look I disagree. Ah actually I do not disagree about DJT. Not great material. This is not DJT in a vacuum. It is rumored that HRC and folks put pressure on CIA and NSA "their people" to get conversations of Flynn with Russia. This is on going struggle between different people and different policy. DJT is running up against the other forces. What do you call them? The people who go to Bilderberg Group? The people who have continually kept us at war with other peoples for corporate profit. Yes that is DJT. But it is not just DJT and removing him either gets really GOPie or more DNC lets go to war with Russia.

This is a fight and it is not small. What happens is extremely important to us all. This fight is about world domination. All of our fights are not single issue. Standing Rock and our struggle to regain control of our government and remove assholes is one issue. Who rules? Is this a working Republic by representation or has that failed.


Misdirection, they all do it, stupid reply.


I agree with all you said, however, I have faced the painful discovery that the Dems have colluded
in this activity as well. Where were they when Wall Street Banksters robbed the American public? Where were they when Obamacare was being discussed--which was really Romneycare, appeasing Big Pharma and insurance corporations? Where have the Dems been while the U.S. has been bombing 8 oil-rich countries, slurping up 57% of our budget? Where have they been fighting for us, We the People, to have universal healthcare like every other industrialized country in the world, or a living wage? Or child care, maternity leave, paid vacation or free tuition? Where have you noticed them fighting for these things, for clean air, clean water? Do you hear any of them speaking out against the atrocity in Flint? How many have been vocal in their support of Standing Rock? Bernie, is one, lone voice. So is Jill Stein of the Green Party. The Dems are taking the same bribes as the Repubs and we need to break our denial of these facts before it eats us.


Bombing 8 oil rich countries? The oil rich ones are the ones we are not now bombing. Picky, picky I know, but oil and gas currently has a lot more to do with Russia than the Middle East oil producers. We ain't bombing Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the Emirates, Iran, or even Iraq. Any countries being bomb are pretty damn poor.


Enter McCain/Graham/Mattis, with white hats a wavin' to run Foreign Policy; bipartisanship all around ,especially MENA/Russian affairs. While Ryan and McConnell continue their Trump-fronted vicious assault on the domestic policy front. AG Sessions hangs in the air, ready to strike at anything that moves, Muslim or Left, that is. Hoover's bastard son, indeed.
Investigations of Uncle & Auntie Whitey's stock options, not so much. Mergers and Acquisitions, oh nos.Soft Coup or Rogue Alphabets; really, will it matter? Please, please, don't shoot the lyin' no good messenger.
Win-Win for austerity lovers, oily-frackers, police and military bloodsuckers. Trump as curiously shiny object only? And, right out of a Box of Crackerjacks, to boot. He's losing it, rapidly. Like Kanye West losing it, maybe worse.
Real Lose-Lose for Progressives unless we can open up these investigations about " leaks " and let the 99s get a long look behind the Swamp's curtain. Right along with The UniParty's First Circle, of course. We all need a free ticket to this Three Penny Opera, American style. Unleash all the dogs.
Open up the can of worms; even if they're ear worms, we need to do this now. Before it's hitting, shit and fan time.


No we aren't. Russia has supported right wing nationalist throughout Europe. Not surprisingly they would like to see a nationalist regime in the USA. One Trump cabinet member has already had to resign because he lied about his Russian ties.


In an entirely different context.


Not in Germany, see https://consortiumnews.com/2017/02/15/german-intel-clears-russia-on-interference/

"It was from a early morning call from RT International that I first learned of the Feb. 7 Sueddeutsche Zeitung report on Germany’s failed hunt for evidence of Russian electoral interference."


The idea that Russian influence was a decisive factor in the election is one that will amuse posterity. It is clearly nonsensical. Ir is equally clear that those Democrats who are not warmongers are going along with this meme because they cannot bring themselves to recognise that the party of Clinton, Schumer, Pelosi, Menendez and Booker is in no sense the party of the poor and the working class. Nor has it been-witrness 'ending welfare as we know it', mass incarceration and eight years of Obama- for many years.
To watch self styled Progressives siding with the Intelligence Agencies, the major media, the neo-con lobby for eternal war, including the Military Industrial Complex, -all the elements of the fascist corporatist state- to promote the Putin planned it all idiocy is both sad and heartening. Sad because these are the last representatives of McCarthyist persecution. so long held hostage that they are now enthusiastic McCarthyites. Heartening because nothing has weakened the resistance of Americans to the steady and precipitous decline in living standards and confidence in the future than the siren voices calling on Union members, working people and the black communities to support Clinton, Schumer et al. Their bolt is shot.


The FBI investigated in January and found nothing illicit in the Flynn transcripts. This “scandal” was manufactured by the enemies of détente – the CIA and its Democratic Party handlers, with acting atty. general Sally Yates in the role that previously Victoria Nuland played in the Ukraine and Samatha Power played in the UN – to push the war party’s agenda. The neocons were unsuccessful in legitimately becoming part of Trump’s administration, so now they’re trying to oust the pro-detente members, install more malleable figures, and control it from the outside. The CIA are their shock troops.


The FBI investigated in January and found that Flynn was lying about the phone calls, including in answers to FBI agents investigating the issue, which is a felony. Change his name to Clinton and tell us how you would react to those facts.