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Republicans Hustle to Shield Trump as Demands for Russia Inquiry Grow


Going to Trumps Orlando Rally?


Oh yeah, Russia Today.


Again a typical response, never deal with the substance, read the piece by Mr. McGovern. The piece was based on a report, not from RT, but Sueddeutsche Zeitung.


Think Russia is still Red? No, just the KGB has survived.


This Russia thing is pure bull shit, Trump has given us plenty of reasons to impeach him but Russian connection is non sense the the nth degree. I think the Zionists have miss calculated this one and are barking at the wrong tree. What will happen if he resigns, which i really hope he does who will fill the spot, Killery?


What a very silly response.
What is certain is that you are rallying to the most dangerous and least democratic forces in the United States, who are, inter alia, insulting the collective intelligence by demanding that it give credence to claims of 'Russian interference' which are totally free of evidence of any kind. You are in effect supporting the neo-Nazis in Kiev whose finger prints can be discovered at every stage of this fake story.
So perhaps I can ask you "Will you be attending any Waffen SSS veteran rallies this spring? "


This was a reply to Williamson.


I agree but i think they are banking on the genuine revolt for Trumps stupid choices to fill the vacant posts with anti labor and anti environment idiots.


Russia does not want an enemy in the USA, they want to live and let live, do you want a nuclear war?


They were in bed with AIPAC and Zionist bankster of wall street like Goldman Sachs, and the war mongers of Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Boeing and GE


I remember Hillary Clinton going to flint and being one of the leading voices trying to get action. As I recall she was more involved in Flint than Bernie Sanders or Jill Stein. You sound like you are suffering from amnesia when it comes to Democrats but probably it is that you are spending too much time in the left wing echo chamber and not looking around to see what really is going on.


When exactly did Pres. OhBummer say " it was rigged "? He's smart enough to stay out of this fight. And, the FBI " investigated " stuff is laughable. They're about as trustworthy as Trump.


It was widely reported. Where the hell were you?


Yeah, I'm a waffen SS guy. CD is a reasonably sane site. CD commenters are largely crazy.


Killery? Now, that's bullshit!


How does that dispute ms hits comment?


Subterfuge. After the election which referred to your Jan. FBI assertion.


You mean like the Nazi's our Obama State Department was supporting?

Obama's State Dept NuLand supports Nazis


Your post bevin is the best post on this entire story. Next time don't hit the random reply button at the top or bottom of the page. Only hit the "reply" button inside the poster's post you want to respond to. Hope that helps. Cheers.


I completely agree with you.